Do You Need to Increase Your Employee Survey Response Rates? Yes, but there’s a Catch

Do You Need to Increase Your Employee Survey Response Rates? Yes, but there’s a Catch

Employee survey response rates are important for learning employee satisfaction, and for strengthening the relationship between a company and its workers. But it isn’t enough to get increased employee survey response rates?- you need to make sure that employees are answering honestly, rather than just answering to get their manager to leave them alone. Ways to get increased response rates and accurate results:

  1. Guarantee anonymity
  2. Keep the survey short 
  3. Vary the surveys instead of sending the same one repeatedly (especially if sending surveys quarterly/seasonally)
  4. Make workforce changes in responses to surveys so that employees can see how their responses are put to use

Guarantee Anonymity

Any question asking for answers about coworkers or co-workers requires you to be anonymous. This means no names or identifiers, like department names, and no organizational titles or locations. Anonymous surveys are often more accurate than surveys that ask employees directly about their managers and coworkers.

Keep the Survey Short

Not only does the short survey prevent workers from trying to go above and beyond to give high response rates, but it also allows the employee to answer all of the questions and complete the survey in less time. Short surveys make every employee want to participate and air their views in the shortest time possible.

Vary the Surveys Instead of Sending the Same One Repeatedly (especially if sending surveys quarterly/seasonally)

If you are the kind of employer who prefers carrying out surveys in different phases of the year, (monthly or quarterly) here’s a catch. If you are aiming for increased employee survey rates, ask different engaging questions from the previous survey, offer incentives for every employee that participates in the survey, for example, you can give them customized company hoodies or bonuses.

If companies decide to carry out different polls, they are guaranteed to; increase employee engagement, find out areas for improvement, or identify how to increase productivity. It’s important to send these surveys regularly for companies to gain more accurate results and increase employee survey response rates.

Make Workforce Changes in Responses to Surveys so Employees can See How their Responses are put to Use

Employees are more likely to participate in surveys if they feel their responses matter and that managers will use their input to improve work conditions. If workers feel their input is valued, they’re more likely to participate in the survey process, regardless of whether their feedback is positive or negative. Employers should make positive changes in the company after employees participate in surveys. 

It’s important to grow your survey response rates because it will enhance the number of employees who complete the surveys, which increases the number of thoughts and opinions you have in total. Employee surveys are a wise way to explore how effective your workplace is and what procedures might be changed for the better.


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