Airtel balance check: How to Check Airtel Balance, Validity, Offers etc.

Airtel balance check: How to Check Airtel Balance, Validity, Offers etc.

Airtel balance check: Airtel is a Worldwide Telecom company which provides allows users to connect through calling and Internet use. Airtel is having a great 24*7 Customers care service to make their users comfortable. But some of its users are facing a problem regarding Airtel balance check.

I know you are also facing the same problem on How to check airtel balance. So to help you Today I am going to help you with an airtel balance check.

Firstly I will say that just relax you are with me and I am here to help you. SO in this article, I will show you a lot of great ways how to check airtel balance. So let’s start.

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Airtel Balance Check

So if you feel more comfortable with the Video then the above video is for you but if you feel that the reading steps will be more comfortable for you then the below steps are for you. So go for it:

How to Check airtel balance

Airtel balance check

So below you can find 8 ways to check airtel balance in which you can choose anyone which you feel more convenient to you or we can say which you feel more comfortable to you. So go and check it out:

1. Airtel Balance check using Ussd Code

Airtel balance check using USSD code

So in the first way we are going to check the airtel balance using the Ussd code in which we need to enter the code in the dial pad of our phone and just tap the call button which we give us the full inquiry our Airtel balance.

So let’s try this way:

Go to your dial pad and dial *123# in it then you need to tap on the call button of your airtel sim > Then it will take two to three seconds and your airtel balance check request will begin and you will get a pop-up window on your phone screen at window page all the details of your phone number like your airtel balance enquire, your validity date, other details of your airtel number will be shown.

You can also check your airtel dth balance by this method

2. How to check airtel balance using MyAirtel app

Airtel thanks app

So in this second step, we will be needed the MyAirtel app through which we can proceed with our airtel balance check request.

SO let’s get started:

  1. Download the MyAirtel App from your app store i.e. if using iOS then use your apple store or if using android then use the Google Play store.

2. Now search for the Airtel Thanks app

3. Install it

4. Now you need to Sign-in or sign up for your account

5. In which you need to enter your phone number and you will receive an OTP just enter it and you will be Logged in to your Airtel account

6. Now at the Home screen, you will find you all enquire regarding airtel balance checks like Airtel balance, validity, Last recharge, Amount due and so more.

It’s a good way to check airtel balance, Is am right I know I am. So now it’s the time to move toward our third way that is:

3. How to check Airtel data balance via Airtel self-care service?

How to Check Airtel Balance

So another way to check airtel data balance is by using the Airtel self-care service. So to use this way user needs to follow the below steps carefully which can also help you a lot in the Future.

  1. Open your Web browser it can be anyone like Chrome, Yahoo, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or anyone whichever you like the most.

2. Then Search for airtel Self Service and open their website or directly visit the

3. Now there you need to enter your Airtel phone number and you will get an OTP just fill it there.

4. Now on the screen you can find all the details of your airtel Number.

So finally we reached our fourth way available in Airtel balance check

4. Airtel balance check using SMS

SO in this, you need to send a message to Airtel and after sending your message you will get a list of USSD codes which you can use to check your Aitel balance.

  1. Open the Messages

2. Now click on Compose or send

How to Check Airtel Balance 1

3. Enter the 121 Number in the receiver’s number

How to Check Airtel Balance 2

4. In the message you need to Write HELP

How to Check Airtel Balance 3

5. And send it by your airtel number and after sending your message you will receive an SMS of USSD code which you can use to find your Airtel prepaid balance

How to Check Airtel Balance 4

I think this was enough and it’s time for some FAQs that arise in everyone’s mind.

Do you have airtel wifi and wishing to change its password then here’s how to change airtel wifi password?

FAQ based on Airtel

Airtel balance check code

To check the airtel balance we need an airtel balance check code that is *121#

How to check airtel balance

To check the airtel balance follow the below steps:
Go to dial pad dial *121# and press the call button through your airtel number then a Pop-up window with all the details regarding airtel balance will be shown

How to find my airtel number

Go to dial pad and dial *282# and call it using your airtel number and a pop-up window with your Airtel number will appear on your screen

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