Top 15 Best Earning Apps for Android and iOS

Top 15 Best Earning Apps for Android and iOS

Find here best Earning Apps for Android and iOS

With the number of smart devices available for billions of users around the globe, the business of smartphone apps has boomed over the years. These apps have made it simpler to create jobs, host businesses, and earn more with little effort.

Today, you do not have to step out of your home before you can earn money. Software developers have made it easier for everyone to earn money with apps on their smart devices. Earning apps for Android and iOS have become trendy without fear of being scammed. People with smart devices and internet connections can sit at home and make a livelihood. With these apps, you can pay bills, get shopping rewards, showcase your talents, and create jobs for people in different parts of the world. 

Best Easy Earning Apps for Android and iOS

Google Opinion Rewards

This trusted earning app came from Google, making it popular and easier to use. Google Opinion Rewards works on both android and iOS devices. It helps people earn money when they share their opinions for polls or questions on the app. In addition, the app offers users an opportunity to answer questions on surveys listed quickly. Users must complete the location-based survey within 20 seconds. The answers provided help other people to gain knowledge and support for their inquiries. 


People who have a spare time can use Buzzinga to make money. The app works on iOS and Android. Buzzinga offers generous, healthy tips to its users. You walk to earn money with the app. Users can use Buzzinga as their step counter app helps them track their walking progress and steps to make money. You cash out every seven days after walking.


Zareklamy allows users to complete easy tasks to help them earn money. The app list numerous tasks, surveys, and more with rules. Users need to follow the rules to complete the tasks for real cash. With Zareklamy, two players can play and are rewarded with cash when they win the tasks. In addition, you can transfer your money to a PayPal account for cash out.


If you want a user-friendly and ease-to-use earning app for your Android or iOS devices, you can use cashKarma. The app offers surveys that reward users with gift cards or other rewards. However, you need to complete the tasks listed by cashKarma. You offer opinions on products or services. The app rewards you with virtual currency that can be used to pay or recharge mobile, data card, DTH, and others.


FeaturePoints offers you an opportunity to earn gift cards when you complete tasks for different brands. The earning app has numerous tasks that you can perform to earn reward points. These points are converted to cash to help you pay bills, shop online, or recharge your mobile. 


This app works on both android and iOS devices. It works as a travel and hospital app, allowing users to make money when they book hotels. This means that you can earn money when you book your hotel or resort anywhere in the world. In addition, the app has a function to search for hotels and save more when you use it to make your booking.


People who want to use an app that allows them to share their opinion and make money can use Roposo. The popular app has numerous polls for you to offer your opinion for a reward. Users can create customized polls for others to use on the app. The app can track any poll that a user has created or voted on. Roposo allows users to vote on great polls from influencers, cases, brands, and real stars.


SurveyMonkey allows you to earn money when you take surveys. The free app offers its users to take short surveys for a reward. It takes less than five minutes for users to complete each survey and earn money. However, the surveys on the app come with their prices. This means that you have to learn more about the survey before you fill the app.

Top Earning Apps for Shoppers

Software developers have made it easier for app users to enjoy their shopping and get cashback. These types of apps encourage users to make more downloads and use them for their shopping.


People who love earning cash online when they buy from brands should definitely try Ibotta. Whether you want to buy groceries, clothing, pet supplies, entertainment, and others, you can use Ibotta. In addition, you can complete tasks such as taking a poll or watching a video alongside your purchase to earn cash.

Users have three options to make money via the app:

They can include offers they saw and submit their receipts after their shopping.

They can link their retailer loyalty accounts.

Users can use a retailer gift card they purchased through the app.

Users earn cashback when they buy via the app within 24 hours of completing their purchase. In addition, the app offers its users referral bonuses, a $20 welcome bonus, and different types of payment.

The process of earning money might be slow. Users may have to wait for a long time before they get their money.


Rakuten offers its users up to 40% cashback when they buy things from restaurants, retailers, and food delivery services. In addition, you can make money back on gift cards, travel, and others. 

The app’s process is simple and easier to use. Users create their accounts and click on the deals they want, and complete their transactions. This must be done via the app’s portal. People who link their debit or credit cards to their accounts can get cash back from online shops when they activate the offers or deals on the app. The payment approval is necessary for the cashback. 

You can use the app for your purchases in thousands of shops online, which makes Rakuten so popular. This allows you to make more when you refer people for sign-ups. 


When it comes to rewards and cashback, Swagbucks allows you to win points when you shop, watch videos, take polls, play games, including other tasks via the app. Users redeem their points to get back cash or gift cards. Every task offers its point referred to as SB differently. 

Swagbucks allows its users to make more when they complete tasks. It has no waiting duration for cashing in rewards. However, one SB is worth only a cent.

Top Earning Apps for Freelancing

Do you want to earn money as a freelancer? While many people may not be patient to shop and earn, software developers have created different apps for this set of people. Here is a list of a few of the earning apps you can use:


Upwork is for freelancers who want to make money in design, writing, marketing, app development, or other categories. Freelancers who are experts in content writing can create their profiles and include personal information. You get job offers based on the information you provided on the app. Clients have to review the proposals sent by freelancers before work is offered based on per-project or an hourly basis. You just need to write a great cover later to grab a job.

You get your money through instant pay, Payoneer, wire transfer, or directly to your bank account. You have charges to pay depending on the payment option you used. The app allows you to establish a relationship with clients and get paid. While the earning app is free, you still need to pay the app a percentage of your earnings.


OfferUp is an earning app that works as a local marketplace for sellers. It allows its users to ship within the United States of America. You create an account with the app and take a photo of what you want to sell. You include the price, description, and title, and post. OfferUp allows you to chat with your buyers. When a transaction is complete, you can arrange a meeting or ship the product to the buyer.

OfferUp has an easy-to-use and fast procedure. For example, buyers’ ratings or reviews can help you check out a buyer before making a transaction. The downside is that users have to meet the buyer before handling transactions.


Fiverr is a popular freelancing platform that offers hundreds of business categories. Users create their profiles and display their expertise. The app works seamlessly when you post your gig and wait for clients to place orders. Fiverr rates users based on their performance. Payments are made directly to users’ bank accounts or their Fiverr Revenue Card. The app takes a percentage for creating the business avenue for users.


This earning app is for people who want to sell accessories and clothing. However, you have to sign up with Poshmark and upload or take photos of the item. Then, you have the pricing and fill out the product’s description to complete. When a purchase is completed, you get an email from the app, and you have to send the product to the buyer.


If you want to make money in your leisure, more earning apps can help you. We listed a few of these apps for you to make your selection. However, software developers can create the ideal app for people who want to develop their earning apps.


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