How to use the trimmer with Few Easy Steps

How to use the trimmer with Few Easy Steps

Hi Friends! Here I will Show you how to Use a Trimmer to get the attractive look at any time.

How to use the trimmer

If you want to have the perfect beard at home but you do not know how to use the trimmer then I guarantee that after reading this article you will be very much expert in having the stylish beard at your own. So without wasting time I’m gonna show you how to groom your beard and how to transform this guy… into this one!

Steps: How to use a trimmer

Here is the list of steps you should Follow before starting shave at home without any body help.

1. So the first step is to choose the Prefect Trimmer.

If you didn’t have any trimmer then this first step is only for you. But if you had selected a trimmer for you then you can shift to the 2nd point directly. As you know that a trimmer is a precious part of man’s life which helps him everywhere to make him a perfect gentleman. So the only trimmer that I prefer to you is :

Philips BT3203/15 Cordless Rechargeable beard Trimmer

How to use the trimmer

Philips is one of the most trusted brands for the Stands first in every field either it is Gadgets, Appliances or in any other field. They had launched a wide range of Best quality trimmers but Philips BT3203/15 is the most preferable and most sold From Last years. I like Philips BT3203/15 Cordless Rechargeable beard Trimmer the most because it provides a lot of features.


  • Dura Power Trimmer
  • Long-Lasting performance
  • Based on the Latest Innovation
  • 10 Trimming Options Available
  • Easy to Use


  • There is no Con For Philips BT3203/15 Cordless Rechargeable beard Trimmer

2. Oil the Blades.

How to use the trimmer

So the next step is to Oil your Trimmers blades and cleans it if needed. By the cleaning of blades, it will provide you with a soft and clean shave and with every single shave. I prefer you to use that oil only which is provided with the trimmer or with the blades.

3. Now its the time to Start shave :

How to use the trimmer

I know, this may sound obvious but if you want to have a thick beard, you gotta give it at least 4 weeks to grow.

Lets, start slowly removing some hair on our neck. Be careful though! Don’t set the beard line too high! It is better to lower it down a bit. This way, your beard can cover your jaw entirely and provides you with an attractive look with every single shave. Let’s get some jawline in here! A common mistake is to trim straight lines along your jaw. This often results in having a curved jawline due to skin elasticity. And that just does not look so good.

Instead, try it out by adding slight curvy lines. It does not have to be symmetric between. By doing so, your jawline becomes edgier and makes your face look more attractive. All right, now it’s time to frame your face! Your beard is like a frame to your face. So the shape of it will have as much impact on your looks as your hairstyle with your beard and try to aim for a shape that suits you best. I like to go for an edgier shape. To achieve this shape, I will sculpt it into my beard by removing hair where I want my face to look slimmer.

Its the time to Remove your stubborn1

As for those stubborn hairs that stand out, I’ll either cut them away or I’ll trim them down. I suggest trimming from top to bottom: This removes unwanted hairs while keeping your beard thick. Ok! Time to clean up! If you want to add natural volume to your hair, simply divide them into two sections by using a diagonal line. Try to brush both sides in opposite directions while using in opposite directions hairdryer with maximum heat. Finally, just bring both sections back together with cold air. This technique confuses the hair and makes it stand out. Now it’s the time to clean our face with a soft cloth and through the waste hai in the dustbin so that your place can be neet and clean.

If you use your hairdryer daily I highly recommend using argan oil. Add some oil on the ends of your hair. his prevents hair breakage and keeps your hair thick, shiny and healthy. I like to add the remaining oil on my beard as this makes it softer.

4. Now Its the time to clean and maintain the Trimmer with its accessories back

Steps how to groom beard

So, first of all, we have to remove the comb from the trimmer and the blades are revealed now one more level of cleaning can be achieved by removing the blades. After that we have to remove the late apply force against the blades and blades from the trimmer will easily come up and you see here this is the mortar lining and you need to clean this area, you can also use any soft brush for cleaning this area.

How to use the trimmer

It is very essential so that hairs you know, do not mingle with this part and it can cause a disturbance in the motion which can reduce the efficiency of cutting and providing the perfect shave. So now it’s the time to check that how to replace the blades back into the trimmer, So to replace the blade back in the trimmer, put the blades in the trimmer like this, and then press the blades & you will hear a click sound and you can apply the comb back.

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So Now We have to put all the trimmer accessories back in our grooming kit with a fully maintained manner so that it can be safe and provides a long-lasting efficiency in Every single use.

Thats all now you are Ready .

You Can Also Check the Video tutorial on YouTube below For English :


For Hindi below :

If you have any Query or any question about how to use a trimmer you can comment below and You will get its solution with in 24 hrs .

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