Top 20 girls’ android games for playing offline

Top 20 girls’ android games for playing offline

Find here best girls’ android games for playing offline

Gone are the days when girls were told to play with only dolls. The world is moving and bringing in amazing games on your phones that girls – and everyone else –would love to play. However, since there are so many, it’d be quite difficult to sift through and find the best ones. Don’t worry though, because this article is here to solve that little problem and give you a selection of top-tier android girl games – all of which can absolutely be played offline!

Baking Sweet Cookies

Cooking or baking games are so fun and relaxing to play – and one of them is Baking Sweet Cookies. Just like all the other games, it lets you make cookies from the scratch. What’s more, the game is perfectly realistic, following the real recipe with real-life ingredients. A great way to learn cooking.

Star Girl

This offline game comes in the fashion category, where you will be dressing up different models for a beauty pageant. Surprisingly, it also comes with an interesting plot that will hook you to this game for hours, if not days. And dressing up would definitely make these girls feel like great artists!

Fashion Model

Fashion Model is that game that almost everyone with a phone knows about; its ads are seen frequently on social media. You will be given a pretty model and an impressive array of garments, accessories and makeup – and you have to dress her up for the fashion show carpet. But that’s not all, because more missions await!


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Inside Out Emotion Bubble

Based on the popular animated movie, Inside Out, this game is one of the most engrossing games on the list. All you got to do is pop bubbles to move forward, level by level, while the movie characters drift in and out of your screen. It is light-hearted, bright and extremely colourful – something everyone would love, especially girls.

Cooking City

If there is any game that has shined brightly in the cooking games section, then it is Cooking City. Many levels unlock new food items– from an Espresso machine to make coffee or Pizza ovens to give the customers pizza. A considerable time limit has also been put into place to give you that adventurous feeling!

Criminal Case

This game is enough to kick out all the other games mentioned here – because who doesn’t enjoy stimulating their creative juices to solve a fictional mystery? Criminal Case lets you play as an investigator, where you carry out some simple yet exciting missions to level up and get closer to solving the said mystery.


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Design Home: House Renovation

Design Home: House Renovation is one of the most creative games included here. You get a crumbling house all for you to redesign, including a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a lot more. And since it is blessed with amazing graphics, playing this game is unsurprisingly fun and relaxing.

Frippa Games for Girls

What’s even better than having one game on phone? Having an all-in-one games app, duh! Frippa Games for Girls is a collection of games that features games of dress-up, cooking, makeovers and a lot more. Available to play in offline mode, the little games included there willhook you in no time!

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is an addictive one – it’s not surprising, as it is from the developers of Candy Crush Soda Saga. The game is simple –match the pieces and solve the level until the requirements are complete. This is made interesting with the help of an underlying story of how a Rancid Racoon is after your crops and you have to defeat him!


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Lily’s Garden

Lily’s Garden is a sweet little game where you help the main character, Lily, in renovating a garden owned by her great-aunt. Every level is focused on changing the garden from a bare one to a beautiful one – so the game is fun and wonderful at the same time!

Fruit Ninja

This game has been one of the most downloaded and played games and now that it is revamped, Fruit Ninja is even more desirable! The aim is simple, slice the fruits that appear on the screen – but the ways you can do it are many and oh sofun.

Pet Rescue Saga

If you are especially comfortable with pets – but can’t have one – then this cute game is just right for you. In Pet Rescue Saga, you get to take care of a virtual pet and save them from different obstacles on different levels. It is relaxing and you get to take care of a pet – it’s a win-win situation!

Farmville 2

Developed by a popular casual games’ maker, Zynga, Farmville 2 is an extension of the original famous game, Farmville. You get to take care of a farm and do the other activities that accompany it, i.e. gardening, fishing, or even nurturing your own farm dog. Hands down,Farmville 2 is a homely and addictive game.

Masha and the Bear: House Cleaning Games for Girls

Adorned with beautiful colours and amazing graphics, Masha and the Bear is one of the favourite girl games of the masses. You get to clean rooms as well as do other fun activities, including doing laundry, arranging toys and helping Masha find things. It is so much fun!

Girls High School Tailor

Bring out your inner tailor side by playing Girls High School Tailor offline. It is a great puzzle game, where you are tasked with making or stitching garments, from shirts, skirts to shoes and dresses for high school girls. It will definitely hone your designing and decorating side.

It Girl – Fashion Celebrity and Dress Up Game

Another popular dress up game is It Girl, where you get to dress upthe main character, Tina, who is invited to a celebrity party at the start. The location of these events changes as you level up, which you have to pass by flawlessly dressing the girl. There are many related options you can enjoy, making it a very wholesome game.


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Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft has always been one of the best role models of the world – and now, you get to experience her in action even more closely. Lara Croft GO is where you see her animated version battling out all the obstacles in the wilderness, and that is based on how efficiently you manoeuvre the game

Princess Puzzle Games

If puzzle games are something you love, then here is one with a Disney touch to it! Princess Puzzle Games have a variety of colourful princess images that are cut up in little puzzle pieces, all ready for you to assemble. It is really a better way to relax and lightly stimulate your brain top.

Supermarket Mania

Managing a grocery shop is no simple task, but a fun one too – as is proved by this offline game, Supermarket Mania. It is a time management game where you are the advisor to Nikki, the shop’s owner and main character. As you perform the tasks flawlessly, you level up – which is just perfect for getting knowledge as well as having some fun.

Uphill Rush Water Park Racing

If you think you’ll be amazing as a surfer, then it’s time you play this game, Uphill Rush Water Park Racing. It lets you time your surfing excursions, where you can perform roller coasters, loops, corkscrews and a lot more. This is one of the craziest water-park races you’ll ever be a part of, that’s for sure.

Now that you know the best games of the lot, go download them and just let loose. Trust me, it will be so worth it!


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