Find out why the User Onboarding Tool is Important.

Find out why the User Onboarding Tool is Important.

Do you know why onboarding is essential for SaaS products? It is difficult for a new user to adapt and use a SaaS product regardless of the software’s usability. Product tours and user onboarding is helpful if you need to provide different solutions to your customers. Are you looking for a software solution that will guide your users when they start to use a new product or service? Get a user onboarding tool today and grow your product.

What is a user onboarding tool?

It is a software solution that enhances the user’s onboarding experience and simplifies the process of introducing and guiding a new user to a product or service. To understand the features and functionality of a product, a user onboarding tool will provide step-by-step instructions in the form of walkthroughs, prompts, and tutorials. It increases the engagement and retention rate of the user. It uses interactive web pages or videos to show off processes, features, and shortcuts that guide new users through a product. This builds a customer experience that is more intuitive and satisfying for both the customer and the company. 

Importance of onboarding.

Boosts conversion rates.

For most software companies, conversion is one of the most significant metrics. The first few minutes after a new user learns about a product or service is crucial because this is when they make purchase decisions. Introducing onboarding at this critical time helps to grow conversion rates with minimal effort. A well-designed onboarding tool gives a product tour that is appealing to the users. 

Enhance customer engagement.

The user onboarding tool makes a product easy to use so that users can accomplish their goals effortlessly and quickly. It helps to show the real value of a service or product to customers. It gives the user a reason to sign into the company site again to use the product or service. 

Reduce the cost of customer support.

The information provided by customer support about product usage is the same information you will get through onboarding. It will cost you time and money to hire a customer support team to respond to customer concerns about how a product or service is used. To reduce customer care costs, use onboarding software. 

Improves product usage.

To create more value and meet new customer needs, new features are frequently released. After a certain period, users may get too comfortable with your product and fail to realize the newly added features. Onboarding software provides interactive product tutorials for new features to speed up the user’s adaptation process. 

Increases retention and educates users.

It is not enough to persuade a client to use your product for the first time. You should be able to convince a client to pay regularly for the product or service. If the product is easy to use, the users will keep paying the subscription fees. The product usage and retention rate increase if the onboarding process is well-designed. 


A user onboarding tool is a software solution that helps to improve the user’s experience when using a product for the first time. It helps the user to navigate by providing step-by-step instructions in the form of tutorials and walkthroughs. Onboarding is important because it boosts conversion rates, enhances customer engagement, improves product usage, and reduces the cost of customer support. 


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