Top 10 Free Banner Generator Tools For Your Social Media Needs

Top 10 Free Banner Generator Tools For Your Social Media Needs

What catches your eye as you scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed–a lifeless wall of text or a spirited, strong image?

It is the latter that would most likely catch your attention.

And this is not just an isolated case or a baseless claim. On Twitter, tweets that contain visuals are retweeted 150% more than those without images, while on Facebook, image-containing posts receive 230% more engagement than those without visuals. And on Instagram, you cannot even post without a picture.

In marketing nowadays, these social media platforms have been playing major roles. It has become necessary for businesses to regularly post content so that they will stay relevant to their leads, gain more clients, and continue to grow. Meanwhile, in this digital age, many of these followers or users are experiencing information overload on social media, which makes the role of visual content marketing crucial in catching users’ attention.

What does this mean for you if you are responsible for managing the social media for your small business or brand?

This only underscores the need for you to create great-looking visuals and embrace this as a substantial component of your job. But the challenge is that all of your competitors are also doing their best to smother social media with images. Thus, you need to have the necessary tools to do an excellent job in making strong and eye-catching visuals that propel engagement and traffic.

Are these tools expensive?

The good news is that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a design firm or hundreds of dollars on the software since there are great free design tools that you can use, to begin with. And you can make your life easier by automating your design production to post more, spend less time, and get more social media engagement.

In this article, we will discuss 10 banner generation tools for your social media needs.

But first…

How do you make your banners stand out?

Almost all of the major social media platforms have space allocated for banners. 

Generally, this space is located at the top portion of the page, making the banner the first thing users will see when they open your profile. This prominent position makes the social media banner the virtual equivalent of a business card. It is an important component of your business image since it will tell all visitors to your profile what your business is all about.

Your social media banner usually forms the first impression your potential customers will have of your business. Having a blank banner will leave an impression that you do not care about your business image and you do not exert time and effort to connect with your customers. But with a creative and strong banner, you can generate a fantastic first impression and it will also say great things about your business.

The elements of a good banner include (1) a headline and subtext, (2) an eye-catching image or color scheme, (3) a personal or business logo, (4) a call-to-action, and (5) making sure that the images, texts, and colors are on-brand to make a lasting impression.

We have enumerated below tips on how to make social media banners that stand out.

1. Doing your research

Doing your research is the most important step. One of the things that you need to know is the trends in designing banners. You must also take into consideration the banner designs of your competitors, the personality and style of the platform where you will use your banner, and the preferences of your audience. Having all this information can help you create great banners.

2. Choosing the right size

At first, you might think that the size of the banners is not a big deal. But soon enough, you will realize how important it is. Leaderboard, with 728x90px as its size in pixels, is the most frequently used banner size. This is just one example. In the same way, there is also a need for you to understand the banner size requirements of the social media platform where you will use your banner. You must take time to explore the various sizes and then use them accordingly.

3. Choosing colors wisely

If colors are chosen intelligently, they aesthetically add to the beauty of your banner. On the flip side, badly choosing colors can destroy the attractiveness of your banner.   Adding a nice calming color can make people calm, and adding a strong color generates a sense of urgency. Whatever your decision may be, avoid making your banner a rainbow mixture of color. A theme must be adopted, then make sure the chosen colors will complement your theme.

4. Adding a logo

So that your brand will be known and to build that awareness, you must include your brand’s logo on the banner. Make sure it shines on the banner.

5. Avoid over-customizing your font.

Imagine if in one banner design you used all of these: very thin fonts or italic fonts and bold uppercase fonts. Most likely, your banner will not capture the attention of the public. Using too many font styles will only make your banner look chaotic and cluttered. What you need to use instead is good spacing and one font for your entire banner.

6. Keeping things simple

It is harder to pull off or get your message across if you are making things more complicated. Just remember that the people who will be seeing your banner will do so for as little as a few seconds. This small window of time is what you need to maximize to get your message across. That is why you need to choose your words wisely and keep your banner design simple.

7. Including a CTA button

Including a call to action button is very important. All your efforts in designing your banner will turn out to be meaningless in the absence of a call to action. You must direct your audience to action, and having a CTA button will just do that.

Top 10 Free Banner Generator Tools For Your Social Media Needs

1. Pixelixe (Free Banner Templates)

This graphic designing tool, which you can directly access for free from your browser, can help you in your marketing efforts. Pixelixe can be used to design visuals for your business promotions and campaigns across various social media platforms, websites, blogs, and other virtual channels.

You do not have to be a designer to be able to make graphics just as easily as making slides by using Pixelixe’s Studio Graphic tool. Without the need to create an account or register, you can already start using the tool and instantly have access to a database of not less than 850,000 photos and images, not less than 900 fonts, and not less than 700 icons, among others.

Also, with Pixelixe, you can make your marketing campaign stand out with banners created from its easy-to-use banner generator. Its Automatic Banner Maker will have you create one graphic banner and the tool will automatically multiply the formats of the design in just one click to answer your particular needs. With these tools, you can also generate social and advertising banners online in minutes, thus enabling you to save hours of work on making banners.

You can design your banner template or choose one in its library. It has a rich template library for all your social media channels. Here, you can access social media sizes and predefined displays to create your banners, from Facebook banners, Twitch banners, Etsy banners, to e-commerce or email banners.

For its price, you can either have it for free or choose among its four subscription types: PIXELIXE Create ($9/month), PIXELIXE Automate ($49/month), PIXELIXE Scale ($99/month), and PIXELIXE Enterprise ($249/month).

2. Removal.AI (Remove Background From Your Banner Design)

With Removal.Ai, you can instantly create a transparent background and transform your images into stunning banners, art, visual presentations, graphics, and product catalogs for free.

You can get images with a white, transparent, or customized background in three seconds or less. The subjects in photos are automatically detected and it will provide you with a clean, neat, and smooth cutout edge. The tool can handle hair or other fur edges and can process more than 1,000 images in one upload.

And yes, is free and always will be for low-resolution images, those that have 0.25 megapixels, and personal uses. But when using it for commercial purposes or higher-resolution images, you can select from their different packages.

3. GIMP (Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator Alternative)

GIMP, which is a great substitute for Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, is a cross-platform image editor that is compatible with Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. cross-platform.

This free software enables you to alter its source code and you can change its source code and distribute your alterations.

GIMP offers a wide array of tools and features for creating banners and posters, among lots of others. Users are enabled to easily manipulate high-quality images, create algorithms to edit photos and work with typography. It is one of the best banner maker apps.

And you can use GIMP commercially since this free software does not place restrictions on the types of work you can do with it. You are free to use it for any purpose and free to distribute it. You can also learn how GIMP works and refine it.

4. Poster Maker and Poster Designer (Free Downloadable App for Your Mobile)

This is one of the most distinctive photo editing apps that are available today. If you are the type of person who loves clicking photos, try this app out and share it with your friends.

There are a lot of features that Poster Maker can offer you for making your banners and posters. When using this tool, you can select from different types of backgrounds, ready-made templates, and many graphic elements that you can incorporate into the images.

Poster Maker also has other fantastic tools in including and editing text. While this tool is free to use, many of the templates and images can only be used by purchasing a package. If you want, you can also download this app for Android and iOS.

5. CloudApp (Include Screenshots in Your Banner)

Do you want to include screenshots in your banner? Then, you can use CloudApp for that purpose. The CloudApp’s Screenshot Tool puts you in the driver’s seat. This is effective, fast, and simple to use, and is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Chrome.

Its screenshot app is simple yet powerful. Screenshots enable you to instantly communicate complex directions in seconds. Its screen recorder allows you to capture and send screenshots in seconds as well. You can share this content with anyone, notwithstanding their operating system.

You can also edit your screenshots by adding emojis, text, shapes, and arrows in seconds using the screenshot annotation tool features. It is effortless since, in just a few clicks, your work is done.

6. Internet Marketing Ninja (Resizing Images For Your Banners)

Do you need to resize or crop an image for your banner? Internet Marketing Ninja, which is a social image resizer tool, is exactly what you need.

In optimizing images to be used on the web or your social media platforms, you are likely to crop, resize, or change the original images’ file format type for their final use. But there is a lot of big, intricate image manipulation software that is available for the same purpose, but not everyone can afford or is willing to spend the money on Photoshop or even learn how to perform those simple tasks in its confusing interface.

Internet Marketing Ninjas is a simple image editor tool for resizing and cropping graphics and photos. It is suitable for social media fans, webmasters, and everyone else who requires a simple tool to work with images for the web.

7. Cover Photo Maker (Another Downloadable App for Editing)

Cover Photo Maker, which is an app by Photo Cool Apps,  can also be easily used since this is considered as one of the best banner maker apps. This app offers you different background images aside from editing tools that can help you better adjust the size of your posters and banners.

With this app, you can also make overlapping images, use stickers, and add text using any of the more than 100 fonts that it has. You can create almost anything using this free-to-use app that is downloadable from the Play Store.

8. Photovisi (Collage Maker For Your Social Media Banners)

Do you know that image collages are a big business for Instagram? They have even found their way to Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter have their respective built-in collage tools. If you like to have a bit more control over your collages, you can try using Photovisi since it works wonders.

With Photovisi, a free and browser-based photo collage generator, you can choose from many different templates. You are also enabled to customize the photos you use, including any backgrounds, text, or graphics you want to include in the collage. There are also various themed templates to choose from.

9. (Add Charts to Your Social Media Banners) is one of the best tools for creating infographics. With this tool, you can choose the type of graph that you want to use. Afterwards, you can directly edit the table cells and values from within Using this tool, you can create engaging infographics and reports in minutes.

10. Pattern Library (For Pattern Backgrounds in Your Banner)

A Pattern Library, as the name indicates, is a collection of user interface patterns that are being used by designers and design teams in building digital products. Just like Subtle Patterns, the Pattern Library is also a pioneer or website-first. With this tool, you can perform the same trick with the backgrounds you are fond of. You can screengrab and then use the images you create. To make screen grabbing easy for you, the Pattern Library is offering full-tiled background previews.

The Takeaway

The tools we have covered in this article will help you design your social media banners quickly and effectively. All of these tools offer you the perfect blend of high-quality templates, along with a wide range of customization features. Also, you get to select from a multitude of layouts, suitable for specific web platforms.

But at the end of the day, just remember that the powerfulness of your tools is just secondary to a person’s decisiveness. Without your perseverance and hard work, no tools can ever keep your business growing. Use these tools to your greater advantage!

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