How to use OYO Money – 100% Working Way

How to use OYO Money – 100% Working Way

How to use OYO Money – Are you an OYO user and wish to use its money. Then You are welcome as you are at the right place. As here I am going to show you an easy way to use money in OYO.

So for that, you just need to read this article carefully and you will be able to use OYO money. Get ready,

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Way: How to use OYO Money


To use your Oyo money We are having a 101% Working way. You can use this whenever you wish to book a hotel and get the maximum Off for your bookings. So below I am going to show you how to use oyo money.

Wait! before we go here’s how you can get oyo money

How To Get OYO Money

To get OYO money some easy and working ways are also mentioned under How to use oyo money. One of the common ways to get the oyo money is by sign up.

As when you sign up you will get some oyo money with the use of a referral code. Some other way to get oyo money is to use some coupons code and to book more hotels rooms and there you can also get some money.

How to use oyo Money

How to use oyo money

The best way to use oyo money is to use it for booking any hotel room. As oyo money is promotional money so it has some limits to use. As here the limit is that you can use from 10% to 30% oyo money for booking any hotel or any room in oyo.

That means that if you have 800 Indian Rupee and you are wishing to buy a room using the oyo. So while booking the rooms you will get an option to use Oyo money and it’s upon that hotel that how much you will get off. So let you get 25% off then you just have to pay 600 Indian Rupee and the remaining 200 Rupee is the off that you don’t have to pay.

That’s the use of oyo money in which you got a direct 200 rupees off. I know everyone wishes to get the maximum off so that he/she can say some amount of money.

So here’s a question arise is that how will you deduct that oyo money and get a superb off?

While booking any room or property when you choose any room or any other property. The oyo money will be selfly deducted as it will automatically calculate by the oyo booking system and you get the best off.

You can not choose the per cent of usage of oyo money for booking any hotel. As it is promotional money and is provided to motivate for booking. So that’s why you can not choose the percentage for using the oyo money.


What Is oyo Money


OYO Money is a digital currency used in Oyo for booking property and rooms. It is having two currencies in use i.e. OYO Money and OYO Rupee.

Both are beneficial in buying any property or rented room in oyo as it provides a good amount of off. Not only beneficial for the buyer as well as for oyo too as it builds trust as well as real customers for them.

While buying any room Oyo provide s an off from 10% to 30% that’s a great amount. As this can save a good amount of money to buy a gift for her.

So here a question arises is that how to find oyo money?

It is very much easy to view or check the oyo money or we can say that it is just a two-step work. So to find it tap on the three-line show on the home screen and there you will find an option of OYO money and below you can also find an option of OYO rupee. So just click on the OYO money option

Usage Policy

Usage Policy of OYO Currency

You can use from 10% to 30% f oyo money for booking any room or any property through the OYO. This shows that you can not use the full amount of OYO money for booking.

As this is promotional money. So that it cant be usefully at a time but it can give you a good amount of less for any of your bookings.

That means to let you want to book a room costing 1800 and there you got a 27% off using the OYO money then you just have to 1400 as the remaining 400 is the less or we can say the off using the oyo money.

Not only the 400 rupees off you can get more off by using some oyo coupons. That will also help you to save your money.

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About OYO


Oyo is a Multinational Hotel booking system that allows users to book hotels, rooms and other property from their Mobiles or Pc (Laptops).

It was started in 2013 and today is served over Asia, America and some other countries too. OYO provides a very good and clean system for booking.

In which the users can book their wished room at an affordable rate at any time.

FAQ based on Oyo

How to use OYO money

How to use OYO money: To use oyo money you can book any hotel or a room in which while making the payment you will get a good amount of discount from 10%c to 30%.

Is Oyo money refundable?

Yes, it can be refunded only if all the conditioned are mentioned under the OYO terms and policy. So you can check the refund policy of OYO for more information.

Conclusion on How to use Oyo Money

So in the conclusion of How to use oyo money I will just say that it’s very much easy to use the oyo money and save a good amount of money to buy a gift for someone special.

You can get more and more discounts after following the above tips mentioned in How to use oyo money.


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