How to bet on the correct score in football

How to bet on the correct score in football

Today, it is easy to find dozens of similar football betting strategies on the Internet that offer paris sportifs en ligne exclusively on one type of bet – the correct score in football matches.As a general rule, predicting the final score at the beginning of the match is problematic, taking into account only one’s knowledge. Additional formulas and theories will, of course, help in this matter, but they will not give an exact score in a duel.

However, such strategies should not be ignored since, with such rates, you can significantly increase your capital. So, for example, the average coefficient of a vehicle (exact score) is quoted by bookmakers with a coefficient of 7-13, taking into account the final score. For example, for 0:0 or 1:1, the bookmaker will not offer high quotes.

In any case, without the knowledge available, the “blind” option will not help to increase the bank of long-distance games successfully.

Today’s article will discuss how to correctly place bets on the correct score in football matches.

The right approach to betting on TS

First of all, when placing such bets, the bettor should search for and register with a suitable bookmaker that offers such bets. As a rule, about 85% of bookmakers offer their customers bets on TS. However, it is also essential to consider the ratios offered as the difference between the ratios will be significant given the size of the quotes.

For example, in one bookmaker, the odds for the account 1: 1 will be 6.5, and in another bookmaker, the odds will be 8. Of course, in this case, it is more profitable to bet on the second bookmaker.

However, to get higher profits with the same success in betting, it is essential to have several accounts in all types of bookmakers simultaneously. In this case, the bettor will bet with the highest quotes.

The next step is to predict the score of a specific football match. In this case, you can independently expect by drawing up to 5 possible match results or using popular formulas that use only statistical indicators of teams.

Ultimately, having received 3-5 possible outcomes, we start placing bets. To properly distribute the budget, we will allocate a specific amount of money. For example, the initial amount (100%) will be $100. There are five possible outcomes, so we allocate an amount of $20 for each subsequent bet. Considering the odds (at least 5-6), the bettor remains in the black with a winning result.

You can also slightly upgrade the technology, unevenly distributing the amount among the bets. For example, assign 30% to each of the most likely outcomes and 15% to 20% to each of the least likely effects.

Selection of sporting events

First of all, when choosing a specific sporting event, it is essential to decide on the sport. Of course, it does not make much sense to bet on hockey due to the high performance of the matches. It is much more profitable to bet on football matches, where it is quite realistic to predict the possible outcome.

It is essential to choose not the most popular national championships and tournaments in football. It is necessary to pay attention to unproductive titles and teams. 

It’s also essential to look for teams that play to keep score. You should pay special attention to those outside the championships, who play mainly defensively. Do not take into account the fights between clear favorites and outsiders. In such fights, as a rule, absolutely any outcome is possible, up to the defeat of the favorite.

Ultimately, the bettor can easily narrow down the possible number of outcomes in the selected match.

Also, when predicting an accurate score in football, the following criteria and indicators are taken into account:

  • The presence of key players in the teams. For example, in the absence of attacking players, it won’t be easy to expect goals from the team;
  • The motivation of two teams. In this case, it is more profitable to choose a meeting of two equal teams playing strictly to keep score. 0: 0 – a favorable result for both teams;
  • Previous and face-to-face confrontations. Before starting the fight, it is essential to review the teams’ last matches to understand their focus. Head-to-head matchups can also make it clear to the bettor what is more profitable to bet on the next fight.
  • The bettor will choose the appropriate football match for the subsequent bets taking into account the three previous points.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s highlight several pros and cons of betting on TS.


  • High probability of profit. Obviously, with the correct match pick, teams will end the match with one of the five picks;
  • High quotes before the meeting. Considering that a bet wins, the bettor will bring substantial profit. It is essential to distribute the quantities and not choose a dozen results initially. This approach will surely bring losses;
  • Great selection of football matches every day after the bettor will easily find a suitable duel at any time and day.


  • Low prices, taking into account high margins. In this case, it is essential to choose the bookmakers that offer the highest odds for these outcomes;
  • Potential losses in case of unsuccessful match selection. If the bettor has chosen the wrong fight, he will have to say goodbye to the original bank. It is essential to have more than 60-70% successful offers in the long run. Otherwise, it will be impossible to make a profit.


Having observed the above points, each bettor must independently decide whether such a long-distance gambling system is beneficial. If you still have doubts, it is more profitable to carry out several pieces of training, checking the possible benefits of such a system. For example, if out of 10 matches the bet entered in 8-9 games, this system will bring profit.

In addition, we note that without proper analysis and taking into account statistics, it will be simply impossible not only to make the right decision on the results but also to choose a match for betting.



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