How to Reset Mi Phone – 100% Proven Ways

How to Reset Mi Phone – 100% Proven Ways

How to Reset Mi Phone ? Today, a lot of persons use the Mi phone as it provides the best quality at a cheaper price than the others. But sometimes we face a problem in which we wish to reset our Mi phone in such situations like we wish to sell our phone and that time we need to reset our phone. I think the same situation is with you than for you here I will show you how to Reset Mi Phone So get ready.

Firstly, I will say that just relax it is not a big task to reset your Mi phone as Mi had provided a lot of features for its users to make them comfortable and relieved. So let us start by focusing our today’s topic How to Reset Mi Phone.

So in this, if you wish then you can watch the video or read the whole steps shown below as whichever you feel more comfortable. So let’s go…

How to Reset Mi Phone

How to Reset Mi Phone

How to Reset Mi Phone

So to reset your Mi phone just follow the below steps. But if by mistake you had locked your phone and forgot the password and it needs to be reset then follow the second one way.

So now let us continue with our first way of how to reset Mi phone. I think I should not waste your time and focus on the best explanation of the steps so let’s start.

  1. Turn on your Mi phone
  2. Go to Settings
  3. At the Top, you will find an option “About Phone”
  4. Tap it
  5. There you will find an option Factory Data Reset
  6. Open it and below a button will be shown
  7. “Erase all Data” tap it and conform
  8. Then your all Mi phone will be reset.

Note that it will take some time so do not worry for that. But if by change you face any problem then comment below and we will shaurely help you.

So next to the way when you forgot your phone password and want to reset it. I think you should also read it as it can help you in the future. In some situation

But before we go had you checked this out :

How to reset mi phone without password

How to Reset Mi Phone

So to reset your mi phone without password you just need to follow the below steps:

  1. Switch off your MI phone
  2. Now press the Volume up button and power button at a time for some time
  3. Now a new window will appear
  4. Use volume button for up and down
  5. Now go to Factory Data Reset option
  6. At last press the power button and your Mi account will be reset

So these was all the ways you can follow on the basis of How to reset mi phone if you love it then just make share to give a lovely comment.


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