Best lamps for studying in India Under 4000

Best lamps for studying in India Under 4000

Are you searching for the best lamps for studying at night or the best lamp which will suit your study table the most? then you are in the right place. Here is the list of Top 10 Best lamps for studying. But before getting started here is a buying guide that you should keep in mind before selecting the prefect Study lamp for you.

Buyer Guide : To choose the Best Lamps for study

So here is a list of 6 important points that you have to keep in mind for finding the best diamond from the mine of coal

1. Size of the Lamp and Desk

Whenever looking for a Study lamp you should remember the size of the table because Table size matters a lot for the selection of a lamp. If your Study table is of the big size it will need more lightning as well as if the study table size is small then you will need a small size lamp.

2. Quality of light

You will spend a lot of time under the study lamp. But if the Quality of light will be not good then it can harm your eyes and arise further problems. So I advise you to select the lamp with different levels of brightness and colour temperature as well.

3. Light source for the lamp

Mostly there are 3 types of light source seen in the market:- Led, CFL, Fuse bulbs. There most preferable is Led light or CFL as they consume very less energy and their lifetime is Great as well as they need less energy as compare to other Light sources and can easily adjust brightness.


The fourth important concept arises that the lamp for studying you choose should be adjustable so that you can adjust it at which side or position you need either by bending it or by swing arm of the reading lamp for the good lighting.

5. Color temperature range

In the market, the lamps are available with the different colour temperature range and different colour modes Either it can be of white light, Yellow light, Blue light or can be adjusted as reading light or night light(Mostly available in Desk light)

6. Easy to use

The best lamp for the study table is considered only if it has easy functions controls. Either for Color adjustment or for the Light on and off either it can be by any switch, Touch control or any other.

So let’s begin with our best lamps for studying

  Product Name Price in India
1. Philips geometry Lamp 1,129
2. Wipro Garnet 1,499
3. Mi smart Led Lamp 2,499
4. SaleOn™ Study lamp  
5. Philips 61013  
6. Wipro Symphony   Bajaj Softlite  
7. Bajaj Softlite Mini LED 849

1. Philips geometry Lamp

lamps for studying

Philips is a brand which is serving the best in the electronic field from more than 50+ Years. So that no body think a lot before buying the products by Philips.

Philips provides its best for there customers

So the due to that our first favorable lamp is the Philips geometry Lamp . Philips geometry lamp is provided with a very Unique look which can not be seen in any other lamp. This lamp is provided with different color temperatures :- Warm as well as Cold. Philips also provide us a adjustable neck so that we can adjust as per as need.

It provides by a royal finish made up of metal which shows the real royalty.

Features of we like for :- Philips geometry Lamp

  • Color temperature can be adjustable as per need.
  • Single flash led is provided.
  • Super Electricity saver is used.
  • Fully metallic body
  • Neck 360. rotation

Dis Features of we dont like for :- Philips geometry Lamp

  • Not Rechargeable or battery backup.

2. WIPRO GARNET (Stand Second in our List of Best Lamps for studying)

lamps for studying

So the Second one is WIPRO GARNET Study table lamp. Wipro is also providing their best in the world of Electronics from more than 75 years.

The Wipro Garnet Study Lamp is provided with a very luxurious design and metal finish. Wipro Garnet comes with 3 color temperature : ……………. which can be adjusted with just a single touch.

This Wipro Garnet is operated with single touch geustor. Running on 6 watt battery which make it light weight and consume a little space on your table.

Features of we like for :- Wipro Garnet Study Lamp

  • Features we like for Wipro Garnet
  • Light weight
  • 3 Color temperature
  • Comfortable with Less space
  • Single Touch control
  • 6 Watt Led Used which means Best way to save electricity
  • 1 Year warranty

3. Mi smart Led Lamp

Best study lamp

Mi is a upcoming company in India also know as XIAOMI. Xiaomi had launched a wide range of Electronic gadgets (Smartphones, Lamps, Toothbrush, Leds and so more) whole over the world and stand in every ones mind for their best performance at very cheap price.

This Mi smart led is also a very fantastic Led with a lot of features and a attractive white color design. This Mi smart Led Lamp can be easily fold able to carry in back pack.

Features of we like for :- Mi smart Led Lamp

  • Mobile app control
  • Easy color adjustment
  • Brightness control
  • Voice control by:- Alexa and google assistant
  • 1 Year brand warrenty
  • Light weight

4. SaleOn™ Study lamp

Best lamps to study

SaleOn™ Study lamp is also a very beautiful lamp which also provides a lot of features and compete every lamp and stood fourth in our list of lamps for studying.

This Led lamp is very unique and have a very difference from other lamps from our list because of its rechargability we can recharge this Led lamp and use this easily without wire.

This Smart study lamp is very convenient to use while studying. So Let us introduce you the best

Features we like for :- SaleOn™ Study lamp

  • Touch Guest ore
  • Plastic finish
  • Rechargable
  • Color Adjustment
  • Powered by Single AAA size battery
  • 1 Year Warrenty

5. Philips 61013 Led Lamp( 5th in Our List of lamps for studying)

Best study lamp

This is another Led in our list by the royal brand Philips. This Phylips 61013 Led Lamp is also provided by a lot of features to make it user friendly for their customers. This Philips Led is very light weight (200 grams) only which you can carry any where.

Features we like for :- Philips 61013 led Lamp

  • Color temperature
  • can be adjustable as per need.
  • Single flash led is provided.
  • Super Electricity saver is used.
  • Fully metallic body
  • Neck 360. rotation

6. Wipro Symphony Bajaj Softlite

lamps for studying

This is also the another Led lamp by us. Wipro named as Wipro Symphony Bajaj Softilite. This Led is mostly prefered by people who loves to work day and night . This is mostly for those because of its rechargability.

Features we like for :- Wipro Symphony bajaj Softlite

  • Color temperature
  • Single flash led
  • Plastic non breakable
  • Wired
  • 5 Watt led

7. Bajaj Softlite Mini LED

lamps for studying

Bajaj Softlite Mini Led is provided at the cost of 849 INR rupees only. But there is not any single compromize with style or design.This LEd study lamp is also provided with mobile stand and pencil stand to not to lost any single thing.

Features we like for :- Bajaj Softlite Mini Led

  • Led
  • Electricity saver
  • Pen and pencil stand
  • Mobile stand
  • Touch guestor

Recently Asked Questions regarding :- lamps for studying

1. Is Study lamp Good for Eyes?

In a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2007 debunked this myth by stating that reading in low light does not damage eyes, although it may cause some eye strain. But while the desk lamp itself is not harmful to the eyes, there are ways to use desk lamps effectively to cut down on stressed eyes.

2. In which lite(White or Yellow) we should study?

For optimal learning performance, “cool” light is better while “yellow” or “warm” light is the most relaxing. Yellowish white light or high CCT is below 3,500 degrees Kelvin while bluish cool light is found above 5,000 degrees Kelvin, corresponding to a low CCT.

3. Which LED is Good for eyes?

Warm light(Yellow) led are good for eyes.

4. Are Led good for readings

LED’s are a directional light source, which means they emit light in a designated direction. As a result, LEDs make great reading lights

5. Which color led are good for sleeping

Clinical Studies Show Red Light Helps You Sleep Better. Red light is ideal for evenings because it has a low color temperature, far lower than regular sunlight. You can be immersed in red light at night without giving your body a jolt and altering your internal clock like blue light does.

6. Which Study lamp is best :-Rechargeable or non-rechargeable?

Its depend upon you which you want. Both are good.

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