Top 13 ProxyBunker Alternative Sites

Top 13 ProxyBunker Alternative Sites

So, you are on the dark side of the web again, hunting for free copyrighted movies, paid software applications, games, and other entertainment. With all the prominent torrent sites getting banned and outlawed, it can be difficult to get your daily dose of entertainment. This article aims to shed light on all your available options. We will discuss some working alternatives for the infamous ProxyBunker website.

ProxyBunker is one of the best torrent proxies in the piracy business, and a painful headache for film producers and game developers. It provides free access to all the popular torrent websites like 1337x, ThePirateBay, YTS, and Kickass, even if they are blocked by your Internet Service Provider. It also bypasses cyber-security officials by listing all working proxy servers of the blocked websites.

In recent years, there have been several online platforms that have come up to compete with the more reputed and established torrenting platforms like the pirate bay. While the underlying tech is similar, old platforms continue to gain access to the latest movie, music and software files that are released on the internet. With the pirate bay working with VPN providers to bypass blockages and allow for access to great quality content, other platforms like the ProxyBunker are trying hard to win over the former’s loyal base.

Unfortunately, with the laws of the land growing stricter with time, the future of torrent websites and proxies is uncertain. Already, ProxyBunker has to keep switching domains to continue with illegal piracy. If you are someone who regularly consumes copyrighted content from torrent sites, you may be interested to know where to find such websites if ProxyBunker shuts down. We have curated a list of the thirteen best sites to visit if ProxyBunker suddenly ceases operation.

Top 13 Best Alternative Sites Similar to ProxyBunker

Before we begin, we expressly urge the readers to proceed with caution and preferably consume only the content that lies within the public domain. Torrenting is illegal and a punishable offense. In some regions, using torrent sites can incur hefty fines or lead to imprisonment. Using a VPN is recommended while surfing through the Internet because it keeps users anonymous from hackers, ISPs, and cyber-security.

Without further ado, let us start with the first website.

1: The Pirate Bay Proxy List

This proxy server does exactly what its name says. Is the Pirate Bay blocked by your Internet Service Provider? PirateBay has numerous free movies, shows, games, books, and adult entertainment which are usually expensive. The Pirate Bay Proxy List can allow users to bypass the ISP block and access all the features of the popular PirateBay.

2: Proxy Of

Proxy Of is a proxy server that unblocks all censorship and firewalls. It allows users to access multiple torrent websites and provides the raw content without censorship. Proxy Of is one of the best websites to provide security by controlling the information moving in and out of the network.

3: UnBlockAll

UnBlockAll is a free proxy server to unblock torrent sites. It allows users to bypass online blocks by the Internet Service Provider and access all the major torrent websites like the PirateBay, Kickass and, Extratorrent. It is relatively new to the industry. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much information about the safety of this proxy server.

4: Tor Guard

Tor Guard is a reliable and popular VPN used by millions of users from more than 42 countries. It provides easy-to-use services and protects your online identity while surfing through illegal piracy websites. This VPN service encrypts a user’s Internet access and provides an anonymous IP address for secure browsing. If you change your location to that of a region where major torrent websites are not banned, you can access all the features of such sites without worry.

5: The Proxy Bay

The PirateBay has proved to be a reliable platform for sharing and downloading torrent files. Due to its popularity, the website is often brought down by copyright strikes and government laws. There are many mirror sites, with different domain names, that come up and continue with the illegal activities. Unfortunately, these proxy sites are often blocked by Internet Service Providers.The Proxy Bay is a proxy website to bypass your ISP block and access the PirateBay. It contains a list of PirateBay proxy sites that totally work.

6: UnBlocker

UnBlocker is yet another proxy site that allows users to download movies, TV shows, and web series online for free. It provides access to all the torrent sites and allows you to download the latest movies, Torrent files, mp3 music, eBooks, games, anime, and much more. It completely bypasses the ISP blocks that may prevent you from using notorious and illegal piracy websites.

7: Zooqle

Previously known as Bitsnoop, Zooqle is a popular torrent indexing website that offers an extensive database of verified torrents to download. It is an ideal alternative to ProxyBunker and the perfect place to download free movies, games, web series, software applications, and audiobooks. The platform started in 2008, has developed a loyal global audience with its huge database and advanced torrent search. If the website is blocked in your region, one can use one of the several third-party Zooqle proxies available on the Internet.

8: Dirtytorrents

Dirtytorrents is a search engine and torrent website where you can search for other working torrent sites to download free movies, games, tv shows, applications, and audio or music. Instead of hosting torrent files directly, the site combines results from a collection of other piracy websites. The site also includes the most recent and popular torrent downloads among its users. The DirtyTorrents proxy can allow users to access the DirtyTorrents website by bypassing the blocks by Internet Service Providers.

9: Magnetdl

Magnetdl is another torrent website and search engine torrent index with a minimalist and clean interface. The platform offers links for every torrent from dozens of major torrent sites. Magnetdl also includes details such as seeders/leecher ratio and the data of the torrent file, which can help users in choosing the right torrent file to suit their needs. You can find your preferred download by searching thousands of magnet links using the advanced search engine.

10: Unblock Torrent

Torrent sites are blocked all over the world due to stringent government laws and frequent copyright claims. Unblock Torrent allows its users to unlock access to the PirateBay, ExtraTorrent, and also find the right Kickass proxies. This website can help you to bypass ISP blocks from all across the world. A user can find fast working proxies for the top piracy websites using the Unblock Torrent website.

11: TorrentsVPN

TorrentsVPN is easily one of the most reliable Virtual Proxy Networks for Torrenting. The cost of the VPN is also reasonable. TorrentVPN is available for major operating systems like iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. So how does it work? The TorrentsVPN completely replaces a user’s IP address with one of its own servers. This makes it impossible for ISPs and cyber-security officials to track your history and impose punishments.

12: TorrentGuard

TorrentGuard is another fully functional VPN that is optimized for BitTorrent users. As Internet threats and cyber-crimes escalate daily, it is increasingly becoming important to use a reliable VPN. The TorrentGuard, not to be confused with Tor Guard, allows its users to consume pirated content from torrent sites while staying completely anonymous. It is a secure all-around performer with decent speeds.

13: TorrentMirror

TorrentMirror is a one-stop solution to unblock the most notorious torrent website. It includes proxy servers for the PirateBay, Kickass torrents, utorrents, and many more. The list of proxy links is updated daily with 100% working torrent files. The website is fast, light, and easy to use.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have come to the end of this article, you are now aware of the best alternative sites that can replace ProxyBunker. Similar to ProxyBunker, the above-listed platforms can allow you to download your preferred torrent file safely. The proxy servers allow users to access the current sites and domain extensions if the official website has been taken down. This list also includes the names of a few solid Virtual Proxy Networks (VPNs) which encrypt your Internet data like cache memory, IP address, and client data. Using a VPN allows you to stay anonymous and protect your Internet history from hackers, Internet Service Providers, cyber security, and government officials.

Despite the popularity, there are legal and ethical downsides to using torrent websites. Piracy is illegal in several countries and punishable by law. The Indian government is taking definitive steps to eradicate the piracy of copyrighted content. If a person is caught sharing torrent files or consuming copyrighted material, he can be charged hefty fines and can even be imprisoned for repeated offenses. But there are still many people who continue to pirate movies, software, and other applications inspite of best efforts from the government to curb piracy and torrent websites.

Now that you know the risks that the use of piracy websites entails, it is up to you to decide on the next course of action. ProxyBunker is now securely placed in the hall of fame (or shall we say “disgrace”) of torrenting while the other proxy sites are close on its heel. We hope that this article has been able to inform you of most of the torrent options. If we have missed out on any other website that deserves to be on this list, let us know in the comment section.


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