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Vodafone Customer Care No: Vodafone is a World Wide Telecom Company Known for its best Tele Communication Services as well as for the best customer care services. Vodafone always tries to solve their customer’s problem as fast as they can but Sometimes some Customers problem left unsolved. So for that, we need to contact their Vodafone Customer Care no. I think you are also facing some problem regarding Vodafone and you are trying to find their Number through which you can contact them.

So to solve your problem, I am having a List of Vodafone Customer Care no through which you can contact their services and Make your problem solve.

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But as you know Vodafone tries to give best to their customers. So for that, they had also Introduced a Whatsapp number through which you can message them with your Problem or if you wish the Call will be much better then here we go:

Vodafone Customer Care No

Vodafone Customer Care number

You Can also use the Short Code 199 for any Enquiry or 198 for any complaint to Vodafone.

Service Area Customer Care Number Customer Care Number
Maharashtra & Goa98220123459822000198
Madhya Pradesh98260123459826000198
Tamil Nadu90920123459092000198
Andhra Pradesh98480123459848009198
UP (E)98890123458576000198
UP (W)98370123458941000198
Rest of Bengal90930123459093100198
Jammu & Kashmir90860123459086046198
Himachal Pradesh98820123459882900198

So these are the Vodafone Customer Care no which you can contact while facing any problem. So then another way to contact Vodafone is by the help of Whatsapp. Yes, really another way to contact the Vodafone Customer Care npo is by Whatsapp.

How to contact with Vodafone Customer Care number

You can also contact them by visiting their Customer care centre. If you don’t know their address then you can check below in the map by just entering Vodafone Customer care

Vodafone WhatsApp number

Vodafone WhatsApp number

9654297000: So this is the official Whatsapp number of Vodafone. Which will helps you to contact their Customer services through Whatsapp. So to Contact them using Whatsapp just follow the below steps or Click here:

  • Go to Dial Pad
  • Dial This Number and Save it in Your Contacts with any name
  • Now, On the Whatsapp
  • Go to Contacts
  • Search the name on which you had saved, if it does not appear then refresh it
  • Now Message them with your query or Complaint

I know this is Very much easy to contact their customer care services.

Now it the time for some Information Regarding Vodafone and next there are some questions based on Vodafone

About Vodafone

Vodafone is a British Tele Communication Company started in 1991. Vodafone servers in over 22+ Countries mainly in Asia. Vodafone is jointly named of three factors that are Voice data Fone whose main motive is to provides the best in both Internet Speed and Best Calling Facility. Nowadays Vodafone had joined hands with the Idea Telecom Company and jointly know as Vi (Vodafone and Idea). Vodafone is a Public Limited Company. Vodafone has also known for its best Plans cheaper pricing availability than the other telecom companies like Airtel, Bsnl and others,

Nowadays Vodafone is having 150 Countries It services clients. Vodafone tries to give the best to their customers as because of that Vodafone is also know as the best Telecom Company For the Calling Quality.

I think this was enough for the Vodafone and now it’s the time to check out the questions raised regarding the Vodafone. So let us get started.

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FAQ based on Vodafone Customer Care no

1. How to contact Vodafone customer care

So Contact Vodafone Customer care just follow these steps: Read the above list and find the Phone number of your State and now go to Dial pad and Dial that number and make a Call, There you need to tell your complaint to Them and it will be solved within a short period of time.

2. What is Vodafone customer care no

So to find the Vodafone Customer Care no you can check out the above list in which the Phone number is Clearly mentioned with your State name. So go for it.

3. Vodafone Customer Care Number Kerala

Vodafone Customer Care Number Kerala: You can also contact customer care through Whatsapp. Vodafone Customer care number Kerala

4. Vodafone Customer Care Chennai number

Vodafone Customer Care No Chennai :

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