Should You Consider Renting a Salon Room for Your Business?

Should You Consider Renting a Salon Room for Your Business?

There are approximately 1.2 million salon and spa establishments in the U.S., with over $62 billion in revenue annually. These businesses represent an in-demand industry likely to continue shaping the country’s economy.

Perhaps you’re a fledgling entrepreneur and want to start a salon or spa business, but you don’t know where to begin. A good option is to rent a salon room.

Or, you need insights on how to find salon room for rent. Well, Salon Lofts provides suite rental solutions that suit your needs (hint: check out what the 20-year-old company offers, including available locations). That said, the justifications below offer concrete reasons to consider renting a salon room for your upcoming or existing business.

Low Upfront Costs

If you’re an independent lifestyle professional intending to find rental space, you know that starting a business from scratch involves significant investments. It could include purchasing furniture, building rental space, and paying for permits, licenses, and other overheads.

A salon room usually comes equipped with the necessary furniture and tools. Thus, you can hit the ground running without investing in beauty products or other essentials. You simply choose a rental arrangement that suits you and get down to brass tacks – seeing clients and earning money.

This approach beats paying for an entire space only to realize you can’t afford other supplies and resources. Plus, budgetary constraints could preclude you from hiring staff or marketing your services should you spring for a standalone space.

Flexible Agreements

Committing to a long-term lease accompanying a permanent salon business isn’t always feasible. You may need to relocate due to personal reasons or want to test an area before considering a permanent setup.

Luckily, you’re not tied to a long-term lease when you rent a salon room. In fact, most salons or spa suites offer flexible options such as weekly and other short-term agreements. You can also choose month-to-month arrangements or pre-paid packages that give discounts on longer contracts when renting a suite. In doing so, you can channel resources to other areas of your business without being encumbered by hefty leases or lasting commitments.

Besides, firms offering salon space tend to be more accommodating – regarding other aspects of the agreement, such as hours, advertising, building adjustment, and so forth – than commercial landlords.

Network with Other Professionals

The beauty industry doesn’t merely revolve around providing services; it’s also about connecting with like-minded professionals. The setup of a salon room or suite entails sharing space with other professionals, such as stylists, shampooers, makeup artists, barbers, cosmetologists, and massage therapists. As such, you can broaden your mind as you learn from others in such an environment.

Likewise, you’re likely to collaborate with other professionals for mutual benefit. For instance, you may participate in joint marketing efforts or offer discounts to customers using services from two or more professionals. Also, specialists in one field can refer their clients to others, promoting each other’s services.

Growth never occurs in a vacuum. Hence, you can maximize opportunities and expand your business by forging personal relationships, sharing ideas, and teaming up with other salons sharing common business goals or ideals.


A salon rental lets you enjoy amenities that would ordinarily cost you a fortune if acquired outright. This includes reception areas, Wi-Fi services, laundry areas, waiting rooms, complimentary beverages, break lounges, customer parking, and storage space – you name it. Such features help businesses run more effectively without needing to maintain them.

Imagine the hassle of repairing broken equipment whenever problems arise. If you rent a salon room, the landlord takes on that responsibility, letting you focus on your business – taking care of your clients.

And even if the landlord charges for such amenities, you can split the bill with other professionals in your suite. That way, you all pay a fraction of the costs for features that benefit everyone.

The same goes for the equipment in your salon – most firms repair or replace them without much fuss. Thus, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully functional setup without incurring extra costs for maintenance or repairs.


Think of all the clientele you can attract if you change your working hours to match theirs. A salon room lets you tweak your working hours, meaning you won’t miss out on potential customers.

For instance, you may rent a suite in an area with many night-shift workers. And by moving your schedule to later hours, you can capture such clients and offer them greater accessibility. Many firms let customers adjust their hours to fit the needs of their target market. Thus, they may allow you to work late or open on weekends or public holidays.

Plus, should you opt for mobile services, you can extend your working hours further. Doing so makes your services more convenient, which would, in turn, boost your business.

See why renting a salon room is a no-brainer? If you were on the fence, we hope this write-up convinces you to give it a shot. You never know – the chance to grow your beauty business could be a click away.


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