Strategy & Tips For UPSC Preparation With Job

Strategy & Tips For UPSC Preparation With Job

UPSC preparation while working is not that challenging because numerous resources are available from which a full-time candidate can pass the UPSC Examination. Working professionals can benefit significantly from UPSC Online Coaching, Live video classes, and other study tools, which can be useful in reaching their desired goals. Candidates can prepare for the examination using these tools while waiting for the UPSC notification 2023.

This blog will highlight some crucial strategies to follow when you are a working professional and want to clear the UPSC Examination for a better and secure future.

How To Prepare For UPSC While Working?

The best time to start studying is nine to ten months before the Prelims. Today, it is critical to prioritize the development of a solid foundation, particularly in optional disciplines and essential areas such as History, the Indian Economy, and Politics. During the first six months of study, the Prelims and Mains should be considered. Throughout the main exam preparation, the UPSC syllabus is thoroughly covered. As a result, a candidate must devote at least 5 to 6 hours per day to studying for the UPSC exam with the Job.

Some recommendations for preparing for a full-time job with UPSC are provided below.

  • Owing to time constraints, a working aspirant should pay attention to all crucial topics, particularly prior years’ exam papers.
  • They must plan their days to continue preparing even on busy days.
  • Divide your study time into four sections: before, during, after, and revision.

Essential UPSC Preparing Tips With a Job

Let’s review some of the most significant UPSC preparation and job-related recommendations.

Time Management

Time management is the most critical component for any IAS applicant, which is especially true for employed persons. As a result, after working 8 hours at a job, at least 3 to 4 hours daily must be committed to self-study and analysis.

Being close to the office can also help with time management because less time spent traveling means more time for studying, practicing for exams, and revising.

The Crucial Role of Revision

The most important aspect of UPSC preparation is revision. As a result, people need to prepare while working a full-time job. Candidates can accomplish this while commuting; nevertheless, to maintain track of time management, candidates must memorize at least a few facts and statistics.

Taking the Examination Seriously

Working professionals must approach the UPSC exam seriously and honestly because other applicants will give it their all and study for more than 5-6 hours a day to pass it. Yet, reading quality is far more critical than reading quantity. As a result, those who study while working have a better chance of passing the exam with sincerity and determination.

Selective Research

As previously stated, time management is essential for UPSC preparation while working a job. What should and should not be researched should be carefully planned. Due to time limits, priority should be given to critical subjects that will substantially impact the exam.

As the UPSC notification 2023 has been released, you can narrow down the topics depending on their complexity and concentrate your efforts solely on those that would help you pass the UPSC exam with high marks. Even if you spend as much time as possible on some things, some will be difficult to grasp. Instead of wasting your time on such issues, you should use that time to improve your skills in the areas where you excel.

Making Use of the Internet Wisely

Many websites and resources are accessible online to assist you in preparing for the exam, but instead of selecting many, choose a few legitimate, relevant resources and revisit them for review. Due to time constraints, working professionals are unable to read newspapers and publications. Nonetheless, summaries of editorials and articles can be available online, saving time and being far more relevant to the UPSC test.

Last Thoughts

Working and studying for the UPSC is possible but quite challenging, and the only requirements are discipline and strict adherence to the timeline. Sustaining confidence and faith are two of essential qualities. As mentioned in the essay above, every working professional can navigate the UPSC path effectively by using web resources and developing a good time strategy.

After reading this post, we hope all your questions about UPSC Preparation with Job and How to Prepare for UPSC with Job have been answered. UPSC CSE Prelims Notification 2023 was released on 1st Feb. Download the Physic Wallah app now to study hard before the UPSC examination. 


How much time is required for UPSC preparation while working?

UPSC preparation with the job takes about 9 to 12 months.

Is it advisable to combine UPSC preparation with work?

Definitely, preparing for UPSC while working is beneficial since it ensures job security and gives candidates confidence.

Should I quit my job to study for the UPSC?

No, you must not quit work to study for the UPSC.


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