Why is Sudoku One of the Most Popular Games for Seniors?

Why is Sudoku One of the Most Popular Games for Seniors?

Sudoku is one of the most exciting games out there. It is a great way to flex the brain muscles as well. If the pandemic has taken a toll on you, then you must play the online version of Sudoku. It is known to be highly effective for seniors or elderly people. Sometimes, they are even prescribed to play Sudoku so that their minds are constantly engaged, and their cognitive skills don’t deteriorate.

It is also said that the game helps in fighting dreadful illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

The best part is that one can now play it at home, thanks to the Sudoku game download for mobile. The online version offers great gameplay and is equally effective. 

Here, we are going to talk about how Sudoku is effective for seniors. To know more, kindly read on.

1.Sudoku promotes logical reasoning and problem solving:

As you grow old, your ability to solve problems declines! This is not a secret and happens to almost everyone. Even if a person was once very highly-witted, they could take time to understand the simplest of things as they ages. This is something natural caused due to age and becoming mentally stagnant. Retirements lives are generally dull and don’t require much problem-solving. The game trains the mind and helps you think logically. An elderly person needs to use deductive reasoning skills for playing the game of Sudoku. 

Sudoku offers the perfect recognizing opportunities, which are required for mental exercises. For example, if you ask an elderly person to spend hours every day on Sudoku, you will see that their problem-solving abilities are slowly improving.

2. Sudoku creates a sense of order and accomplishment:

By playing this game, seniors can feel a sense of accomplishment, which is required. To value the simple joys of life, an elderly person must play the Sudoku puzzle. If you know a depressed senior person, please encourage him to try playing the game. It helps them stay sharper and more focused on life! It definitely adds value to the life of someone ageing and lonely.

3. Enhances Attention

Concentration is something that depreciates with time. For making sure that your senior can think quickly, is focused, and has a reasonable span of concentration, you must ask him to play this puzzle game. It is said that investing time in Sudoku can slow down the process of mental ageing. It is the same as physical health – if you exercise and maintain a diet, your physical ageing process slows down.

Even if you are not old, you must play Sudoku so that you remain sharp! Nothing can be as good as a healthy and active mind. The best part about Sudoku is that it is engaging and can act as a rock-solid hobby. It is an excellent choice for keeping your motivation levels high. Give your brain its daily dose of workout. 

4. Sudoku Improves Short Term Memory:

It is also said that it helps in improving short-term memory. Age does bring memory lapses, and it can be very uncomfy for old people. In that case, Sudoku can help as it encourages the brain to exercise the same.

5. Helps in confident decision-making:

Seniors generally feel a decline in self-esteem and confidence as they don’t feel valued anymore. As a result, they doubt every decision they make! Lack of confidence hampers their quality of life. To keep confidence levels healthy and self-esteem issues at bay, one must play Sudoku puzzles.

6. Sudoku is a Challenging Pastime:

With plenty of free time in hand, old people generally get really bored. Their minds also get occupied by negative thoughts. Sudoku is a great pastime. One can have fun while playing the game as well!

It is a great way to incorporate fun into the otherwise dull life. The game is engaging and exciting. Old age homes must arrange Sudoku competitions as well.

However, given the current situation, it is better to stay at home and spend time on the online version. It is equally addictive and fun.

7. Slows down diseases:

As mentioned before, the game slows down the impacts of significant diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Since the game involves thinking, reasoning, and memory usage, it helps slow down such conditions. This great game also includes cognitively stimulating exercises.

It is all about stimulating the brain and keeping it active.

8. It can be enjoyed as a family game

The game helps spend quality time with close ones. Seniors generally value the time they get to spend with their near and dear ones. However, given the current situation, they should stay at home, and if they want to feel connected, they can send invites on online Sudoku applications.

Family times are excellent, but yes, since elderly people have mobility issues, they cannot go hiking or other activities. However, a simple game of Sudoku can bring them joy.

So these are a few reasons why you must encourage an older person to play Sudoku. The COVID-19 situation has also compelled us to stay at home, which is pretty frustrating. Do not let negative thoughts eat up your mind. Instead, try Sudoku even if you are not ageing. It is a great way to keep your mind away from negative reviews and disturbing news. The online version is so exciting and has so many features to offer.

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