How to get free pet in free fire (Top 4 Ways)

How to get free pet in free fire (Top 4 Ways)

How to get free pet in free fire – Today, If we ask anyone about his/her favourite game that he/she will surely sys about free fire. Due to this game’s popularity today free fire is having over 500 million downloads. In the free fire, everybody loves to have a pet with him in the game. But the main problem arises s that to buy any pet in the game we need diamonds and to get the Diamonds we need Money in our pocket. Not everyone likes to spend their money on Games but if you wish to get a pet then for you. Here I will show you how to get free Pet in a free fire.

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How to get free pet in free fire

How to get a free pet in free fire

So to get free pet n free fire below are some proves as well as trusted ways:

  1. Google Opinion Rewards
  2. Live Giveaways
  3. Completing tasks in free fire
  4. Take Part in New Events.

1. Google Opinion Rewards(Best way on How to get free pet in free fire)

How to get free pet in free fire

So the first way is Google Opinion Reward in which the user has to answer the simple surveys and can earn money through it. As Google Opinion reward is by Google then you can be fearless. So to Earn MOney through Google Opinion Rewards you have to follow the Below Proven Steps:

  1. Download Google Opinion Reward
  2. Open the App
  3. Enter you Mail Account
  4. A Sample Survey will appear.
  5. Answer IT and submit.
  6. After that New Earning Surveys will Appear
  7. Answer and submit them
  8. After Submitting you will Earn Google Rewards

Google Rewards is a Digital Amount of Money which you can use to buy any product on the Google App store or you can use it to purchase new items in Games.

2. Live Give aways

So the Second way is to participate in live giveaways through which you can win diamonds and those diamonds can be used to purchase pets or characters in the free fire. As this is the time-consuming way under How to get free pet in free fire but it will be able to get a lot of pets from those diamonds.

You can Participate in Giveaways either on YouTube, Facebook or any other site. I prefer you to GO with YouTube because Some YouTubers makes a large number of giveaways to increase their subscribers. You can also Go with low subscribers YouTubers because there the competition is low and your winning chances is more.

3. Completing tasks in free fire

How to get free pet in free fire

So the third way is to complete tasks in the game. By completing tasks given by free-fire you will sourly win the pets. The tasks can be like Win 2 Matches, Play Clash Squad Game, Play with Friends, Share the Game and so more.

To find the New tasks just follow the Below Steps:

Click on the Calander that is on the right sight of your device.> there you will see many tasks> Then complete them > After completing them > Re-visit the calendar > claim your reward.

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4. Take Part in New Events – Common Way on How to get free pet in free fire

Now is the time for our last way that is participating in new events. Whenever there is an event is organized in the free fire. They distribute their new item either of Character, Pet or diamonds. So to win then you just have to log in on the event day and grab the Distribution.

Note: These Ways in How to Get a Free Pet in Free fire are based on the author views the user’s views may be different.


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