Great Games Made On Unity Engine

Great Games Made On Unity Engine

Formerly famous as a specialized technology used exclusively by indie creators for modest games, Unity has evolved tremendously over the years. This popular game engine is among the tools of choice that are listed in this Thai language article (G translation available) for many developers ranging from indie to AAA. In reality, Unity is the engine that powers some of the most popular games being created and played today. Here are the eight best Unity games from the last few years.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

This battle royale game created by Mediatonic was among the most popular games for kids in 2020 and 2021. It features several activities, most of which involve obstacle-course racing, tag games and staying on a moving platform.

Critics hailed Fall Guys for its chaotic gameplay, aesthetic look, and family-friendly, non-violent features. You can play the game on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox X/S, Xbox Series One, Android, and iOS.

Pokémon Go!

Niantic’s 2016 augmented-reality smartphone game, Pokémon Go, is among the most popular augmented reality games created on the Unity engine. The game was created in conjunction with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, quickly becoming a sensation soon after its release.

Pokemon Go uses GPS-enabled mobile devices to identify, capture, train, and fight virtual monsters known as Pokémon, who appear in the player’s real-world location. It’s among the few healthy games on the internet, encouraging players to walk in the attempt to catch the pokemon. You can play this AR game on iOS, iPad OS, and Android.


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Amongst Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer social game released in 2018 by the American gaming company, Innersloth. The immersive game was inspired by the popular party game Mafia, and it works on various devices. It even supports cross-platform play, thanks to Unity’s multi-platform publishing features.

This social game was a pandemic-era success that offers a rich and enjoyable experience for individuals, whether they are physically together or separated. You can enjoy the gameplay on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

Genshin Impact (13+)

Genshin Impact is a role-playing action game released in 2020 by Chinese developer miHoYo. The game has an open-world anime-style landscape with an action-based fighting system that uses elemental magic and character swapping. The game was a financial success, grossing more than $3 billion in its first year of release, making it the highest first-year launch revenue for any video game. Players over 13 years can access the game on Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch.

Goose Game (Untitled)

House’s Untitled Goose Game is a 2019 puzzle stealth game published by Panic. Players take control of a goose that annoys the residents of an English village and fulfill several tasks. To complete these tasks, the player must utilize the goose’s skills to alter items and non-player characters.

Goose Game received good feedback from critics, who praised its gameplay and comedy and was even named the D.I.C.E. Game of the Year. Players can access the gameplay on macOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.


Blizzard’s Hearthstone is a digital collectible card game set in the Warcraft universe. It’s similar to Magic: The Gathering, but without the mana-generating lands, as mana is created automatically with each turn.

The game has grown in popularity to the point where many players play it professionally, with the Hearthstone World Championship including a prize pool of hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the game has detractors who believe it leans too much on a pay-to-win strategy.

Blizzard picked the Unity engine because it would allow the game to run faster.

Beat Saber

This virtual reality rhythm game created and marketed by the Czech company Beat Games is set in a surreal neon world. The player slices blocks representing musical pulses with a pair of contrasting-colored sabers.

The game became the highest-rated game on Steam less than a week after its early access release, demonstrating Unity’s capacity to develop popular virtual reality games. It’s still loved as a source of entertainment and exercise. You can play the game on Microsoft Windows, Oculus Quest, and PlayStation 4.


Rust attracts specific types of players who like the challenge of taking on the universe. It’s a more realistic and harsh version of Minecraft, throwing players into a big open-world setting with nothing except a rock and a light. It’s up to the players to create/find better weapons and construct bases and defensive constructions.

As in other games in this genre, player-created clans arise fast as players try to survive. The game’s level of complexity drives off many players, resulting in relatively mixed reviews. However, Rust remains an interesting anthropological experiment game for many due to the flexibility, challenge, and environment provided to players.


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