Are You Struggling with Figuring Out Your Company Name?

Are You Struggling with Figuring Out Your Company Name?

Undeniably, the entrepreneurial journey is not a straight line where you can company name move smoothly without paying attention to things going around it. Starting a business, ambitious or not, can be subject to one’s intention, purpose, and aspiration. While every step matters, you can begin to feel the pressure right from the naming phase. You will need to look for a name that will define your venture’s existence for the rest of its life. Some people opt for the traditional way, like a survey. But limited reach to the audience and time restrictions don’t let you reap the full benefit of this tedious exercise.

Due to such factors, new-gen entrepreneurs have turned to the option of crowdsourcing company names. These marketing solutions are effective, efficient, and fast. What do you need to do about this?

Naming brief

It will be best to have some name ideas. When you crowdsource, your designs should be ready for the audience to react to them. So, make sure you go out with some name ideas for your business in the marketplace. You can consider a few essential factors, like visibility, scalability, branding, consumer interest, ability to stick with the users, simplicity, etc.

Audience segmentation

You should know who are your target groups and their tastes. Not all customers think alike. Everyone will have unique preferences, and you need to cover them all. So, presenting your naming ideas to the right individuals is necessary. Look for an audience who knows your offerings pretty reasonably. They can give you some best insights into the company name. Today, you get many such platforms where you can test this thing with your type of customers, who belong to different categories like culture, beliefs, region, career, feature-based, fashion, hobby, and so on. You have to select groups that make a part of your target market and test your crowdsourcing efforts with them.

Test thoroughly

This crowdsourcing test should clarify your goal, and there should be a commitment to complete this exercise, which also involves analyzing all the data. Be open to people’s opinions about your test, and accept views that challenge your perception of the matter. Essentially, this endeavor is about finding a suitable name for your company. You cannot take any chance with it. If it takes time, you should still chase quality and quantity of votes and comments. If some naming ideas don’t attract much attention or response, you can keep eliminating them after running a few tests. This weeding-out process will leave you with some of the best choices eventually.

All these areas are crucial to your activity, but you must find the right crowdsourcing platform for this. When you shop around for them, compare at least 4 to 5 options based on a set of parameters, including quickness of the response, platform charges (subscription, single test, number of panelists, etc.), software compatibility, interface, audience groups, and much more. Crowdsourcing has become an emerging trend for its ability to give desirable and sound results. You can benefit from this tool sufficiently if you know how it works.


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