Top 5 Best Language Learning Apps

Top 5 Best Language Learning Apps

Find here Top 5 Best Language Learning Apps

Have you been planning to learn a new language?

Are you interested in moving abroad and needing a brush-up on your language skills from high school?

Do you need help to pass a second language test for your nationality application?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions asked above, you most definitely need to find out what we have in store for you! 

Learning a new language in this modern, digitally-acclaimed time is not as hard as it used to be. Today you can easily learn any language from the comfort of your home without even getting off your bed. 

Long gone are the painful days of gathering textbooks and audio cassettes to learn words and pronunciations before you went on a trip abroad. All you need is a smartphone and a reliable internet connection to get learning! 

Here is a list of the top language learning apps you can download and start learning with! 

1: Babbel – Best language learning app

When it comes to learning languages online, Babbel happens to be the best app available today. For almost $14 a month, the app has sold over 10 million subscriptions. The course is specifically designed by qualified linguists who have combined innovative practices.

The use of evidence-based teaching techniques helps a student succeed every day. There are flexible pricing options that allow you to pay according to your pocket. The longer the duration of the subscription, the lesser you’ll have to have to pay! 

It is interactive and helps you work on the pronunciations of difficult words. It is a fun experience for every learner!

2: Memrise – Best language learning app

Memrise is an excellent language-learning resource. It uses short videos to teach local expressions and phrases that can be used in any conversation. The course starts with the casual pronunciations and the general tone of voice needed to speak every language you go through.

Every phrase is taught with translation to make complete sense of what is being spoken on the screen. The genders and patterns of speech are also broken down into simple steps to help the learner improve their grasp of the language. 

For $140 upfront, you get lifetime access to all their linguistic resources!


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3: Duolingo –  Best language learning app

As the name suggests, Duolingo is the most popular app for learning second languages. It is free and flexible, allowing the learning to study when they are most comfortable. The majority of the game/lessons use psychological tricks to help you learn according to your style. 

The progressive format of lessons helps learners retain their vocabulary and use lexicons in a new language. The best part is that the game stops proceeding until you have answered all the questions on a level. 

The app has short lessons that last for 10-15 minutes maximum. If you abandon the ambition to learn a  language but come back a long time later, the green-yellow birdie on the Duolingo app would not only admonish you but also force you to retake the basic lessons 

That’s so fun! 

4: LinguaLift – Best language learning app

Imagine you were scrolling on the internet and read something about some scam. 

You were in the middle of a leisurely scroll when your French roommate asks you about your latest reads. 

How would you explain the scam and its falsehood to a native French individual without knowing the language well enough?

In that case, LinguaLift happens to be your best bet! It is a language learning app designed for those committed to learning a new language, just like airg scam free apps. The app offers live assistance from tutors and professional teachers who help you learn and grow. 

They work on your grammar, tenses, pronunciations, and contextual understanding of words and phrases. You also get homework assignments to work your way ahead. Subscriptions get you to access to the Language Learning Secrets and a personalized study plan to make things easier for you. 

5: Rosetta Stone – Best language learning app

Rosetta Stone is a top-rated language app widely recognized for its interesting UI and ability to help every learner move forward in lessons. The app is built on the universal concept of the actual Rosetta Stone that had played a critical role in decoding ancient languages.

The app aims to treat every language as a lesson designed for a baby. This dumbing down of content definitely impacts the learning experience of adult students, but it works well in teaching sufficient words to build a plausible vocabulary and general understanding of any language. 

It is a slow learning process built on word associations instead of teaching the contextual meaning of the words. The biggest selling point for the app is its excellent speech recognition features that help you learn pronunciation and recognition of new words. 

It was the first language program that was ever created to teach multiple languages, and that is one of the reasons why old-school learners still rely on it. The sheer popularity of the app has helped it stand tall and tethered in this era of fierce competition with efficient apps like Duolingo. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you cannot learn a new language without committing your time to it. While many modern amateur language gurus would suggest you watch a show in the language you aim to learn, the experienced teacher would ask you to understand a few words before you delve into the show. 

Language learning takes time and effort, and money too. But these colorful apps will help you learn a new language at an affordable and flexible price point. 

So, are you ready to impress your next date post-pandemic with a few French words or a Latin quote?


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