How to Choose the Best Crypto Exchange in Turkey?

How to Choose the Best Crypto Exchange in Turkey?

As cryptocurrencies become more widely embraced, many more people now want to get into the crypto world—looking to trade, invest and get a healthy slice of the pie. If you live in Turkey, you may wonder which crypto exchange in Turkey is the best one for you to use to buy Bitcoin or any other digital coins.

Crypto exchanges operate in a similar way to brokers in that they offer their clients the tools they need to buy and sell digital coins including Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and others. However, not all exchanges are the same, and some could result in you losing your cash to scammers or losing out due to high transaction fees.

Choosing the best exchange

If you looking for the most reliable crypto exchange in Turkey or even elsewhere, below are some of the factors to consider:


You wouldn’t want to work hard to earn your money, buy crypto coins, and then wake up one day to find that your investment has vanished into thin air. To avoid such occurrences, you must ensure you only use exchanges with top-notch security features. The accounts should have two-factor authentication and other measures also should be in place to safeguard the assets and information of the exchange’s customers. Check for any incidents of security breaches related to any exchange you may consider using and avoid any that have suffered. In addition, you need to consider holding the majority of your digital currencies in offline or cold storage, as opposed to having all of your investments in online wallets.


How easy is it to use the exchange to buy and sell your crypto coins? This question is paramount as you choose the best crypto exchange in Turkey. You also need to consider that if you are new to the crypto world choosing a user-friendly site will mean you have a better and less confusing experience. As a newbie, you should opt for a platform that is easy to use to avoid complication and hassle. Moreover, check if the platform is accessible on various devices including mobile devices and computers to make it easy to use from whatever device you have.

Transaction fees

After checking out the various exchanges and ensuring they have no history of scams or hacking and have user-friendly interfaces and systems, you need to consider the fees they charge for using them. You should think about the impact of the fees in line with your pattern of transactions or investing. For instance, if you intend to transact daily, you are better off choosing an exchange with low transaction fees. The good news is that there are exchanges in Turkey, such as NakitCoins, that meet these criteria and charge reasonably low fees.

The coins supported

Because there are so many crypto coins no platform offers all of them. Therefore, you need to consider the coins that you plan to trade or invest in. Check that the exchange that supports them. Fortunately, you will find a crypto exchange in Turkey that offers a wide array of digital currencies and meet other criteria.


Choosing the best crypto exchange in Turkey should not be a complicated matter. You need to consider several things. You need to check security, user-friendliness, transactional fees, coins supported, and others like customer service.


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