Download Videos and Convert into Gifs – A one-click solution

Download Videos and Convert into Gifs – A one-click solution

To download videos or convert them to Gif format, you would need professional help. We can surely tell you about the best solution to either of these problems. Today you can find hundreds of video downloaders and video converter tools on the web but not all of them are free and easy to use. This is why we have listed the most effective and one-click solution for you guys in this post.

If you are interested in saving videos from anywhere on the internet and converting clips to gif format, then you should read the details about the top two tools available on the web for this purpose.

The best solution is to download videos and convert them to GIF format!

Online tools have provided a lot of ease to users looking for solutions for different problems, so it is only obvious that you would find online tools that can help you download or convert videos.

Lucky for you, we have listed information about the best video downloader and Gif converter in this post.

Video Downloader

Video downloader by duplichecker allows you to download high-quality videos from any website on the internet, you can try this online video downloader. Also, You don’t have to install any application or plug-in for using this free video downloader.

If you don’t know how to use an online video downloader and are interested in learning, then read the steps mentioned below:

How to use an online video downloader?

By following the steps mentioned below, you can easily download videos with this tool:

  1. Navigate the video downloader on your browser.
  2. Copy and paste the URL of the video that you want to save in the empty URL box.
  3. Press the ‘download video’ button.

Your video would be saved on the device without any frills.

The working procedure of this Video downloader is quite easy so let us now talk about some of its important features!

Features of the video downloader!

Here are some of the extravagant features of this video downloader that makes it interesting than others in this league:

  • The video downloader is free to use.
  • You don’t have to worry about registrations or limitations.
  • You can enjoy unlimited video downloading with this tool.
  • The video downloader has integrations with multiple video surfing websites.
  • The downloader is very user-friendly and has a universally compatible interface.
  • You can download both HD and SD (mp4 video) with this tool.

To enjoy more features of this video downloader, we would suggest you try it on your device!

Video to GIF Converter

After saving the video on your device with the downloader, if you want to convert it to gif format, you would need an online video to gif converter. You must know that gif is an image format, so manually converting a video to a gif is nearly impossible. You would need an online video to gif converter to make a video into gif. Luckily Duplichecker also offers its video to gif converter, which helps you to convert videos into gif online for free.

If you have never tried an Mp4 to gif converter in your life and want to learn how to do so, then you should read the steps listed below!

Working steps of the GIF converter!

The working process of this video to converter is quite straightforward. Below we have listed out the steps clearly:

  • Open the video to the gif converter on your browser.
  • Drop the video in the input box that you want to make into a gif. (the file should not be more than 5 Mbs)
  • After inserting the video into the tool, you have to click on the ‘convert’ button.
  • You would get the resultant file in less than seconds.

When the video is converted into a gif with the mp4 clip to gif converter, you can see; first of all, preview it to see whether you have gotten the desired frames. If you are satisfied with the conversion, then you can easily download the file.

You can also edit and customize the size, the frames, and the position of the gif file.

Are GIFs important?

Converting video clips to gifs might seem unnatural to you. Still, you must know that it is getting more common every day. This is because gifs are more in trend and are considered to be beneficial for digital marketing. Gifs demand the attention of a common visitor. They would also tell them a proper story or explain a process which is not the case in video clips!

After reading this article, you can download and convert video clips with just one click! You can save a lot of time and your efforts wasted in other difficult ways of saving & converting files!

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