10 Best Roblox Games to Play in 2024

10 Best Roblox Games to Play in 2024

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Roblox makes some of the best kid-friendly and healthy games that deliver power-packed graphics and a unique style that make them stand out in the gaming world. The smooth transition and a compelling plot make them enjoyable even for adults. 

In recent years, the trend is focusing more around indulging in activities that both kids and adults can participate in together. Amusement park games, birthday places in Bangalore, animated and fantasy shows, and YA movies are some examples that help people from the wide age gap to come together and do something similar. 

But you can’t always rush to an escape room or amusement park and constantly watch or book movies. And that is where these Roblox games come into action. They are not the most stoic and world-saving heroic games but simple and driven by your moves at every step. And they also make some references to pop culture that becomes a guilty pleasure for many of us. 

Delivering entertainment and a good source for passing the time, here are the 10-best Roblox games that you can play in 2022: 

1. Murder Mystery 2 

A timeless classic, Murder Mystery 2 is one of the most loved and enjoyable Roblox games. Released in 2014, its themes and an intriguing story play still do not falter to catch the players’ attention and keep them engrossed for hours. You can choose the role of the Sheriff, an innocent, or the murderer at every step and level as you progress in the game. The unique features and thrilling gameplay make this murder mystery game an unforgettable experience.  

2. Jailbreak 

Jailbreak is one of the top game titles of Roblox. Once the premise begins, the user-friendly interface allows you to choose from two options; to be a criminal and break free from your prison or take the job of a cop and uphold the justice system by preventing any jailbreaks. Though it sounds simple, both the choices are equally fun to play, and you can freely explore an intricate and open world that gets deeper as you progress in the game.  


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3. Ultimate Tower Defense 

It is always fun and a memorable experience when you can play as different anime characters on an online gaming platform. You get to play as a recognizable character pitied against an enemy who is again another anime character. The entire premise of this game feels as if you are inside an anime show that has collaborated with another series to bring out plenty of fascinating and enjoyable characters. Many people visit this gaming platform to indulge in an action-styled adventure game.  

4. Piggy 

In for something horror-based and terrifying? Then the Roblox game Piggy is the perfect choice for you. The premise takes place in an open world where you have to search for old and creepy buildings while saving yourself from getting hunted by evil piggies. Ranked as one of the top games of 2021 by many reviewers and critics, this world-famous horror game is a feast for spook lovers and thrill-seekers.  

5. Royale High 

Royale High is an action-adventure game in Roblox. But it is also more of a fantasy RPG game when we look at its premise from a practical perspective. The story revolves around you being a high schooler from a supernatural noble family. And your objective is to socialize with the other high schoolers by studying and leveling up your character traits. As the game progresses, you earn more in-game currency for spending on yourself through good grades. And the fantastic world-building beyond your school makes this entire game setting more entertaining to play.  

6. Adopt Me! 

Let us take a moment to appreciate one of the most adorable online games. That’s right, Adopt me will leave you feeling warm and happy throughout your gaming experience. There’s no challenge or competition here, only wholesomeness. You get to raise cute-looking virtual animals, help them grow along your side, dress them up, show off, and do pet deals with your friends. There is a wide selection of pets and costumes that you can try and combine to create funky results. And the unique visuals are a cherry on the top in this game.  


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7. Anime Fighting Simulator 

What if all your favorite anime heroes came together to have a legendary gaming round? The popular yet underrated Roblox game Anime Fighting Simulator does it for you. There are characters from Dragon Ball, Naruto Z, Avatar the Last Airbender, Final Fantasy VIII whom you can play and try their signature moves in legendary battles. While it is not like the top-notch games available on Steam and Xbox, you can still enjoy great fighting matches with instantly recognizable anime characters and join in their all-out duke.  

8. Tower of Hell 

Although Tower of Hell is an adventure game, it also comes under the category of Obby, or the Obstacle Course. But unlike many of its comrades, it is an excellent multiplayer game with fun levels and unpredictable checkpoints. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand; you race to reach the top of the Tower of Hell by competing with around 20-more players. And although it appears like a basic racing game, you will enjoy every moment because of the unique visual effects and the random elements of surprise that layer the plot.  

9. Blox Fruits 

Made for the Roblox Metaverse, Blox Fruits is a popular game developed by Go Play Eclipses. In this game, you have to train to improve your skills to become a master swordsman or a strong Blox fruit user. There are various running storylines with excellent concepts and themes as the plot that doubles your fun as you battle in engaging and intense fights against other competitors. And the latest and updated version of the game has features like new fruits, islands, powerups, awakening, and plenty more attributes that add to your adventurous and unforgettable gaming experience.  


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10. Dungeon Quest 

A multiplayer online RPG game, the Dungeon Quest takes heavy inspiration from the dungeon crawler games like Gauntlet and Diablo. The plot behind the premise is straightforward; you have to explore the dungeons, collect treasure, upgrade yourself, and repeat. But what makes it unique and unforgettable is its perfect balance between strategy and the action-packed hack and slash elements. And the unique graphical art style and visually stunning sleek animation also provide its players with an unforgettable magical gaming experience.  

Final Thoughts. 

And with this list, the article about the 10-best Roblox games in 2022 concludes here. There are so many more games not mentioned here that you can dig in and enjoy that cater to your taste and preference. You can mix and match some from this list and some from your perspective to create the best gaming experience for yourself. And now it’s up to you to pick your choice and lose into a fun-filled virtual playing adventure. 


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