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Google AI – How it Works

Google AI – How it Works

Every time you type something in the Google search bar, various Artificial Intelligence algorithms are working in the background to generate responses for you. 

Basically, Google uses an element called RankBrain in its algorithmic AI functions which handles our search queries more effectively than traditional methods. Thankfully, Google realized a long time ago that Artificial Intelligence is going to be the ultimate future of search platforms. 

So, it executed AI in all the possible ways in its functioning and started delivering personalized responses to us, based on the information it already holds about our likes and dislikes.

Although most of us don’t observe this, Artificial Intelligence is already integrated into various Google products that we use every day, for instance, “Hey, Google…” could be the most common example of this scenario. Google has an Artificial Intelligence-powered digital voice assistant for cars, smart TVs, smartphones, and various other tech gadgets. It helps to manage your everyday routine, check the weather and calendar, play music, or find nearby eateries to satisfy your munch cravings, etc. 

A big functioning unit of the digital virtual assistant is dedicated to understanding your commands properly, therefore, now Google is looking forward to machine learning to decrease the language barriers. 

Google also uses Artificial Intelligence to improve the overall quality of the interactions you have with your trusted sidekick. For example, Google Assistant utilizes your previous conversations to understand its exact context and responds with relevant follow-up questions, so that you can enjoy more back-and-forth and natural conversation. 

In this article, we are going to shed light on how Google uses AI in different ways. However, if you wish to know about the origin of AI, and its uses in other fields, then do reach out to specific AI websites, or Wikipedia. It would help you to know about various applications of AI on other platforms.  

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Find Your Way with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has drastically taken upon various navigation controls too. Google Maps use your recent searches, and geographical location data to anticipate your destination and helps you find out the shortest route possible for your convenience.

Recently, Google has announced that it is about to launch a whole new series of AI-powered updates for Google Maps. This includes a specific feature called Live View which is said to integrate augmented reality to guide the visitors about the right routes. Live View has billions of street images that help people to find the nearest landmarks and buildings to their destination. 

In some time, Google is also going to help you reduce the overall carbon footprint by launching eco-friendlier directions. For example, these routes are going to be based on road incline and congestion or showing ways to get on to your destination by using bikes or public transportation. Sounds cool, right?

Artificial Intelligence for Early Quake Detection

Google has recently launched its earthquake detection system for Android users in Greece and New Zealand. Basically, the system is powered by AI that analyzes waves that are generated by earthquakes. As soon as it detects any earthquake signals, it sends prompt alerts to all the users in affected areas. 

The earthquake detection system works by enabling sensors that act as “mini seismometers”. These sensors detect when the earthquake is about to happen, so it warns the people and provide them with enough time to take shelter. 

As the system was originally introduced in California, so it’s also available in Washington and Oregon in the United States.

Artificial Intelligence – The Center of Google

Google states, “Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. AI is helping us do that in exciting new ways, solving problems for our users, our customers, and the world.”

Well, that’s absolutely right. AI-based Google products are definitely making things much more convenient and feasible for us. Now we don’t have to wait for hours to find the new eateries in town, or to search our favorite celeb photos – Google has made it all easy for us. 

We hope that Google continues to use Artificial Intelligence in the best possible ways, and enjoy being on the leading edge of digital advancement. If you wish to know more about the upcoming AI-powered systems in Google, please feel free to reach out to Google and browse through its official website.

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