Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

Getting confused about the Toilet Paper Roll Circumference, length, and diameter?

Then be happy, as now you are on the right article where we had discussed all toilet paper cardboard roll sizes and details. Additionally, we have also discussed how long is a toilet paper roll, the sizes of cardboard, and how to calculate the circumference.

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Quick Overview – Toilet Paper Roll Circumference, Dimensions, and Size

Product Toilet Paper
Size 4.1 inches
Circumference 6 inches
Diameter 1.6 inches
Price Check out

What is Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

Well, as you know there are a lot of manufacturers of toilet paper roll and every manufacturer have their specifications about their roll’s circumferences, width, shapes, and more factors. But one thing is common all the circumference of toilet paper is the same, around 6 inches.

What is the empty toilet paper roll circumference?

The Empty toilet paper or toilet paper cardboard tube is around 2 inches.

Note – Here the empty toilet paper roll and toilet paper cardboard tube, both are the same. They are just the name different people call them.

What Is The Length Of The Cardboard Tube Under The Toilet Paper?

An empty toilet paper roll cardboard has an approx length of 4 inches.

How Wide Is a Typical Toilet Paper Roll?

the Wide or Width of the toilet paper roll depends on which toilet paper you choose, as there are two types of toilet paper i.e., single-ply and double-ply toilet paper. The number of sheets that roll in a roll for a single-ply is 1000, and for a double-ply, the number is 500. Which means a higher number of sheets mean wider.

How Can I Determine a Toilet Paper Roll Circumference?

If you want to determine the circumference of your toilet paper roll then you need to use your mind in calculations, don’t worry you don’t need to be an expert as it’s just child’s play.

To determine the circumference firstly, take a caliper to measure the diameter of the cardboard roll and after finding it, just multiply it with π (pi) i.e., 3.14.

Do All Toilet Papers Have the Exact Similar Dimension?

Well, No as I mentioned above there are a variety of toilet paper manufacturers and everyone has their specifications like its size, quality, diameter, radius, circumference, and more.

So, in short, not all toilet paper does not have exactly similar dimensions. But remember, all toilet paper rolls commonly have the circumference of a cardboard tube but the only difference is its length.

How long is a toilet paper roll

The length of a toilet paper roll is around 900 inches which may vary per the brand.


What is the diameter of a standard toilet paper roll?

The diameter of a standard toilet paper roll cardboard is around 1.6 inches, however, it varies as per brand and manufacturer. To measure it you can simply take a measuring instrument like a caliper and place it across the center from one side to another.

What is the average Toilet Paper Roll girth?

The average toilet paper roll length is around 3.6 inches (when dropping) and 4.5 inches (when raised to be used).

How do you measure Toilet Paper Roll Circumference?

Measuring a toilet paper roll’s circumference is not a difficult task. To measure it you need a scale and a calculator.
To measure the circumference of the toilet paper roll cardboard just place a scale across the cardboard roll (make sure it touches the center and both sides) and measure the diameter. After finding the diameter simply, multiply it by 3.1416 and you will get the exact value.

 Is all toilet paper the same width?

No, not all toilet paper have the same width as there are different brands and manufacturers, and they prefer to use their size. This means Toilet Paper have different width and Circumference.

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