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Jeet11 – As you know Today everyone loves to play games but what if you get paid for playing and winning a game. Yes, really you can earn unlimited money just by Winning the game. So if you are excited about earning money just by sitting at your home then for you here I am going to introduce you to the Jeet11 app.

So Hello Friends, IN this article we are going to discuss the Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket app. This Application is recently launched by the Best entertainment Platform Share Chat. This Jeet 11 allows you to earn money just by Predicting and Playing within this Jeet11. As it is owned by the Share chat it always tries to give best to its users and because of that they are also having a Refer and Earn Program.

So In this, I am going to tell you a lot more and more exciting offers, as well as other, things in Jeet11. So let’s go… Wait! Wait! Wait! before we move here’s a little bit about Jeet11


Jeet 11

Jeet11 is a Fantasy platform recently launched by the Biggest Entertainment Platform Share Chat. This Jeet 11 allows users to play Cricket and Football Sports. It is one of the leading fantasy platforms in India along with My11Circel, Dream11, Paytm First Gamez and more.

Jeet 11 gives you a lot more features from other fantasy apps like you can play this game without downloading it on your Mobile or PC that means you can play this on your Browser just by logging in.

In this, you just need to refer your friends about this app and when your friends or anyone open this link and download the app you and he/she will also get a Bonus. This Bonus you can use to play games and win real money. Not only this whenever your friends add money to his/her Jeet app wallet you will get a bonus again of 10% like he adds 1000 rupees and after you will immediately get a bonus of 100 Rupees. I know you like this deal.

Jeet 11 gives a great user interface that allows users to participate in any Game and win Cash. So that can which you win you can withdraw using many methods like Paytm and So more which makes it more trustworthy. In Jeet 11 you need to use your Points to play games that you can earn and also by adding money to play games.

So I think this was enough for the Jeet11 discussion and now its the time to go next…

Jeet 11 Download

So if you want to download the Jeet 11 application then just click the below button and your downloading will be began.

Jeet11 Referral Code

As I had said above This Jee11 app is a fantastic way to earn money as it provides a lot of ways to earn from fewer efforts as one of the ways to earn through Jeet 11 is to refer your friends and for them, every single refer you and the person you referred will get a Bonus.

Yes, Really you read it Right you will ready to get a bonus from every single sign up from your referral link. Not only this you will also get a 10% Commission from your Friends transactions like if your friend added 2000 Rupees to his Jeet11 account then you will receive a Commission amounted of 200 Rupees and when he/she add 1000 Rupees then you will get 100 Rupees in your Jeet 11 account.

I know this is an easy way to earn money. So it’s time to show you how you can get your First bonus of Rupees 100 in your Jeet 11 account.

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How to Get your First Bonus on jeet 11


Now it’s the time to get our first bonus worth rupees 60 that you will get on your sign up to the Jee11 app. In which you need to follow the below steps.

  • To get your first bonus on Jeet 11 Fantasy Cricket App, First Download the Jee11 app
  • Now, Open the Jeet 11
  • Select your Language whichever you prefer the most like English, Hindi or anyone else.
  • In the third step. you need to Enter your Phone number
  • Tap on the LOGIN Button
  • There you will receive an OTP fill it
  • Now enter your Remaining Details like your Mail address and others.
  • After that, your account is Confirmed
  • That time you will see a pop-up screen on your window of the winning of Sign up bonus.
  • That’s all after all the steps correctly you will get your First Bonus on Jeet11

Now you can use your sign up bonus to play games with in the Jeet 11 app and win the big amount.

Note: Remember that you can not withdraw the Signup bonus you can just use it for playing the Games on the Jee11 Fantasy Cricket app.

Now by joining the Referral program you will be able to get 100 Rupees on every Single yes on every single person that joins the Jeet11 app you will win a bonus of 100 Rupees.

The Best Commission Ever on Jeet 11


So it’s time to introduce you to a great commission offer on the Jeet11 that is to get 10% on every single referral transaction. Yes, 10% on every single Transaction. So let me explain in brief to you.

Let there are two persons you and me. You Shared the Jeet11 application link on any social media platform and I opened it and Download the Jeet 11. There you and I will get a bonus of 100 Rupees Each. Now after some time I wished to play and win on Jeet11 and for that,

I had added 1000 Rupees in my wallet and on adding Money you will immediately get 100 Rupees that you can use for playing games and if you wish then you can withdraw it whenever you wish through the help of Paytm. After that whenever I add more or anyone who you referred had added money you will always get a Commission.

Now, if you read the above Paragraph carefully I can see a beautiful smile on your face and now I think we should play the game if you don’t know how to. Then do not worry yes, do not worry Here’s your big brother going to show you all about the Jeet 11.

Play Fantasy Cricket, & Fantasy Football

In the Jeet11 you can play both the most popular as well as the most demanding games as these both are allowed in Jeet 11 app. So just you need to participate in your wished match and win the real money.

So here the main problem arise is that how to play. But don’t worry below is the right way that can increase your chances for winning in Jeet 11.

How To Play On Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App

jeet 11
Jeet 11

It’s time to play the games on the jeet 11 apps so for that we need money in our wallet. The money can be of any commission amount, Amount you win or if you wish then you can add money in your wallet for playing games. Now, let’s play:

So to play the game on the Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket app you have to select any contest then you have to pay it and now it’s the time to select the team players whichever now you have to wait until the match end and if you want to wish to score points then you can also check it out from the leader board.

Now after the Match ends the Amount which you won will be credited to your account which you can use free-minded.

Video on Jeet11

Upcoming Matches on jeet11

In this you can also find out the upcoming matches which are going to play next. So that you can find out those matches and remember to play and participate in them. So just check the upcoming matches and make you team what if this can change you life with a Pool of Jackpot.

Now its the time for some pros and cons regarding the Jeet 11. So here we go…


So its the time for some great thinks about the Jeet11:

  • It Provides a bonus to every new User.
  • Great Commission Program
  • Refer and Win Program
  • Unlimited winning
  • It allows a secure payment method that is Paytm
  • A lot of Matches and so more.


Some of the Cons of this app are:

  • We can not Withdraw Sign up bonus
  • We can just use the signup bonus for only 10% per game like if we wish to participate in a game whose entry price is 200 rupees then we can only use 20 Rupees from this signup bonus and other rupees you need to win or you need to add. But you can use your first sign up bonus completely.

There are just 2 Cons that I didn’t link in this app but if we see the pros then this is a great application.

Jeet11 Money Withdrawal


So after a long discussion, a question arises in everyone minds that what’s the withdrawal process in Jeet 11 I think you are also thinking about this. So let me show you.

So for the withdrawal, you need to have at least 10 Rupees in your Winning Section. Yes, only and only 10 rupee is the minimum amount. I know that’s not a big amount you can earn this easily. So for earning this you need to join and play any contest in which when the match ends your earning reward in the form of Rupees will be calculated and transferred to your account.

That’s the amount you can withdraw by using your Paytm account not need of any verified Paytm Kyc account. But is there any maximum amount of withdrawal? No there is not any maximum amount of withdrawal in the Jee11 but I arise is that when you wish to withdraw an amount more than the 10,000 Rupees.

Then a problem arises in which you need to Verify your account with your PAN Card as per the Transaction limit of Govt. Then just Verify your account and your whole amount will be transferred to you and then a lovely task arise is to organise a hard party for your family.

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Jeet 11 minimum Withdrawal

jeet 11

The minimum withdrawal of Jeet11 is just and just 10 Rupees. I know you can earn this minimum withdrawal amount as its just a left hand work for you as well as for others too.

So you can withdraw a minimum of 10 with the help of your paytm as the money will be transferred there.

FAQ based on Jeet 11

What is Jeet 11

Jeet 11 is a fantasy platform that allow users to play Cricket and Football and win real Money. It is launched by the India’s one of the biggest entertainment plat form Share Chat. It allows a lot of way through which users can earn money like by playing Football, Cricket, Answering quizzes and so more.

Is Jeet11 Safe

Yes, Jeet11 is pretty safe as it is run by the one of the trusted platform Share Chat. Not only this Jeet 11 is also allows betting under legal rule framed by the supreme court, as this is a skill based game.


In regard to this article, HloGadgets will just say that we are not promoting our Users to use this application. This article is just on the behalf of the author choice and for entertainment purpose. We are not having any personal Contact with the Jeet11 application. We are just full filling our Users Demand.

All the Information Credit Goes to Jeet11 app.

Conclusion on Jeet11

In the Conclusion of the Jeet 11 app, I will just say that if you wish to earn money just by sitting at your home with your smartphone, Then this Jeet11 is for you. You can earn money from this with you can withdraw through the help of Paytm.

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