Rise of Unity Game Engine – from 2010 to Now

Rise of Unity Game Engine – from 2010 to Now

There is no doubt that the popularity of the gaming industry has skyrocketed in recent times. It has seen a significant improvement in the last few years. This modern and improved platform, which was once limited to desktop computers, now dominates online entertainment with its worth currently standing close to $ 3 billion in the United States only, not bad for something that’s been around since before most of us were born!

The popularity of the gaming industry continues to grow

The demand for these types of games is so popular that you can find them anywhere from your phone up through different ones, including PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. There are even more options out there if mobile apps come into play too.

Gaming Engines continue to grow too. 

Unity is a versatile game engine that can develop 2D and 3-dimensional games for PC, Mac & Console. Games like Temple Run Trilogy were made with the Unity Engine in recent years, which has allowed it to become one of the most popular gaming platforms available today! With so much happening, gaming development offers excellent scope, and game programming courses too have become most sought-after.

Unity Game Engine has always been in high demand

According to Wikipedia, out of the many gaming engines, you need to note the Unity Game Engine is mainly well known, ever since it came into existence way back in 2005. Ever since then, there has been hardly any looking back.

What makes it extremely popular amongst game developers?

Unity is the leading game engine for developers to create mobile, desktop, and console games. It also allows you to produce 2D or 3-dimensional projects with many features that make your masterpiece amazing!

All of this combined to make Unity Game Engine very sought-after. Over the years, especially since 2010, there seemed to have been unprecedented growth, especially following the many innovations that have been implemented from time to time.

If you want to take up game development as a career, mastering unity is imperative. Let us, therefore, look at some significant factors that have contributed to the massive popularity of Unity as a gaming engine.

Factors that contribute to its popularity

Unity Supports multiple platforms.

Unity is a powerful game development tool that allows developers to create and release games on any device they want. With over 25 platforms supported, you can efficiently distribute your creation with less effort than ever before! Therefore, once you are trained in Unity, you can have a vast scope as a game developer. Once you master this will be developing games across multiple platforms, which is by any means a massive advantage for your career.

You will be empowered to develop games across 2D, 3D, and AR.

The next best thing about learning Unity is a game engine that can be used to create both 3D games and 2D ones. Since November 2013, it’s been powering the most successful mobile gaming content on earth – with more than half of all developed AR/VR experiences using this software! Unity has supremacy in those categories, and for console development, 58% percent (!)of projects undertaken by Sony PS4 Pro were built atop an already robust platform created by another company called “Unity.”

Therefore, you can take advantage of all the latest technology that is in use now. These can enable you to develop the most popular games, and you will be at the top of game development at all times.

You can create great graphics in the games you develop

You will agree that the popularity of all the latest games largely depends on the quality of the graphics of the game. The excellent news with Unity is you can create the best graphics with the game engine. 

Unity is the go-to game engine for developers who want to make cinematic, high-quality 3D content. With intuitive tools and features that facilitate creating fantastic-looking games with natural movement mechanics in no time at all, there’s never been an easier or more fulfilling way than now!

Therefore, once you have mastered it, you will be in the highest league of game development and enjoy a high-flying game development career.

It requires less coding.

Even if you are not a master coder, the same should not deter you from becoming a successful game developer. You do not need excellent coding skills to learn and master Unity. Unity is the tool of choice for gamers looking to make their games, but it’s also a perfect starting point if you’re new or haven’t developed any coding skills. You can create a game from start to finish without having written one line in C#, JavaScript, and Boo – Unity even comes with plenty of documentation on how best to use these tools!

In other words, you need not be a master coder to be a successful game developer with the Unity game engine. 

A very resourceful Unity Asset store can be used.

The Unity Asset Store offers a variety of assets to game designers to make their vision come alive. These are available for free and paid versions, with 70% revenue sharing options that allow creative entrepreneurs like you more time designing what’s truly yours!

Thus, to begin with, you can use many of the resources which are pretty affordable and thus can be used by any game developer. Once you start making good money, you can utilize it towards the more advanced features. You may opt to create the game assets yourself via various ZBrush Courses as well. 

Benefit from a strong community

No matter what you want to develop, you will agree that a strong community in the field goes a long way to help you out. The good news with the unity game engine is you have a robust community. These can help you with the gaming skills you may need to develop games on the platform.


To conclude, we can see that Unity is indeed a near-perfect game engine with tremendous growth potential.


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