How to Edit Videos: Best Tips For Beginners

How to Edit Videos: Best Tips For Beginners

If you are looking for tips on editing a video for beginners as a video editor, here is a guide to help you out. We have listed a few essentials you must note when preparing to edit your video for media production for a video editor. These include

Backup your media

This plays a vital role for a video editor as there is a high risk of losing all your data due to any number of unexpected problems. So, it is imperative to have the files saved at 3 different locations and obey the 321 rule. As per this rule, keep three copies of everything you create at 2 different places separated from other locations, and one could also be on the cloud.

Organise your media for ease of access

One can imagine how painful it is if you are shooting for hours and then sit down to figure out what each shot is and where it goes.  There are two ways by which every  video editor can work:

Logging your shots while filming

Creating an excel sheet note on your phone will save time and will be inconvenient when you are doing it, saving you hours of time.

Naming your footage and media

You will be naming each file by the year-month date, by which your files will be organised. They will be much easier to work with when you start editing.

Clear on your goal for the video

It should be clearly determined the type of video which you create, the kind of graphics you choose that show and cast your video.

Always preview your video before selecting your shots to edit

It is always advisable to preview and pre-select the shots you have chosen. You will have a lot of time organising the shots that actually need to be edited by a  video editor.

One of the ways is to copy them to a new folder and have that folder suitable to a location such as SharePoint, Google Drive or Google photos from where you can access it from any location around the globe at any time.


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Find the right editing tool

There are many editing tools available on video editing for an individual to work on. These tools normally offer everything, but you should choose a tool that offers usability, digital interface, and features. The key here is to choose the tool that suits your bill and your editing style instead of picking any latest or advanced video program. If you are using a PC at a lower version supported OS, it is always advisable to use the latest software.

Use a fast and a higher configuration system

Using a higher configuration system will speed up the task assigned before the deadlines are met. The key here is to choose what works for a  video editor as per its editing style. Also, increasing the RAM size will get the recommended video card and processor.

A GPU, i.e., Graphics Processing Unit, works parallelly with CPU to accelerate rendering by 5x.

Use Keyboards Shortcuts

The use of shortcuts on the keyboard, especially when using software, increases productivity and expedites common operations. If a video editor is just fumbling around with the mouse, it would take them much longer to edit a film for a media production.  

Select a good music

Selecting a powerful tool for communicating any kind of message – videos, their music performs better. One needs the right song or instrument to make a key moment more effective. It is advisable to get music from a royalty-free music provider.     


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Add text and Graphics

Depending on the type of video, which may include more text aside, i.e. title, opening/closing billboard. Even flashing graphics can be used by using a satisfying process.

Efficient Workflow

One needs to improve the workflow to organise the projects and files in folders.  A video editor can work faster with the use of an external hard drive which is used for storing data. We recommend using USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt to enable faster file transfers.

Use Colour

There are two colours that are used: Colour correction and Colour grading. The colour correction adjusts your clips for basic consistency. The colour-grading gives a scene a particular “look.”

Project File

It is a good practice to use the same project files as given in the instructors in a tutorial video as this will help you learn the steps correctly and in the right direction. Once you have the grip and experience, you can do the same with your video files to become the best  video editor

Keep it organised

All the files are properly used to reflect the scene and take them in folders separated by theme, organised in a way that they can be found quickly.

Use B-Roll

This could be essential as it is used to edit out the speech stutters or gaps without a noticeable jump in the footage in media production houses.

 Export Video Versions

Today’s environment where video is marketed either in advertisements, sponsored online or on social media makes it essential to export smaller, high-quality versions for easier playback.

Assembly Line Method

It is a process used to make video editing an easy and quick process that will help to focus on a single task at a given timeframe.


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Balance your audio

To lower the music volume, it is always important to balance your speech, as your software has audio keyframing or ducking.

These tips are very important as they will make your video editor career a satisfying process.

Edit & write the story

Go beyond the basics and add a bunch of effects to impress your viewers.

Watch your footage

It is always advisable to watch all of your footage as by this, you yourself will find something better as a  video editor.


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