– Peardeck Login Full Details – Peardeck Login Full Details

Do you want to Join a Class on or want to create a Session on If Yes, then be happy as this article is especially for you in this article we are going to discuss How you can Join a Session on Join Pd . com, What is Pear Deck Code, Where to find it, How to Generate it, How to create a Session on pear deck and so more.

I guarantee that after reading this article you are going to be a pro at the Join Pear Deck.

What exactly is

JoinPd com or is a Login page that is used to join the Class Sessions. To Join a Session through’ you just need to Connect to the internet >> Open the Web Browser on your smart device >> Enter the Website URL ( >> Here, it will ask you a 5 Digit Code >> Enter the Code and you will join the session.

What is Pear Deck?

Pear Deck is an online Video conference platform that allows teachers to create engaging slideshow-style content for their Students to level up their learning. In the pear deck, the teachers can Design brilliant slides & increase engagement by converting normal lectures into presentations. The Teachers can also create Custom Questions and add audio to any slide or part for a better boost.

The Best part of Pear Deck is that the teachers can get started with Pear Deck within a few minutes. Just they need to do is to Go to Sign up as a teacher, then download the extension and start teaching.

How to sign up for a Pear Deck account?

With Pear Deck, most teachers face a common problem in that they don’t know how to sign up for a Pear Deck Teachers account and I think you also have a little bit confused with it. But now you can relive as here we have discussed all.

Below are the steps you need to follow to Sign up for a Pear Deck account.

  • Step 1. Firstly, You need to Open a browser on your Smartphone, PC, or laptop
  • Step 2. Visit the JoinPD Website i.e.,
  • Step 3. In the third Step, you need to tap on Sign up
  • Step 4. It will ask you to continue to Google or Microsoft account
  • Step 5. Choose your Preference and Continue
  • Step 6. Next, Select the Teacher or Student (Who you are trying to register)
  • Step 7. Now, Select the School and that’s all.

Now, you are registered successfully on Pear Deck.

Note: This Sign up is only for Teachers, if you are a Student and want to join a lecture then you don't need to sign up or register.

How to login to your pear Deck Account

Important: If you want to join a meeting as a Student then it’s not compulsory for you to log in. You can simply log in by following the steps mentioned under “JoinPd Pear Deck Login” to join a session.

If you are already registered with and don’t know how to log in then the below steps are specially for you.

  • Step 1. Firstly, Open Your browser and Visit the Pear Deck Website i.e.,
  • Step 2. Next, You need to click on “teachers login”
  • Step 3. It will ask you to continue with Google or Microsoft
  • Step 4. Select your preference and continue and it will redirect you to your teacher’s dashboard.

Note: These Pear Deck login steps are for teachers only. If you are a student and want to log in to join a class then follow the below-mentioned steps.

JoinPD Pear Deck Session

Just imagine a situation, You received a message from your teacher to Quickly join a Class (Session) on, then at that time the most common question that arises in everyone’s mind is how to Join Pear Deck Session.

If you have the same question or any related query then below is a step by step instructions for You on how to join Pear Deck Meeting.

But Wait, there is another big question: Is the pear deck app available or do you need to join through a Website? So, let me answer in short –

The Pear Deck is available to download for free on both the apple app store and Google play store. The users can also access the lectures on their Computers or Laptops by Visiting their Website (

Follow these steps to Join Pear Deck Session – Open the Pear Deck app or Pear Deck website >> On the app or website you will see an option to join Session, tap on it >> Now, It will ask you to enter the Session Join code >> Enter the Code and it will redirect you to the Class.

Join Peardeck Code

Now, I know you have a question what is Peardeck Code and where to find it?

Well, the Peardeck code is a Code or we can say an Id that you need to join any Session on the Pear Deck app or website. You can find it in the Join Now Message that your teacher sent you.

What if you don't receive the code? If Mistake you didn't receive the Join Session Code, then you can ask your teacher to resend it.

How to Generate JoinPD Code

If you are a teacher and want to create a Session on Pear Deck then at that time the most important thing you need to do is to Generate a JoinPD Code, through which your students can join the session.

Generating the Peardeck Code is as easy as boiling a Cup of water. Just you need to follow a few steps and your Session code will be with you.

How to Join a Presentation in Pear Deck –

Joining a Presentation in Pear Deck by is as same as Joining a Session. If you don’t know what are the steps to join it, then follow the below steps.

Following are the easy steps to Join a presentation in Pear Deck –

Open the Pear Deck app on your Smartphone or Visit the website on your PC or Laptop >> On the Website or app, it will ask you to enter the PearDeck Code >> Just, Enter the Code and you will be redirected to your Presentation Session.


Who Can Use JoinPD?

JoinPD is available for both teachers and Students. Teachers can create a lecture and Students can learn it by Joining it using the webpage.

How Do I Join PD com?

To Join Session on Join Pd com you just need to visit and Enter the Session code.

Does Pear Deck Have an App?

Yes, Pear Deck has an app for both IOS and android. The Users can also join sessions with the app by visiting the Pear Deck website i.e.,


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