Cable Management: 5 Ways to Hide Those Ugly Speaker Cables

Cable Management: 5 Ways to Hide Those Ugly Speaker Cables

Many home theater lovers struggle with hiding speaker wires. You want the appearance of your speakers to be as appealing as the sound.

Having speaker wires running across the room can be annoying and make the room look messy. The solution is to find ways in which you can conceal the cables and still enjoy the sound of your sound system.

It takes effort to hide speaker wires so that they are less noticeable. That said, here are some cable management tips for your speaker cables from the experts of Infinity Cable Products.

1. Use Cable Ties

You can bundle up your cables with a cable tie to prevent them from hanging around carelessly. When you tie the cables, make sure they are not too tight as it can damage the cable insulation. Cut off the excess cable tie so that it looks neat.

2. Use RaceWays to Conceal Speaker Cables

Raceways are made of either plastic or wooden channels that are used to conceal cables and protect wires. Since not all buildings are made in a way to run wires inside their walls, raceways are used to serve a similar purpose. 

Raceways come in ranges of different shapes and sizes and are very easy to install. After installation, you can paint over your raceways to match your walls. Note that the painting should be done only after installation.

3. Floor Coverings and Carpets

The simplest and cheapest way to hide your speaker cables is by managing them under the carpet and other floor coverings. Run your cables underneath the rug or carpet to a speaker’s stand cable management system. 

You can also tuck the speaker cables between the carpet and baseboard. This method is especially useful for speaker cables that are running across an open floor. 

You can also put a rug to cover up the cables and act as a décor. A rug will help to prevent tripping over the speaker cables.

4. Stick Super Slim Wire to The Wall and Conceal

If your speaker cables are thin enough,  you can stick them on your wall and paint them the same color as your wall for better concealment. You can also use wallpaper over it to conceal it.  

5. Run Speaker Cables Inside Walls

This is the most difficult yet the best way to render your speaker cables invisible. You should hire a technician for this type of project. 

Cables running through walls come out in socket-like ports then connected to the speakers. This method is easy if you have access to your ceiling or basement and your walls are not drywalled.

Winding It Up

The above tips are primarily meant to make speaker cables as invisible as possible. However, these methods also protect the cables from electromagnetic interference or cable cuts that could be caused when someone trips over them or when accidentally pulled across the room.

If they prove too technical for you, you can always reach out to a wiring professional to do the job for you. 


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