How to use hot glue gun Steps with Pictures

How to use hot glue gun Steps with Pictures

Do you want to create some school projects or want to fix something but do not know how to use hot glue gun. So to teach you I am here to share some easy steps to use glue gun.

Glue gun is mostly useful for doing some craft work, Making patch, Pack something and for other purpose.

So without wasting time let us Start with our todays topic : How to use hot Glue gun.

But before we star let us discuss some precautions while using Hot Glue Gun

  • Always Wear Leather or heat resistant gloves
  • Try to keep the hot glue gun away from flammable material
  • Use a Stand to hold the hot Glue gun(When not using

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How to use hot glue gun

1. Firstly Clean the Nozzle of our Glue Gun

how to use hot glue gun

So to use the hot glue gun we should take care that the nozzle of the glue gun is clean. Because The nozzle is the path from which the hot glue flow. To clean the nozzle you can use the aluminium needle or you can also take the use of toothpick for cleaning the Nozzle.

  • Be shore that the Glue gun is Unplugged.
  • Not take the use of any liquid like water to clean the glue gun.

2. Insert the Glue stick

how to use hot glue gun

So its the time for the second step which is to load/Insert the glue stick in the glue gun. To do that we have to take the glue stick and insert it by rotating round and round clock-wise until it stops.

3. Turn on the glue Glue gun

how to use hot glue gun

Now the third step is to turn on the glue gun. So we have to put the plug into the electric socket and turn on the switch on.

4. Wait for the Glue to heat up

Now its the time to when the glue of the glue gun starts heating. We have to wait just for 2-3 minute (Sometime less or sometime more time is taken) until the glue heat up. Once it gets completely melted the glue from the glue gun will stars dropping so take care of it that it should not drops at any unnecessary place or thing.

  • Don’t be over fast because less heated glue will not do the prefect work for you.

5. Squeeze the Trigger

how to use hot glue gun

So we have to place the nozzle of hot glue gun aiming to the item to where you are going to Glue. Now softly squeeze the trigger until the glue starts coming from the nozzle. Now slight release the trigger but the nozzle should be in contact with the item for the prefect finishing.

  • Try to keep a small piece of scrap cardboard near with you so that you can stand the glue gun nozzle on it Which will help you to prevent your important things to not get glued without any need.

6. Apply or Join the Item

Now we have to apply or joint the broken item to that item which we glued. So this step should done fast and with a high focus because if the glue gets dry that it will create a lot of difficulty to complete our task.

6. Wait for the glue to dry

Its the time when we have to wait for the glue to get dry up and after it get fully dry then our task is finished.

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So here is a short recap for you

Learn how to use hot glue gun: Turn on the glue gun. Aim the nozzle to that item to which you want to glue slightly press the trigger on the surface until the melted glue starts coming. Glue the item and wait until the hot glue dry up.

Tips for you:

  • If you by mistake drops the hot glue on any important document then you can just wait to dry. Don’t remove it instantly because it will stuck hard on the object. So just wait to dry and when it gets dry up just smoothly rub any cloth on it and it will get removed by the object.
  • If you drops the hot glue on your body part then just go and keep your hands under running water.

Recently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for the glue to heat up?

The glue will take just 2-3 minutes to get heat up but in some glue gun which are used in big factories can take more than 5 minutes.

2. Can we carry glue gun?

Yes, you can carry hot glue gun with you with out any problem.

3. Can we cut a broad hot glue stick lengthwise and use it in a small hot glue gun?

Yes, you can cut a broad hot glue stick lengthwise and use it in a small glue gun.

4. Can we use gun glue on kitchen pot?

Yes you can use glue gun on kitchen pots and this will satisfy your all types of needs.

5. Can we use hot glue gun for vegetable box in fridge?

Yes you can use the glue gun for the vegetable box in fridge and as it is transparent you can convert it as new you buyed.

If you have any question regarding how to use the hot glue gun then you can feel freely to ask any question below and our team will reply you as soon as possible.

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