How to delete Vedantu Account

How to delete Vedantu account in 2021

Hello Friends, are you tired up of your Vedantu Account and wishing to delete or Deactivate it. Then for you here I am having a Step to Step Guide on How you can delete your Vedantu Account.

In this article, we are going to discuss How you can cancel your Vedantu Subscription, How to delete My Vedantu Account, Should you continue with it and so more other questions.

So without wasting your Time let us go and solve your Queries on Vedantu. But here is a question that should You delete your Vedantu Account?

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Should You Delete Your Vedantu Account?


If you Ask from Me then I will Say that No. You should Not delete your Vedantu Account as it is an Education Purpose it can help you in future. But if you are wishing to delete just because of your Subscription that will be charged to You.

So in that case I am having a Great Solution for You. In which you will not be needed to delete its account you have a Choice to Cancel your Subscription at any time. In which you will not be Charged any single amount of money.

While Cancelling your Subscription you don’t have to follow a long way. You will just need to Follow some 4 to 5 Steps and your subscription will be cancelled. So let me show you a Guide on How to Cancel Vedantu Subscription?

How to Cancel your Vedantu Subscription?

To cancel your Vedantu Subscription you need your Mail Account that is linked with your Vedantu Account. Now Go to your Mail and Compose a New Mail to “” and Ener the Subject “Cancel My Vedantu Subscription” now in the Mail you need to Enter a Review Don’t worry It can be Bad or Good and a Reason for Cancelling your Subscription for your Vedantu Account.

Now After sending Mail to Vedantu you will Response within a Few Days and Don’t worry your Account Subscription will be Deactivated without any Questioning.

Can You delete Vedantu Account with an App or Website?

Sorry to say but you can not deactivate your Vedantu Account using its Application or Their Website. For deleting your account you will be needed to Contact them Through their Mail Address or By Calling them and Requesting to delete your Account.

To Delete your Account read the Below Steps carefully according to your Preferred Way.

Ways- How to Delete Vedantu Account?

How to delete Vedantu Account

To Delete Your Vedantu Account we are having 2 ways: First is By Calling Vedantu Customer care and Second by Contacting Vedantu Through Mail. You can choose anyone which you feel much easier. But Remember that Directly Calling Vedantu will be Much Faster as Compared to Mailing them.

So let me Explain you Both Steps:

Deleting Your Vedantu Account By Sending Email

  1. Go to Your Mail Account Linked with your Vedantu Account
  2. Compose a New Email to
  4. In the Email you can Enter your Reason or Feedback for deleting your Vedantu Account.

I think if you wish Us to help you Deleting your Vedantu Account then You can Comment Below. We will try to help you as much as we can 🙂

Deleting Your Account By Calling to their Support

  1. Go to Dialpad and
  2. Dial +91 988-660-2456 and Call
  3. Tell them your Complaint and Request them to delete your Account
  4. They will Note your Feedback and your Account will be deleted soon.

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