What Is the Most Popular Month for House Sales?

What Is the Most Popular Month for House Sales?

Timing is an important consideration for home buyers and sellers. Buying or selling at the right time can either help you save money on the purchase or make more money from the sale. While you may choose to sell to cash home buyers at any time of the year, selling in spring, between March and May, is the best time.

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Seasons and How They Impact Home Sale

It’s important to understand the best time to sell your home, especially if you’re selling the traditional way. Below are the seasons across the year and how they affect property prices or the chances of selling your home quickly.

Winter (Between December and February) 

The real estate market often pauses in winter. Many realtors often face the question of whether homes sell during this period, and the answer depends on many factors, including the location, type of housing, and price.

Some areas enjoy a favorable real estate market into the winter season, especially for families looking to close on holiday homes or those looking to complete the deal on their first homes.

With this variability in mind, it is important to note that the real estate market may swing either way in favor of the buyer or seller during winter. When it swings in the buyer’s favor, then buyers are at an advantage to negotiate lower prices for their interest. On the other hand, a sellers’ market means the sellers are at liberty to increase prices or enjoy the outcome of bidding wars.

Winter may not necessarily be the best time to sell, especially if you are not a risk taker.

Fall (Between September and November) 

The fall season is characterized by many things, including increased aesthetics. This makes for a good time to prepare your home for sale, get the photography done, and improve the property’s curb appeal. 

However, it’s often not the right time for buyers, although sellers may choose to list their properties at this time. 

Most buyers are often discouraged from buying homes in the fall because it exposes them to the added cost of clearing leaves and keeping their yards clean. This added cost may become a significant factor, especially considering the cost of the property and the recurrent payment they need to pay towards maintaining the house.

While houses sell during the fall season, it’s not so much of a great time. Buyers and sellers who do not like the pressure of closing before the holiday may hold back on purchasing or finalizing the deal.

Summer (Between June and August)

Summer months are characterized by activities, especially after a long stint of cold and unfriendly weather. This is one of the most popular times to sell your home, as more buyers are happier to be outside and make warm decisions towards improving their lives and standards.

Home sales during the summer months are incredibly larger. Buyers often believe that summer is a great time to test the home’s cooling, however, it’s not such a great time for sellers because of the increased staging, showing, and air conditioning costs. Sellers also have to worry about other summer maintenance practices that may be costly.

In the end, buyers may be willing to make a move, but most sellers would rather save costs by not staging or showing during summer.

Spring (between March and May)

Spring season is perhaps the most scripted time to sell a house. The first week in May is often the busiest time for home sales, with deals closed skyrocketing. 

As a homeowner, you’ll save a lot of money by selling your home during the spring season, which is warmer and often has longer days (allowing you to show more potential buyers). Spring season is also gentle on the plants and shrubs, giving them the radiance of sun while also presenting potential buyers with a landscaping dream they can’t resist.

Although spring sale is an important one, homeowners must ensure that all the preliminary work has been completed to give them a better chance of gaining buyers’ attention.

Please note that spring times are a competitive time to sell your home, however, you can also sell in summer or any time of the year, depending on the real estate market in your location and buyer’s response.


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