How to Close upstox account

How to close upstox account – 100% Working

How to close an upstox account: Hello There! Do you Like to Invest but don’t want to use Upstrox for future investment or want to take a break then What should you Do? If You ask Me then I will advise to you CLose your Upstrox Account. So Here a Question arises that How to Delete Upstox Account?

If the Same question is with you then Don’t Worry as this all article is based on your Question. As in this article, I am going to show your How to Close Upstox account.

So to Close your Upstox Account the only thing you just need to do is to read the below steps carefully and follow them. Remember any single Mistake can arise a problem for you.

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Here are some important things that you need to know before closing your Upstox Account

Things To Remember

How to close upstox account

There are some important points that you need to remember before proceeding to close your account.

  • Make Sure that all the Dues are Cleared
  • If you have any Holding then Sell it or Transfer before Closing your account
  • After submitting your Request if you didn’t got any Reply then hangover to the Customer Support

Now is the Time to close your Upstox Account

How to Close upstox account

How to close upstox account

Remember that you can not delete your upstox account Online in any way(Like Contacting Customer Care). To close your Account you need to Fill and Sign a form and send it to their office.

  1. Go to
  2. On the Top Corner you Will see a Support Option.
  3. Just click on It and now Tap on Download Form Option.
  4. Now select the “Account Modification Form” Section
  5. Download the “Demat Account Closure” Form
  6. Print it and Enter your details + Sign
  7. Now Send it to “Correspondence Office”

After sending your Form to the Upstox Department your Account Closure Request will be Began and will be closed within a few days.

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If you have any problem while filling your Form then you can check the video Below

Steps to Close Upstox Account

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