Best Headphones Under 1500 Rupees in India

Best Headphones Under 1500 Rupees in India

Hi Dear! If you are wishing to buy the best headphones under 1500 rupees in India. So to make you happy I and my team had made a list of best headphones under 15000.

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So with out wasting time let us Start .

List of Best On-Ear headphones under 15000 Rupees:-

Boat rockers 450

Boat rockers 400

Macjack Wave 300

Zebronics Zeb-Thunder

So let us Start with the Best On-Ear Headphones under 1500.

1. Boat rockers 450 ( Top in our List of Best Headphones under 1500) :

best headphones under 1500

Finally, let us start with our First Headphones:- Boat Rockers 450 is an all-in-one Headphones which is provided with a lot of features by the brand Boat which can compete with any Costly headphones. Boat rockers 450 is my choice under the price range of rs 1500 or rs 2000. 

Pros(Features) of Boat rockerz 450 :

  • Here the main feature is that the Boat Rockerz 450 provides a stylish and Royal Finish.
  • As a result, the best music experience 
  • Soft Cushions
  • Self-noise cancellation

After that, Pros there is not any single Cons of Boat Rockerz 450

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2. Boat Rockerz 400

Firstly, We will show you the main Features provided you within the Boat Rockerz 400 which make it on the 2nd position in our list of Best headphones under 1500 rs in India. Boat rockerz 400 is also a Beautiful choice which comes in different colours such as Blue, Red, Grey, Carbon Black. Boat Rockerz 400 is a (Wireless) Bluetooth Headphone but t can also be converted into Wired headphone with the input of Aux. 

Pros of Boat Rockerz 400 :

  • Stylish and Royal Finish
  • Attractive design
  • Good Battery life
  • Great listening experience 
  •  Best Sound Quality

Cons of Boat Rockerz 400 :

  • Above all pros there is also a con of Boat rockerz 400 that it do not have the perfect playback time.

3. Macjack Wave 300

Macjack Wave 300 is my teams Third choice Macjack wave 300 is also a great choice for those persons who love to listen bass and want to have a headphone with great sound quality headphones. This is an on-ear headphone which can be used during any class, Office word, or during Traveling.

Pros of Macjack Wave 300 :

  • With including Great on-Ear fitting
  • Beautiful design
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Beautiful design

Cons of Majack Wave 300 :

  • Similarly with the Boat Rockerz 400 Majack wave 300 also do not provides the prefect playback.

4. Zebronic Zeb -Thunder

best headphones under 1500

In this paragraph, I’m going to show you zebronic Zeb-Thunder is also an on-Ear headphone which is most preferable for outdoor work ( purpose) like as travelling, exercise, Jogging or any other outdoor work. Moreover, This Zebronic Zeb-Thunder provides you with a perfect grip and second a beautiful Design.

Prons of Zebronic Zeb-Thunder :

  • After that, it also provides deep bass
  • Clear sound
  • Attractive design
  • Soft Cushions

After that, Pros there is not any single Cons of Boat Rockerz 450.

List of Best Over-Ear headphones under 1500 :

After reading above all, regarding its the time for The Best Over-Ear Headphones Under 1500 rs in India :

pTron Studio Over-Ear

pTron Studio Pro

Thirdly position is for Motorola Escape 210

Motorola Pulse 3 

1. pTron Studio Over-Ear (Top in our list of Best headphones under 1500)

As you can see the brand name pTron which means you will get the unlimited features in these Over-Ear headphones under the price range of 1500 rupees. Moreover, with the great features provided in the pTron Studio Over headphones, these headphones also privies a Great playback time which will not make you stress regarding the Re-Charging problem. pTron Studio Over-Ear headphones also provide a Royal Finish which will not find in Any other Headphones due to its Royal Finish, Secondly, the Super sound quality this pTron Studio Over-Ear headphones can be bought by some limited persons.

Pros (Features) of pTron Studio Over-Ear

  • Firstly, it provides us with a Royal finish
  • Attractive and beautiful design
  • Perfect Grip
  • Easy control
  • Deep bass

After that, Pros there is not any single Cons of pTron Studio Over-Ear

2. pTron Studio pro

best headphones under 1500

As these headphones are also from the same brand so you can understand that these headphones will be also provided with unlimited features. Similarly, with the pTron Studio Over-Ear headphones, it is also provided with the royal and attractive finishing, These headphones provide us a playback time of 20 hrs will a single full charge which make it to stand in our list of Best headphones under 1500 rs in India.

Pros of pTron Studio Pro :

  • Attractive design
  • Clear Sound
  • Easy control
  • New and a wonderful sound experience

After that, pTron Studio pro also don’t have any single Cons

3. Motorola Escape 210

best headphones under 1500

These Motorolo Escape 210 is also a great choice which comes with an attractive design which is fordable and can be kept in any place. You can also change its size according to your wish. Moreover, These best headphones under 1500 provide a loud sound with a soft cushion which will make you feel that you are sleeping on a soft pillow.

Pros of Motorola Escape 210

  • Beautiful design
  • Soft cushions
  • Deep bass
  • A wonderful Grip with Ears

Along with these features Motorola Escape 210 also has cons:

  • There is very little problem with Motorola Escape 210 that it does not provides the playback time for more that 12 hrs with a single charge .

4. Motorola Pulse 3

Headphones Under 1500

These Motorola pulse 3 is last choice regarding the best headphones . These headphones provides a lovely sound experience but it is mostly preferable for Girls because of its design and a girlish look .

Pros of Motorola pulse 3 :

  • Good Battery life
  • Great listening experience 
  •  Best Sound Quality
  • Attractive design for Girls

Cons of Motorola pulse 3 :

  • at last the only Con that i do not like is that it is only for girls.

Types Of Headphones :

Above all, You had Seen Two types of Headphones First is On-Ear and Second is Over-Ear headphones .

1. On-Ear Headphones :

On-Ear headphones are those types of headphone which Fits on our Ear are provided with a cup but leaves some space. This Leave space because of a great reason that it makes your contact with nearby people at the same time. On-Ear Headphones are mostly used in Office, Travelling, During any out door meeting and for more reasons.

Prons of On-Ear Headphones :
  • Easy to Carry and it is light weight
  • Also Comparable during any Sports exercises
  • Comfortable
  • Have a great playback time
Cons of On-Ear Headphones :
  • In On-Ear headphones the noise cancellation is the most important problem

2. Over-Ear Headphones :

Over-Ear headphones are those headphones which come with large size of cups and cover Our Whole Ear with the perfect grip. These headphones provide a great Bass. So they are mostly liked by the Gamer, Music Lovers, Bass lovers and so more people. In other words, These are the best and no headphones can Compete for these Best headphones under 1500 or more

Pros of Over-Ear Headphones :
  • Over-Ear headphones are provided with a loud sound and deep bass.
  • Perfect grip
  • More comfortable
  • Moreover, these are Loved by Gamer, Bass lovers and more
Cons of Over-Ear headphones ;
  • These headphones will not be prefect for Sports man because of there Large and bulky size.

Buyer Guide for choosing the best Headphones

  • In the final analysis, the main this you should note before buying any headphone is that it should have a clear sound and deep bass along with a minimum warranty of 1 year.
  • (It’s your choice that which one you select: On-Ear or Over-Ear)
  • The second point is that you should take care of its design and a perfect colour match.
  • The Third point you should remember that those headphones you are selecting should have soft cushions.
  • And the last point you should keep in mind that you should take care of its solidness ( that it should not be breakable )



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