UAT Testing – The Ideal Business Tool

UAT Testing – The Ideal Business Tool

In the lifespan of a business application, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the final pre-release step. The goal of UAT, in general, is to ensure that the programme is functioning properly. UAT testing tools also assure that your application’s new features and additions meet your business requirements. Unlike functional testing, which is done by developers, user acceptance testing (UAT) is done by business users.

UAT is too time-consuming and sophisticated for most firms to be effective. It is because most businesses rely on manual testing techniques for UAT, which means using inept spreadsheets or other approaches that hinder cooperation and provide little to no visibility. 

Cautions to keep in mind

  • Scope of the UAT.It’s critical to determine the scope of your UAT testing. You end up testing too much if your parameters are too broad, wasting the time of business users. If your requirements are too narrow, you will not test thoroughly enough, putting your application at risk once it has been released.
  • Organizations should use a test automation technology with the Test Discovery feature to acquire critical user adoption and streamline the scoping phase. This feature will help you automate the time-consuming UAT scope process by displaying exactly the activities business users are taking. This eliminates the need for spreadsheets and lengthy meetings and ensures that the scope of your UAT testing is proper. It also makes your UAT cycles go faster.
  • A specialised UAT management solution can give real-time reporting and dashboard capabilities, allowing you to see everyone’s UAT activity and expedite the planning process.

The challenges in UAT 

Documentation for Tests 

It’s vital that business users keep track of every phase of their UAT process, especially when problems develop. Having them document difficulties by copying and pasting into clumsy spreadsheets, on the other hand, is inefficient. And it’s not uncommon for business users to spend more time reporting on their UAT testing than actually executing it.


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Workflow Automation

Due to their complexity, UAT operations with various dependencies prove problematic for your business users. Users frequently waste too much time figuring out what has to be done instead of actually doing it.

Solutions offered by UAT Testing Tools

  • A specialised UAT management solution can give real-time reporting and dashboard capabilities, allowing you to see everyone’s UAT activity and expedite the planning process.
  • Without requiring manual effort from business users, a UAT automation solution will automatically document every test execution. This frees up time for testers and speeds up their overall development without sacrificing the quality or coverage of their job.
  • A UAT automation tool management tool should include features such as automatic sequencing of manual tests, easy transfer of tasks between key users, and centralized progress tracking that takes the guesswork out of AUT workflows.

About Opkey

  • The no-code continuous test automation technology from Opkey is simple to use and adaptable. They enable the world’s largest organisations to stay up with release timelines, decrease risk, and assure business continuity by automating process intelligence and testing. 


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