Is a Scam or Legit?

Is a Scam or Legit?

What is or 310dripcom is scam? Know from here!

Want to buy any accessories from Then stop there, as should be aware that the 310dripcom scam scam. The website will work normally as other shopping sites but when you purchase any product it will not be delivered to you and if by luck delivered then it will be damaged and useless.

Not only this, I prefer you should know more about is 310 drip com scam and how it’s leading you to fraud.

About Scam

310Drip is an online accessories shopping website that was started on 17th September 2021. It offers various products like bracelets, chains & chain sets, rings, pendants, sunglasses, apparel, earrings, and more for both men and women.

In the beginning, 310Drip received a very positive result, but after some time they started scamming their customers. As most of the customers said that they don’t even receive their orders and some who received them were unsatisfied.

Should you buy products from 310drip?

Well, frankly speaking, No you should not try to buy any product from fake or unauthorized websites. In 99% of the cases, we pay the full amount for the product but still, we don’t receive the actual product, and sometimes if we receive the product it’s in a non-working position as it’s damaged and sometimes these fraud websites also save our debit and credit card information which they lead on their piracy sites.

There is also a huge chance that you can lose your savings as the fraudsters now have access to all your card details.

That’s why, if you ask any experts to shop from any fraud site, then they will definitely say no, as it’s like entering its lion’s deck.

Other Reasons why you shouldn’t shop from 310drip com

Not Trusted

One of the major reasons behind not trusting these fake shopping sites is that they do not have any actual presence, which means they don’t have any office anywhere how can we trust any shopping site that doesn’t have its office?

Shipping & Delivery

Another reason behind Is Scam is that sometimes they don’t even deliver the product and if we check on the website about the delivery status it shows that your product was delivered a few days ago. But there are no details that where the product is and to whom and where it was delivered.

A lot of buyers confirmed that they had ordered products from 310 drip and paid the full amount and still they didn’t receive their order and well as there is no option for a refund. Which means even they are not able to refund their product.

Return Policy

Just imagine, luckily you had received a product from a fake website like 310drip, then there is a high chance that the product will be defective and useless. Then what will you do with it, as we have checked everywhere but didn’t find the return policy?

This means that they don’t have any return policy, in short, they will not replace or refund your defective piece.

Customer reviews about 310Drip?

We had checked and reviewed all the reviews about the 310drip and 310 dripcom scam and found that every 9 out of 10 customers had rated 1 or less than 1 star out of 5. Their experience was very bad

Customers’ reviews in their own words –

James – “I will give this site a negative rating as last week I purchased a handbag from their website but when I check about the product shipping, then showed that there is no ordered item and there are no details about the purchase”

Harry – “I neglect my choice to go with 310drip as the product 1 month ago is still under the delivery page and when I tried to contact their customer support than didn’t answer me.”

Note: These reviews are collected from different platforms like Trustpilot, Facebook, quora, Reddit, forums, and more.

Is 310drip com legit or a scam


Well, As I already mentioned that is totally a fraud website that promotes scams. So, you should not buy products from there as well as you should not share your personal details like your card information, or your personal info on this kind of website.

In short to your question Is 310drip scam, Yes the website is a Scam.


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