Best Gmail Alternatives

Best Gmail Alternatives

Find here the list of Best Gmail Alternatives

Gmail has taken over the email industry for a long time due to its user-friendly layouts, ample-free storage, and enhanced features that bring maximum productivity. But still, there have been some shortcomings of Gmail that can only be understood better if you consider the features offered by its alternatives. 

Due to enhanced competition in the market, you need access to advanced functionalities and tools. Therefore, guidance is essential to keep you updated. For instance, if you compose content on narrative writing topics, you will look for some of the most effective styles and structures of writing. The same applies to the email world; you need to look for the best email service provider that fulfills your needs properly. 

14 Best Gmail Alternatives

Check out the list of 14 Best Gmail alternatives :

  1. Tutanota
  2. ProtonMail
  3. TempMail
  4. MailFence
  5. Yahoo Mail
  6. GMX Email
  7. Zoho Mail
  8. Microsoft Outlook
  9. Yandex Mail
  10. Guerilla Mail
  11. Mailinator
  12. Apple iCloud Mail
  14. Fast Mail

The detailed features of each email service provider are given below:

1: Tutanota

It is a very safe and efficient Gmail alternative that provides all the required functionalities. It has 1 GB of free storage so you will need to upgrade to a premium plan for getting more storage space. 


Provides an end-to-end encryption

Has an open-source program 

Facilitates with an intuitive design accessible through a web browser

Discussions are not recorded due to its no-log policy

Can be used on all kinds of gadgets

High security and safety of important data

Provides a free encrypted email service

Can be downloaded from F-Drive on Android instead of the Google Play Store

2: ProtonMail

If you are concerned about keeping your data secure, this email alternative is a good option. 


Provides an end-to-end encryption

500 MB storage capacity on free use

For more cloud storage, up-gradation to the premium plan required

Highly effective Swiss privacy

User-friendly interface

Works on no-log policy

Facilitates with 150 emails per day

A calendar helps to work more easily

Provides time-tested encryption algorithms

Highest level of protection with smart applications

3: TempMail

If you need a fully disposable email that can be used temporarily, then TempMail is best for you. 


High-level security

Provides protection from frauds, advertisements, viruses, etc.

Messages not saved or checked 

Allows creating an anonymous email account

Deletes messages instantly

Access to almost 10 mailboxes through the premium plan

Enhanced privacy 

No advertisements

Huge email storage

Subscription can be canceled anytime

Complete ownership with the private address


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4: MailFence

It is a very secure service provider that has extensive features. 


No email tracking, storing, or leakage of privacy

Great features like contacts storage, organization of events and meetings on the calendar, etc.

Password and expiry date can be set up for messages

Offers 500 MB for each mail and documents up to 20 GB and 24 GB storage

Provides groups for secure sharing of data

No email trackers or advertisements

Enables digital signatures for reducing email faking

The webmail version of MailFence can be used for free

Allows two-factor authentication

5: Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has been one of the oldest email service providers that remains quite effective still now. It has adopted many features of Gmail and works efficiently. 


1 TB of unrestricted storage

Highly adaptable and ads run on the free version

Helps in saving emails for years 

Allows creating customized themes and layouts

Facilitates the quick operation and alert notifications

Easy-to-use software with smooth functionality

Categories emails into social email or promotion email to avoid the mess

Contains a spam blocker and contact list manager

Blocks spam emails if you unsubscribe the sender 

6: GMX Email

It is a very popular email service provider that enables free services supported by advertisements. 


Allows 65 GB of free cloud storage and 50 MB for sending attachments

Facilitates with top-notch encryption and great privacy GMX 

Antivirus keeps your data secure from malware 

Helps you create up to 10 Alias addresses and converse with all accounts at the same time

Brings many useful tools like video chatting and mail collecting

Customized themes and message layouts can be created easily

Inbox can be kept clutter-free 

Incoming emails can be sorted into any folders

7: Zoho Mail

It is a perfect email service for personal use and small business plans. It provides a calendar, storage drive, bookmarks, contacts, 


Integration with ZohoDocs, Workdrive, etc.

Provides a 24/7 customer support 

Offers a fully functioning mobile app

Helps in retaining mail and backup of data

Provides great settings like trusted list, spam filters, etc.

Has an efficient migration tool

Custom business email can be set up easily

Secure with end-to-end encryption

Enables exchanging files, assigning tasks, etc.

Provides automated follow-ups and mail forwarding 

Free plan for up to 5 users with access to 5 GB storage 

8: Microsoft Outlook

It is one of the best service providers that can be used in place of Gmail. Due to extended storage, contact management, and the organization of tasks, it turns out to be a good one. 


Quite easy to use with great features

Provides an attachment limit of up to 34 MB

OneDrive can be used for sending larger files up to 2 GB

Offers an advanced-level security 

Allows real-time conversation through Skype

Protection from frauds due to malware filter

Can be used on both Android and iOS apps 

Mailbox storage brings 15 GB of space

Perfect for official use with enhanced functionality

9: Yandex Mail

Yandex lets you work in a highly secure environment due to its built-in antivirus. It is a popular Gmail alternative that comes from a Russian Internet services provider. 


Allows scheduling messages for a particular time

Enables a customizable interface 

Highly secure and provides a PIN and fingerprint login option

Access to organized folders generated automatically for each interaction

The account can be recovered by entering a phone number for a password reset

Provides 10 GB storage through Yandex.Disk

Offers music, live traffic maps, video, and photo storage through mail


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10: Guerrilla Mail

It is a great option for communicating with anyone across the globe anonymously and the emails are deleted automatically after every hour. 


Helpful in conducting secretive conversations

Allows you to attach up to 150 MB of a file

User-friendly and easy to create account

Facilitates with a free and disposable email address service

No need for premium up-gradation as all features are provided for free

Email address scrambler enables enhanced security

Guerrilla Mail API enables tech-savvy users to connect with the system by using their app

Basic but provides all kinds of functions

11: Mailinator

Mailinator is perfect for small enterprises and individuals aiming to create an email testing workflow system. It enables proper functioning and smooth performance. 


Public Mailinator does not require sign-ups or logins for access to the inbox

A subscription plan allows businesses to perform serious email testing

Allows full privacy for all emails 

Keeps inbox messages saved for long

The creation of multiple user accounts is quite smooth and easy

SSO for enterprise accounts enabling enhanced security

SMS testing done by optional private SMS numbers 

12: Apple iCloud Mail

It is a default email app for Apple devices and can be used on web browsers. However, it does not work well on non-apple devices. 


Provides a clean and ad-free design 

Enables sending large files through Mail Drop

Without upgrading to the premium version, only 5 GB of storage available

A logical choice for Apple customers

No advertisements

Lack of capacity to arrange emails into folders

VIP inbox for selecting your chosen contacts as VIPs

Enables the addition of other email accounts and managing them in the Mail app


It is a free alternative for Gmail that gives a choice of over 200 domains that go well with your personality or niche. It is perfect for freelancers to display their skill set professionally without paying heavy charges to purchase domains. 


Contains powerful anti-virus tools to help you get rid of email-based threats

Keeps your email privacy safe and allows 2-factor authentication

Brings great organizational tools like a calendar, office suite, etc.

Mail Collector helps in accessing all your accounts through one inbox

An intuitive keyboard keeps your inbox organized and clean

Provides over 200 custom domain options

14: Fast Mail

Fast Mail uses a paid version and provides both kinds of accounts; individual ones as well as for organizations. 


It has great speed and you can avail it on all kinds of devices

Provides a range of languages

Takes the opposite approach to Google; you have to pay for it to get your data secured unlike using the free version that will not give any privacy.

The user interface resembles Gmail and has two-step authentication.

Mails can be synced from other accounts such as Yahoo and Gmail

Pricing begins at $3 per month, but it enables a 30-day free trial


Due to enhanced competition and extensive requirements associated with several tasks, there is a great demand for Gmail alternatives. By considering the features in detail, you will get a good understanding of the applicability of each type.  


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