A cover letter is a single-sheet document that serves as your personal introduction to the hiring manager. When applying for a job, you must include a cover letter with your CV. A strong cover letter will result in an interview, putting you one step closer to your dream job. That is why your cover letter must demonstrate that you are a solid applicant.

Tips on how to write a perfect cover letter can be numerous. Some of them are mentioned below –

  1. Follow a format – The most important tip to writing a good cover letter is following a specific format. Following a format doesn’t mean copying and pasting content, rather, it means following an order of writing the content. Use a cover letter template to construct your cover letter in a specific order. This would give your cover letter a professional touch.
  2. Write a fresh cover letter for every different application – Follow a format but don’t copy paste. Writing a different cover letter for every job application will make it customized according to the job position. It would definitely make an impact on the recruiter.
  3. Words and tone – Mind the words you use in your cover letter. The style of the letter should be very decent and formal. Take care of the grammatical errors and proofread your cover letter before sending it to the recruiter. Keep the cover letter very professional and official.
  4. Keep it short – An ideal cover letter should be a page long and should not exceed that limit at any cost. Details should be mentioned in your CV or resume and not in your cover letter. A cover letter is just a summary of your CV/resume. Hence, keep it as short and crisp as possible.
  5. Do not pay heed to the fear of boasting – If you have achieved something, you have the right to show it off. Don’t think that you might be boasting in your cover letter and hence don’t stop yourself from mentioning as much skills, achievements and experiences as possible. Just keep in mind to check the relevancy of your achievements to the job position.
  6. Highlight relevant skills – Your resume has all the skills, qualities and your past qualifications and experiences. You don’t need to copy paste everything in your cover letter. Rather, pick out the relevant skills and qualifications required for the job and put it in the cover letter.
  7. Show what you can provide to the company – Don’t mention a lot about the job role or how good the company is. They obviously know it. Rather, explain how you are going to benefit them and what you can provide to the company. Explain them why they need you and not why you need them.


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