DangoBuds Review

Are you wishing to buy the DangoBuds, but have some doubts about its sound quality, design, comfort, or more?

If Yes, then now you can relax as all your queries and questions about the dangobuds are answered here. In this post, we are going to discuss a brief Dangobuds review which will also include a guide on how to connect your Dango buds with your smartphone, Pc, or laptop.

I am sure that after reading this guide you will be able to use any earbuds at your fingertips. So make sure to read the full article.

Quick Review: DangoBuds

DangoBuds are wireless Bluetooth Earbuds designed to work with Android and IOS devices. As they allow Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect them with any device like your Smart Tv, Laptop, Pc, Smartphone, or any other device.

It comes at a very affordable price which is around $159. But remember here low price does not mean any compromise in quality or features. DangoBuds comes with a lot of advanced features such as tap-to Control, Active Noise cancelation, sweat resistance, fast charging, great design, and more.

Nowadays, due to some reasons, Dango earbuds are not available in every part of the US. They are just available in a few Online stores and offline retailers. But you don’t need to worry as below we have also guided you from where you can buy the Dango buds.

With these earbuds, the most common question that everyone asks is What will I get in the Dango earbuds box? Well, you will get 1 Dangoearbuds, 1 Wireless charging case, and 3 pieces of attachable silicon ear tips (You will get 3 different sizes of these silicon tips, you can attach any one which you feel comfortable with your ears).

Name DangoBuds
Color White/Black
Ear Placement In-Ear
Cable Feature Without Cable
Price $159
Buy Now Check Out


  • Truly Wireless
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Good Noise Cancelation
  • Light Weight
  • Good Fit
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Pocket-Friendly price
  • Great Design


  • Sensitive Touch Control


How do the DangoBuds connect?

How to use Dango earbuds
How to use Dango earbuds

The DangoBuds use Bluetooth feature to connect with your device. You can connect it to any device such as your PC, Laptop, SmartTv, and especially your smartphone.

To Connect your DangoBuds to your smart device first you need to charge it. Charging your dangobuds is just kid’s play it will not take too much time as it supports fast charging which means it will get charged within minutes.

After charging you can follow these steps to connect it:

Place the DangoBuds in the Charging case >> Close the lid and wait for 4-5 Seconds >> Press and Hold the pairing button on the back of the Case >> Next, open the Bluetooth setting in your device >> Turn on the Bluetooth and search for DangoBuds >> When the device is visible, select it and pairing set up will begin.

After Successful Pairing, you can test your dangobuds by playing sound.

How do you use Dango earbuds?

To use the DangoBuds the first and foremost task you need to do is to find and attach the right size of silicon tip to your earbuds. As if you attach the wrong size then it can affect your sound experience as well as may fall out. So make sure to select the perfect Tip size for your dangoearbuds if you don’t know what size will fit you best then prefer to go with medium size as mostly it fits best but if you feel that it feels a bit big or small then you can remove the previous tip and add new according to your need.

Make sure while installing the tip size do not try to hard insert or remove as it may effect and damage your dango buds.

Next after installing a connect tip size, you just need to connect your dangobuds to your device and enjoy listening. To connect your dangobuds follow the below steps:

  • Step 1. Firstly, Put the Dangoearbuds back in their charging case
  • Step 2. Close the lid and wait for 4-5 seconds
  • Step 3. Press and hold the pairing button that you can find on the back of the charging case
  • Step 4. Now, Go to your Smart device’s Bluetooth settings and turn on the Bluetooth
  • Step 5. Search for the Dango buds
  • Step 6. When Visible, simply select it and start pairing

What if the dangobuds do not connect?

If you are not able to connect dangobuds with your smart device then it means you didn’t follow the above steps in the right way. But if you are not able to find the dangobuds while connecting with Bluetooth. Then it means that your dangobuds are not charging low.

So, make sure to charge it and then retry to connect it but if you are still not able to connect then one option available for you is to comment below by mentioning your query and we will get back to you within a few hours with the right solution.

My Dango buds Review: A Personal Breakdown

My Personal Review - DangoBuds

Now it’s the time to give my own opinion and a brief DangoBuds Review. In this review, we are going to discuss its specifications like its design, audio quality, noise cancelation, battery life, comfort, control, and a lot more.

If we go in short then:

The Dango Earbuds cost around 50$ and have good sound quality, they are comfortable, the noise cancelation is quite good, and the build quality and design are impressive.


The Best thing about the Dangobuds is its design. Yes, it’s the best as it comes in a very unique and slim design which gives it a premium feel. It comes in 2 colors that are White and Black. In the Which color, you will see that it’s a combination with black, which is a tap-to-control panel. This Combination is the actual reason behind the premium looks.

Audio Quality

In any top-rated sound product like Earphones, Earbuds, Sound Speakers, headphones and more the most important quality in them is their sound quality. The same is these DangoBuds most people like them just because of their good sound quality. The Sound quality is that much good that users like to use these earbuds to listen to music, watch movies as well as play games.

Battery Life

Dangobuds’ battery life is soo satisfying as they give nonstop 14 hours of battery backup. Which I think is more than enough. Here long battery life doesn’t mean that it will take a long time to charge. With ultra-fast charging support, these Earbuds get fully charged within minutes.

Noise Cancellation Function

The Noise Cancellation function of my dangobuds is good but not that much satisfying. When I am using them in the crowd it commonly shows some lag as it does not shows active noise cancellation. That’s the only issue I found to mention in this dangobuds review. The Noise cancellation is better as compared to other earbuds at the same price.

Comfort And Fit

The DangoBuds takes care of all of the major requirements in which Comfort and fit are also included. It comes in 3 different sizes (Small, Medium, and Big) Tips which the users can change and adjust according to their needs. The Users can install the tip size according to their comfort and fit which I found good.

Is the DangoBuds worth it?

Well, it’s a big important question that every buyer has before buying any product whether it is any smartphone, laptop, Pc and more. Buyers also have a doubt before buying any earbuds like dangobuds is worth buying, or should they go for another one?

I know the same question or a related question will be definitely with you if you are wishing to buy dangobuds as you are going to spend your money and it means you need to get the right quality.

Let me answer you from my side. If you are wishing to buy any earbud that is low price, modern design, Bluetooth connectivity, lightweight, and good sound quality then these earbuds are the right choice for you. But if you are on a good budget and want some advance with premium looks then you can go with apple AirPods or Samsung earbuds.

If you need a detailed review on the best earbuds under 500$ then you can comment below and we will surely focus on your demand.

Dango Buds Price & Availablity

Now, it’s time for the most awaited question What what’s the price for DangoBuds, and where to buy dangobuds?

The DangoBuds price is around 159$ which I think is suitable for these awesome features.

The DangoBuds availability is the biggest issue as nowadays, dangobuds are not available on online stores like amazon, home depot, and more. But still, you can buy them from their retail stores.


Is DangoBuds worth buying?

Yes, if you want earbuds that is truly wireless, have good sound quality, have good noise cancelation, have a good fit, and are lightweight then these dangobuds are the right choice for you.

What is the price of DangoBuds?

You can buy dangobuds at the price range of between $59-$159.

Do DangoBuds have a good fit?

Yes, dangobuds takes care of your comfort and good fit. Dango buds give you 3 different tips size from which you can select any one and install whichever suits you best.

How do DangoBuds Connect?

Dangobuds are very easy to connect, just you need to do this: Put it back in their Charging case, close the lid, wait for a few seconds and then press and hold the pairing button available on the back of the case. After that go to the Bluetooth settings in your device and turn on the Bluetooth and search for dangobuds, when the device is visible, simply select it and start the pairing setup.

Final Verdict

In the Final Verdict, we will advise you to go with these dangobuds as they are of good quality and affordable price. But the only issue with these dangobuds is that they are not water resistant. Which means you need to protect them from water. If you can do this then this can be your best purchase. So, go for it.

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