Android OS for PC – Easy to Use

Android OS for PC – Easy to Use

Top Android OS for PC: Today, in the Growing world, every Gadget is developing, either it is your smartphone that you are using, a computer, or we can say everything plays a unique role in the development of our world. No one can live without new and high-end devices. I know you are also wishing to use the new technology. But what to do if we are not having a good budget to buy the costly devices. So don’t worry you are with me here I am going to save your money.

So this article I am going to convert your old age box PC to an Ultra-Fast PC. I know you are thinking that I am joking really I am going to add some advancement to it which will give you a great interface. like you are using your smartphone instead of your old pc and this will also allow you to use android apps and games on your pc.

I know you are excited. So let me explain you to what we are going to do to boost your PC performance.

For Boosting your Pc performance we are going to use the android Os in your Pc which will give you a great boost in the speed of your pc and allow you to use the android applications on your pc. So for this, you will be needed the Top Android OS for PC. Don’t worry I am also going to show you the list and the features of the Top Android OS for PC.

So here a question arises that.

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What is Android OS?

Android OS is a system used by smart devices to run all the operations successfully and Smoothly. Today Android Operating system is the most commonly used operating system as it provides the best quality.

The Android Operating system most commonly used is that it allows every software to run in it like most Apps are developed for the Android operating system.

So a query arises in someone’s mind that there is any other sound operating system. I will say Yes, there are also other best-operating systems known as the IOS operating system. So the immediate question that arises is that what is IOS?

IOS stands for iPhone Operating System used in Apple products like Apple iPhone, iPad, and others.

So I think now you got every single point regarding the Android OS and the IOS.

After a long wait, it’s time to start with today’s topic: Pc’s best android operating system.

Do You know these can be used in every PC, either old, new, or anyone, as these are of my choice and my team. We had used it on every pc as we can say these top android operating systems are also comfortable with the low-end pc?

As this top Android OS for PC has the power to convert your low-end PC to a brand new PC with many features.

So let’s get started:

Reasons Why You Should Use Top Android OS For PC

There can be a lot of reasons to boost your pc speed and performance by the help of Top Android OS for PC such as:

  • Use Android Apps and Games on your PC, which will not be comfortable with the old operating system.
  • To stay connected with the digital world with the best performance.
  • Boost up the speed and the power of your computer to do work faster
  • To Use Social Media applications like Whatsapp.
  • Other more features.

Top 10 Top Android OS for PC

So for you here is a list of the Top Android OS for PC, and don’t worry at last I will give you some tips regarding operating Android on your pc. So here we go

  • Phoenix OS – For Everyone
  • Android-x86 project
  • Prime OS – the newcomer (Top Android OS for playing Games)
  • FydeOS – Chrome OS + Android
  • Nox Player
  • Bliss OS 12
  • BlueStacks
  • OpenThos
  • Memu Player
  • Remix Android Os

Above you can see all the best OS that I recommend for you the most, but if you feel any other one will be more use full, then just make comment below, and We will try to add it to our list and make it more useful for more other more users too.

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1. Phoenix OS – For Everyone (Top under Android OS for PC and another system)

Android OS for PC
Android OS for PC

So “Phoenix OS – For Everyone” Operating system stands at the top of my list as it is easier and comfortable to use not for young ones but also for those who never used the PC before that’s why I gave it the top rank. Not only this Phoenix OS – For Everyone also provides a lot of new and great features.

This is the best if you want to use the android applications but the main problem that arises with it was because of the gaming performance. I didn’t like its gaming performance with Pub G as well as with Free fire. But if you want to do another work or for work online then this “Phoenix OS – For Everyone” is best for you. I will dam sure that you will like this.

So if you want to download this OS, click the link to start downloading it on your pc.

Now its the time for the second one Operating system that is

2. Android-x86 project

Android OS for PC
Android OS for PC

As you know, I have great taste in selecting the software for every use, either for pc or for your smartphone. Based on my choice, the second position I gave to the “Android-x86 project” OS system that is also an excellent performance operating system.

This OS performs the best in every field, either Gaming, using any application, or any other work, whichever you wish, this will fits you the best as it is comfortable with your 64 – Bits processor of your CPU.

This Operating system will give you the best user-friendly interface that will help you understand in deep and allow you to use all the applications more smoothly and efficiently. Thats the power of Android OS for PC.

I am sure that it will make you as much comfort as you are using your smartphone instead of an old-age pc. So use it and this will be your Top Android OS for PC. So without wasting your time download and install it.

But what about if you are not having a 64 – Bits Processor in your Pc? Then what should you do, So for that, I will say you that don’t worry just chill when I am here. I am having a great solution for you. So for that, the next OS is for you that will give you a lot more features within your 32 – Bits so check it out for the manage android devices.

3. Prime OS – The Newcomer (Top Android OS for PC to play Games)

So the third one available on our list is the Prime OS. This was launched after the launching of the Remix Operating System. This is a great OS system as this is my favorite android os. This can be used in any low-end pc with 32 – bits. I loved it the most because for one main reason is it provides the best or we can say the ultra pro gaming performance within the 32 – bits pc.

Not only this one more quality that makes it stand in Top Android OS for PC which I liked the most is that it provides the auto-update feature without re-installing the whole software.

I know this feature had given a big smile on your face. So now it’s the time for the next one of the systems available in our list of Top Android OS for PC.

4. FydeOS – Chrome OS + Android

Android OS for PC

So it’s time for the last OS which I introduce to you in the Top Android OS for PC that is FydeOS – Chrome OS + Android. I have added it to my list the main reason that is it is the smoothest from any other Android OS. Do you know I use it on my own PC to make it much more comfortable to use Yes, I am telling the truth I am using this on my pc?

This FydeOS – Chrome OS + Android is supported by the Chrome OS as well as the Android OS which makes it much easier to use and to perform tasks more easily by not only 10 – 20 % but by more than 110% that’s the reason I use it in my Android OS for PC

It also performs excellently for playing any of the advanced Games like Pub G or free fire it makes me feel like I am having an 8 GB ram smartphone. So use this, as it is my personal advice and I am sure that it will impress you with its first use, and you will never like to use any other one instead of this.

Now its the turn of the fifth one android os available in Top Android OS for PC. So lets get started,

5. Nox Player – Smoothest Android OS for PC

Android OS for PC

This one is a bit different as we cant say this an Operating system but of course this will allow you to run and play the android app on your Pc.

Nox Player is a great Choice alternative to Memu Player and Bluestacks if we check its functions then this can be much more useful than the other as it is having great Graphics Quality. That’s why this can be much more comfortable for gaming on a PC.

Nox Player is designed for both the 32 bits system as well as for the 64 bits system. It means this can be run on any pc whichever you wish. In this, you have a choice to change the controls according to your needs like changing the moving controls. Here I am having Good news that it also supports a battery saving feature as it will not consume a lot of batters and this can also help your Pc performance.

As due to this your PC will take a less load and you can use it for much more time than the regular. I know after reading this you are excited to use the Nox Player then why you are waiting to any use it.

6. Bliss OS 12

Bliss os 12
Android OS for PC

Bliss OS 12 is a great performance Android OS for PC as it is based on the latest version of Android 10 that is mostly available in costly Smartphones. This is available in both 32 & 64 bits CPU it means you can use it on any pc. This Bliss OS 12 provides great performance even on a PC having 2 Gb of ram. So if you are having a 2 GB ram PC then this is just for you.

But the main problem that arises with it is that if you restart your pc your all sign-in data will be removed and your need to re-sign in, for example, you have signed in to the Google Play store and you will restart your pc then again you needs to re-sign in.

If you want to install this on your pc then at last I am going to do this for you.

7. BlueStacks

Android OS for PC

Bluestacks is not an Android OS for PC System but it is more powerful than any OS. That will gives you a high-quality interface that will make you feel like you are using a Smartphone in your Hands. Not only the Smoothness and performance the Bluestacks gives you a lot of features which can never be available in any of the Operating System like as you don’t need to install and software for screen recording or your screens capturing the Bluestacks provides these features in build.

In this, you just need to install an application named BlueStacks on your PC which will allow you to run all the android games and application easily without doing any changes to your PC. Just you need to download install and run it.

Nowadays Bluestacks is becoming popular and popular in the young age Childers as it allows to play the Games smoothly.



This is another one Os for pc which gives you a Sweet Interface on your Pc. All the Functions of this OS is automatically set up. But the Openthos Operating System requires a 64 bits system. It provides an awesome and excellent interface to its users. It is very easy to install on your pc. In which you just need to download and install it. But the main problem that arises with it is that the Openthos website is not functioning very well. But if you got this then just because of yu=our good luck using a great performance android os available in our list of Top android os for pc.

9. Memu Player

Android OS for PC
Android OS for PC

Menu Player is another great option if you are trying to find out the top android OS for Pc. This can be run on a very low-end pc which is having only 2 GB of ram. So this one is as same as the Bluestacks as in this you don’t need to install any os on your pc.

In this, you just need to install the Memu player and Start using any android application. This has two benefits as you can use a Smartphone on your pc without harming it. Menu Player has a great advantage over other players is it just needs just 2 GB of ram and occupy very little space.

So for installing this you just need to search on Google for Memu Player and visit their website there you need to select the bits of your pc and download it. After downloading this you just need to install it and it will take some time. After installing you can download any android application in it.

10. Remix Android Os for Pc

Android OS for PC

This is also another great Os for Pc launched in 2016 by the JIDE Company. While Remix Android OS is an Old Operating System but it does not mean that it will not give your computer the best performance. This was created to give the best performance to the users whose computer lags then this Operating System will increase the Efficient of your PC to do work properly. So if your Computer lags then this OS is for you. That’s why it joined our list of top android os for pc.

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How to install Android Os on Pc

Conclusion on Top Android OS for PC

So in conclusion of the Android OS for PC, I will say that if you want to make your old age pc to a high-end pc, then you should prefer any Top Android OS for PC which will allow you to use high-end games and applications in it. Not only this, but this will also boost the speed of your computer to work faster as well as smother. So without wasting time, try out any Top Android OS for PC in the above article. So go for it.

Thanks for reading this article on Android OS for PC.


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