Best Rhythm games to play on PC

Best Rhythm games to play on PC

here is the list of best rhythm game ideas to play on PC

The online platform has become a very popular space for every age group these days. After the Pandemic, the world has better understood the potential of the virtual world. The world of gaming has been there for a long time. But with time, it has evolved like anything. Back in the time of Windows XP, the popular PC games were Max Payne and Super Mario. Now, with the popularity of Xbox on a high rise, different games are taking the platform. These games do not only provide visual pleasure. Here one can keep up with the musical beats with certain popular game-play mechanics. These also help to enhance the rhythmic potentials in real-time as well. Here is the list of the best rhythm games available in the market. 

About Rhythm Games: 

Rhythm games are some of the most advanced forms of games. It uses various methods to testify to the user’s potential. It is to follow certain musical notes while playing. These games include certain actions to score on the screen with the background music. The reward depends on the number of objects you can tap with the rhythm of the music. 

There are different mechanisms used for different rhythm games pc. Some are quite tough as the user or player has to remember the tune and the corresponding actions. And some are simpler. The user has to tap on objects to collect or destroy them with synchronized musical tones. But the basic principle is the same- to follow the tune and act in accordance. 

These games are not just enjoyable. These also act as therapeutic measures for auditory and visual correspondence. It enhances people’s ability to match their physical movements with visual input. 

The games are mainly available in single-player mode. Sometimes the player has to play against an automated opponent. Some of them are in multi-player mode as well. Here, the player needs to play with other players on the same track using real-time. 

The two most important and interesting components of the world constitute these rhythmic games. These are music and video. Since it is multi-dimensional, not all games are up to the players’ satisfaction. Hence, the quality of the games matters the most to find the maximum pleasure. This list includes the most unique and enjoyable rhythm games free available. 

Top Most Rhythm Games to play on PC:

a) Single Player Games

1) Beat Saber

Beat Saber is by far the most popular virtual reality or VR game on the internet. Here the user has to slash the colored cubes with the help of lightsabers. And they have to do it with the running background sound. It seems a very simple game. But the users’ feedbacks show a little ambiguity. The mechanism of the game is very simple. The user has to hold the two control bars in their hands as the lightsabers. The colored blocks have directional arrows on them. It indicates which hand lightsaber bar the user has to use to slash it in which direction. The leader board above indicates the user’s position amongst the global players. Since it is a VR game, the user much has a VR headset package with controllers. 

2) BPM (Bullet Per Minute)

This rhythm game online is one of the most popular VR games amongst young adults. BPM is a vintage shooter’s game, associated with rhythms and roughness. Here, the user is a dungeon who has to slay the monsters and have to collect the loots. But, all actions must be in rhythm with the BGM. All the actions including shooting, slashing, and reloading has to be in sync with the rhythms. Or else they will not pull through at all. The synchronization of action and music also amplifies the multiplier of the scores. The rhythmic indicator is present at the center of the screen. BPM is an available rhythm game PC on platforms like Xbox, the Playstation, and GOG galaxy. 


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3) Sequence Storm

This game is a very interesting one since it has a narrative in it. Here, the player has to play as Elijah Gale. He is a good engineer but down on his luck. Hence, he chose to become a race-car driver named Daemon. The task is to keep the vehicle moving straight into the single lanes, along the rhythm. The task gets difficult as the game progresses. There are many lanes and alternative rhythms. The beats of the games are classic retro reverberating ones. Many variations make it more soothing for the ears. One can play this game on different OSs like Windows, Linux, and X. 

4) Dance of Fire and Ice

Dance of Fire and Ice is a VR game that keeps the player glued to their seat from the beginning. The player requires sheer concentration to keep the game going. The task is to match the rotation of two planets according to the pattern on the screen, matched with the BGM. One of the planets is stationary while the other rotates on the first orbit. The task for the player is to stop the planet to complete an orbit or revolution. And at that moment the other planet would start revolving around the statue planet. In any case, none of the planets must complete one revolution around the other planet. Or else the two planets will crush and the game is over. This game has many stages with each stage having a master stage. To go to different levels, one has to pass the master level of each stage. This game is available both on PC as well as on handsets. 


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5) Sayonara Wild Hearts

This is another narrative 2019 VR game. Here, a heartbroken woman uses a masked face as a shield. It is to kill the dangerous creatures of the alternative worlds. This is one of the toughest VR games with 23 expert levels. Each level uses different mechanisms. The task of the player is to cross the level with hearts and collect points. This game is possible to play both on Windows PC and Macintosh. Also, it is available on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

b) Multi-Player Game:


This is an anime-style game where the players have different assigned tasks. They have to beat the music beat through performing tasks. The original game is ‘Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!’. The mascot girl is Pippi. This game has 4 modes of games including Osu, Catch, Taiko, and Mania. Osu is the most difficult one with sliders and spinners. Taiko makes the user tap on the different colored circles. The catch is a fruit collecting game. In Mania, the users have to tap on keys matching the different color lights on screens. This game is available on PC and phone as well. 

2) Thumper

One of the most special online rhythm games is Thumper. It is a rhythm violence game, making some aggressive sounds during playing. It will give you a roller coaster ride when played with a VR headset. It is a many-player game as well. The soundtracks here are full of loud bass drops and stronger sound effects. Indeed it is one of the best rhythm games

Games have become the most pastime activities for everyone around. These rhythm games are becoming popular around the world for the live gaming experience. 

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