How to make your content rich using a paraphrasing tool

How to make your content rich using a paraphrasing tool

Content is among the most effective ways of marketing your product and services. The Experts believe that content is the king. 

Through content, you can create an audience of your own. Through your blog, people can relate to your philosophy, brand values, products, and services. With more than 63% of the world on the internet, you only need to get your page on top for attracting customers all around the world.

 And the proof is in the pudding. As per the statistics, 82% of marketers use content marketing to generate sales. As per the manifest 51% of businesses post content every day to stay relevant and on top of their marketing game.

What makes content Rich?

The content world is more like a stage. You can see millions of artists trying to post their content to attract an audience. An average internet user doesn’t have a long attention span. They take a few seconds to decide whether the content is worth it or not. 

To cash your opportunity, you should do your homework before posting the content. As per Moz, the SEO ranking of a page depends upon keywords, quality of content,  and user experience concerning the theme of your page.

To make your content rich you need to work on the quality of content and keyword placement. Once you get this right, there won’t be any stopping for you.

What are paraphrasing Tools 

Paraphrasing tools are online tools capable of rewriting content in multiple versions. The tools use advanced AI algorithms to understand the human text and then produce an alternate accordingly.  The tools are also capable of improving the overall quality of the text.

These tools are being used by content creators around the world to create SEO Optimized. The content is rich, guaranteeing more screen time and sales.

To rank on top, you need a constant stream of such content. It takes a lot of time and energy to rewrite the same content. The paraphrasing tools can do this in seconds. You can prepare the content for weeks in a few hours.

How to make your content rich using a paraphrasing tool

We have explained the importance of paraphrasing tools for posting rich content. These are the areas in which they can do so.

  • Foster Customer Engagement

With the smart use of paraphrasers, you can make your content more engaging.  The key to writing such content is to know your audience. If you know, what they need, you can mold your content accordingly. 

A quality paraphrasing tool offers you multiple tones and writing styles for saying the same thing. Each style offers a different set of words and their combinations. This is an opportunity to align your content with the customer’s voice.

For Example, you cannot be formal while writing for Hollywood movies, can you? In that case, the rewriters can offer you an informal tone. This tone would produce greater customer engagement and clicks per page. And the opposite is true for formal business content.

Consider the below example:

On the right, you can see that all crude words have been replaced. These word adjustments increase customer engagement.


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  • Remove Plagiarism

Plagiarized content is a black mark on a blogger’s reputation. The content should always be 100% original, free from any duplication.

Google downgrades your page’s ranking for writing such content. And if it repeatedly occurs the chances of copyright strikes, page suspension, and monetary losses increase.

This practice is not good for commercial purposes either. The end-users have become very smart. They can determine whether the content is original or not. And once they find duplication, they never return to the same page again.  

The paraphrase online can remove such duplication in an instant. You can do small word adjustments, sentence rephrasing, paragraph restructuring, and complete overhauling of your content. The choice of mode is dependent upon your plagiarism percentage.

Consider the following image:

You can see that we have opted for plagiarism remover mode. 64% of the content has been paraphrased, removing all types of plagiarism.  You can put this to every credible plagiarism check and it will show 100% unique content.

  • Boost the readability

Readability is defined as the ease of reading. Rich content is always presented to grab the maximum attention of the reader.

The font sizes, headings, writing styles, and content outlook should be user-friendly. The sentence shouldn’t be too long. A paragraph should entail a maximum of 3 or 4 sentences.

Courtesy of data sciences, we also have complete data on the total word count of an article.

The blog posts containing words count between 2500-2300 get the most views. The document should be planned while keeping these factors in mind. 

  • Diversify the keyword cloud

The keywords hold the key to the success of your content. Any content with the right keyword cluster is an instant hit. We have earlier shown that 47% of your SEO optimization depends upon your right keyword selection.

The paraphrasers can suggest multiple keywords for similar things. The paid tools can also rank the keywords according to their search volume. In the final output, the tools can fit these keywords into your content like glue.

Another important to note for keywords is your research. As per the data keywords including 2 to 3 words appear in most searches.

The quality rewriters can teach you how to condense any longtail heading into a combination of 2-3 words. After that, all you need is to upload the heading and enjoy the show.

  • Avoid Redundancy

If there is one factor that can nullify your content’s richness. That is redundancy.   It is described as the usage of unnecessary words in a writing piece.

Readers enjoy thought-provoking content and a direct tone. If the content is built around meaningless verbal jargon, the users would soon lose interest.  Writers often stoop to this low when they don’t have much to say on their topic.

The redundant phrases like “very extremely small, take a look, etc” also should be avoided. They eat up useful space. 

The quality rewriters trim out all such expressions, giving a professional outlook to your content. The article looks refreshing, crisp, and to the point. This drives more views and a better user experience.

With the right usage of a paraphrasing tool, you can also learn to remove redundancy from your writing style. 

  • Grammatical Accuracy

Last but not the least is grammatical efficiency of your content. For any published content, there is no greater shame than having grammatical errors.

A blog or any content writing is a place where you educate people about a product or service. Basic grammatical mistakes at this level cast a doubt on your ability and your product.

Nowadays, the predominant mode of writing is English. People from all around the world use it to get international audiences and wider reach. However, foreigners are prone to making grammatical errors. Sometimes, such errors can do irreparable damage. 

Quality rewriters use their complex programming to remove grammatical errors from your content. The output is 100% accurate, free from not just basic but advanced errors.  It enables you to upload content without any hesitation.

Final Words

We are living in the world of content. To get ranked on top, the content should be rich and powerful enough to attract maximum viewership. 

In this strive, Paraphrasing tools can prove instrumental. This section highlights the key areas in which these tools can help you to make your content rich and generate more views and sales.


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