Everything you need to know about the design, properties and application of window decals 

Everything you need to know about the design, properties and application of window decals 

When it comes to selecting a dimension for your window graphic, you need to check out the place/location’s size, where you want to install it. If you’re using window decals for displaying your shop hours on the door, you need to ensure that it blends with your logo and other signage.

  • If you want to install a full-scale window decal for filling the frame, you need to make sure that it touches the edges and accommodating the size. It provides a clean, professional essence.
  • Keep the ambience and décor in mind. If your building provides a lot of glass real estate, you can use window clings and decals for creating a unique atmosphere when a customer enters. 
  • You can put big window graphics in several patterns all over the glass office walls. The outdoor-facing window can encompass a captivating imagery.
  • Consider privacy covers, large-scale advertising, and multi-panel pictures to make the decals. 
  • If your store entails a series of repeating widow channels and panels, use the alternating panels to create a beautiful checkerboard style, and fuse them with your brand colors.
  • Let the panels lean into or blend with your building’s architecture to get a one-of-a-kind look. 

On the application

To apply window decals, lay the pieces, turning its back against the window in a secure position. Use a painter’s tape or masking tape to tape the object along the topmost edge. It will give a hinged look of the image and ensure the right positioning. 

  • Use a proper application fluid/solution and spray it on the window surface below the graphic. The spray should be even.
  • You don’t need to wait for the application solution to dry up. Hold the decal away from the door or window. 
  • Remove the coating or backing slowly. Start from the top. Leave the concerned masking layer in its original place. 
  • You can use a squeegee or straight edge for smoothing the graphic on the go.
  • Make sure you’re not removing the backing immediately because it makes it hard for ensuring that decals remain in the right position and remain flat. 
  • You want to implement the straight edge for smoothing the center. It will move outwards. 
  • After removing the entire backing, cover the masking again. You need to wait for 30 minutes or so to make sure that the decal gets enough time to bond and blend with the glass. You can then take off the masking.

About the printing

There are several printing options for window decals. Standard printing is the standard vinyl decal printing option, where you print the design onto the material without additional white layers. Standard printing applies to both clear and opaque decals. 

The decals feature full-size images, where you can display your brand name and logo. 

You also have second surface printing for clear vinyl decals. You can also call it inside glass printing. The option helps you to attach the decals to the glass’ interior side. The mirrors integrate the formidable mirror-printing process, which you apply on both the layers. You print the design on the first layer and another white layer on the second.


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