Top 10 Best conductor of Electricity

Top 10 Best conductor of Electricity

Are you finding that which are the best conductor of Electricity. I think yes you are the one finding the best conductors then for you here I am having a list of best electricity conductors available in our periodic table.

So below is the list which you are wishing to find available. But before we go a question arise that what is an electricity conductor. So let me explain you regarding

What is Electricity Conductor ?

Best conductor of Electricity

Electricity conductor is an element which allow the electricity to pass through it such as Silver, Copper, Iron, Aluminium and so more.

Now the nest question arise in the mind is that

Which material is the best conductor ?

best conductor of electricity

“Silver” is that material known as the best conductor as it contains a high number of free electrons also known as movable electrons. A material having more free electrons make him the best conductor.

So its the time to show you the list of

Best conductor of Electricity

So below the the list of the best conductor of electricity with their conductivity and their ranking

1.Silver in Pure Form105 %
2.Copper100 %
3.Gold in Pure form70 %
4.Aluminium61 %
5.Brass28 %
6.Zinc27 %
7.Nickel22 %
8.Iron in Pure form17 %
Best electricity conductor

Now I think a doubt will arise in your mind that Why is silver at the top?

Because the silver it that metal which is having the most free electrons available in it.

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FAQ based on best conductor of electricity

1. Best conductor of Electricity

The silver stands top in the list of best conductor of electricity with an atomic number of 47 and symbol Ag

2. Atomic number of silver ?

Atomic number of silver is 47 and symbolised of Ag


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