5 Easy Steps on How to Add Music to a Video

5 Easy Steps on How to Add Music to a Video

Are you a video creator? If so, you’ve probably run into the problem of wanting to add some music to your video, but being intimidated by how complicated it seems. Luckily, you can always find ways to make things easier. There are programs such as Promo.com’s video creator that can help you do your work quickly and effortlessly. 

Whether you are creating YouTube videos, movies, or online tutorials, you will need to add music to your videos at some point in the process. 

If you’re looking to learn how to add music to your video, there are several easy steps you can take that will allow you to complete this task in no time at all. Let’s take a look at how to do so quickly and easily with these five easy steps.

Shoot a Video

Video is quickly becoming an essential marketing tool, and it’s never been easier to shoot your own. The point-and-shoot cameras found on most smartphones are capable of recording high-quality video. All you need is a steady hand. 

However, if you’re serious about adding video to your marketing mix, it might be worth investing in an actual digital camera. Not only will it capture better quality footage, but it’ll also allow for more advanced editing options down the road. 

Once you have your video footage, simply import it into your favorite editing software and start adding music. There are free programs available that can help you do so quickly and easily.

Upload Your Video to YouTube

To add music to your video, you’ll need to upload it to YouTube. This can be done through your desktop or mobile device. 

Once on YouTube, open up your video and click Share on its page. A new tab will open with a long list of sharing options; select Embed from that list and then choose what platform you want to share on (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). 

Once there is a box displaying your video on whatever site you picked, make sure to copy its embed code and paste it into Notepad or Wordpad for safekeeping; you will need that in the next step.

Now that you have your video and its embed code, you’re ready to add music. This will be playing when someone watches your video, so pick something with a beat, something fun. 

First, open up an audio file in Windows Media Player and hit Play. Or you can also find a song you want to use as background music from either YouTube or from any other source on the web. Then, highlight all of it using CTRL+A or CMD+A on Macs, and copy it using CTRL+C or CMD+C. Once that’s done, you can paste what you’ve copied into Notepad (or whatever text editor you’re using) by pressing CTRL+V or CMD+V. 

This will replace your video’s audio track with your desired song-all set! The last step is to re-upload your edited video back onto YouTube.

Download Audio from Online Sources

To add music to your video, you can either upload it directly from your computer or pull it from an online source. Sites like Pond5, YouTube Audio Library, and even SoundCloud make finding free audio clips easy. 

You can find all sorts of tracks for free on these sites (you might have to sign up for an account) and they’re all royalty-free; in other words, you won’t get in trouble if you use them in your videos. Once you pick one out, just hit download and import it into your video creator like any other file.

Use a Video Creator to Add Sound Effects

Most video editing programs come with dozens of sound effects that you can add to your video. Find them by clicking on Effects and then Sound Effects. If you’re using iMovie, for example, click on Effects in the top left corner of your editing interface, then click on Special Effects, followed by Sound Effects. 

Once you’ve found your effects, drag them into position in your clip. These are just some ideas to get you started.

There are several options that you can choose from when it comes to video editing software. You can go for some of the leading names in the industry and get the effects done. The thing is that not all the video editing software that you might be interested in come cheap. A good way to get your hands on the best video editor is to use a platform like u1337x.org.

Get Familiar with Audacity Software

While there are many great audio editing tools available today, Audacity is free, powerful, and can be used by all levels of users. As a new video creator, you will have an easy time learning how to add music to a video using Audacity’s intuitive interface, while more advanced users will appreciate its versatility. 

It’s not only a go-to tool for adding music to videos; you can also use it for mixing audio tracks and mastering your songs. However, if you want an alternative program that is easy to use, GarageBand is worth checking out. 

A quick note about using Audacity: Before starting, check that your computer meets its system requirements. You don’t want to spend time working on your project just for Audacity to crash midstream. Also, if you have never used it before, be sure to review its Quick Start Guide or other documentation on YouTube or online.

Final Thoughts 

Adding music to your video can help set the atmosphere or tone for your videos. It also allows you to get your viewers engaged in what you have to say. Not only that, but incorporating music will make your video more memorable and shareable. YouTube may even give you extra views on top of that if viewers like what you’re doing (which they do). 


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