How to Turn off sound on Instagram stories

How to Turn off sound on Instagram stories

Turn off sounds on Instagram Stories

The 21st century is undeniably the technological age, often referred to as the tech-savvy period. In this era, people heavily rely on technology in all aspects of their lives. From entertainment to healthcare and educational resources, everything is now just a click away. A significant driving force behind this technological revolution is communication, and the internet has revolutionized the way we connect with others.

The internet serves as a virtual medium of communication, enabling individuals to bridge distances that may be impractical to cover physically. It has become a global network that connects people from all corners of the world. While the internet has undoubtedly facilitated global business interactions, it has also become an integral part of our everyday lives, offering various life hacks and conveniences.

One of the key areas where the internet plays a crucial role is entertainment. Through online platforms, we can access a wide range of entertainment options, including movies, music, and games, providing us with instant gratification and enjoyment. Moreover, the Internet has become a valuable tool for learning and cognitive development. We can access vast amounts of information, educational resources, and online courses, allowing us to expand our knowledge and enhance our cognitive abilities.

In this article, we will focus on one specific aspect of Instagram—how to disable sound on Instagram stories. 

 Describe Instagram.

Instagram is an extremely well-liked social media platform for both audio and visual content. American business Meta Platforms has owned it in the past. This website offers several unique capabilities that one can use, such as geo-tagging, uploading videos, and filtering photos. Uploading stories is one of this platform’s most used features. 

 Instagram Stories are a fleeting feature of the app that allows users to publish images, blog posts, and videos that will be viewable for one day only. Additionally, you can save it to keep it active in your timeline. 

Regarding the Glitch

Now, sound tracks can be added to these stories. Given that it’s technology, glitches must be more likely. On this Instagram Story soundtrack, people are now dealing with severe circumstances. 

This is due to an unidentified bug. Recently, several users have complained that they are unable to turn off the sound on their Instagram stories. 

Even with the sound on, it is still easy to switch off the stories’ audio. People occasionally dislike drawing attention to what they are observing. By simply turning off the sound, one can watch the videos even without headphones and share their personal experiences with others. However, for some reason, despite the app being closed, the sound does not turn off due to a technical error. 

Gripes on Twitter

“Now Instagram plays a sound by default on all stories when I close it,” the first user writes. They seem to be making a concerted effort to keep me from using this app.

Another user commented: “I’m deleting Instagram Stories with sound playing automatically even though I don’t have my voice on.”

Okay, so everyone is experiencing the issue, and obviously no one likes this absurd new update

    — Zito on September 7, 2022 (@_Zeets)

We’re working as quickly as we can to fix the bug that causes sound to be automatically enabled when browsing Stories for some iOS users.

    – A Meta representative

Reels on the home screen feed have also been reported to have a similar issue. Given that Instagram is a hugely popular social media network with over a billion users globally, it is only normal for it to occasionally experience issues. The issue was rectified a short time later by Instagram’s parent company, Meta. 

How to Turn off sound on Instagram stories

Every issue has a solution built right within it. If not, we’ll search for one. So here are some fundamental steps that anyone can use to tackle the problems. Please take the necessary actions to first attempt to resolve the bug on your own. 

Remove and reinstall the app: 

Since the app is artificial technology and not biological; it is likely that some programming issues could arise. The first and most frequent scenario when something stops functioning as intended is that it has entered “hang mode.” Therefore, you first remove the program without logging out. You can then reinstall it after cleaning the cache and any app leftovers from the phone. You can log in and use the app as usual by entering your credentials as you haven’t been logged out. 

 Using other apps to regulate app volume: 

Depending on the phone model, phone configurations can vary greatly. However, the app’s configuration is set in stone. Therefore, it is possible that the app will occasionally not work perfectly with how the device is set up. In order to make your phone compatible with the built-in apps, there are additional third-party apps. The volume control app is one such application. There are several of them, but Volume Rockers is a well-liked and dependable program for controlling both your app and the sound of your device.

Using the app’s silent mode: 

Every app has every function imaginable. The majority of the time, they are designed so that using other apps is rarely necessary. The same is true with Instagram. The developers of the program retained the option of viewing the reels and movies without sound because they are considering all the options. The instructions for how to watch Instagram Reels or stories without sound are shown below. 

a) To access Instagram, first click on the app icon on your phone. 

b) Then, select the reels option to view the reels.\

c) The mute/silent option is located in the app’s right-bottom corner. It has a microphone-like appearance. When you click on it and view the videos with the sound on, it appears exactly the same. You must click the sound symbol to turn it off.

d) Lastly, you have the option of watching Instagram stories in silent mode. 

Instagram Proclamation: 

When questioned by the authorities, Instagram users said that an iOS bug was to blame for the issue. An updated version of this app is now accessible on the platform. Therefore, the issue with the iPhone and Instagram has been fixed. For the other Android smartphones, they are still developing it.

The Advantages of Disabling Sound on Instagram Stories:

The following are some advantages of disabling audio in Instagram stories:

  • One can quietly browse Instagram stories while out in public.
  • One can stop sound effects or music from playing when you don’t want them to.
  • One can produce quiet Instagram stories for a particular outcome or impact.
  • One can reduce your device’s battery life and data usage.
  • One can stop Instagram stories music from violating or infringing on copyright.


In today’s fast-paced world, people are often consumed by their work, leaving little time for leisure activities. Fortunately, the advent of electronic devices such as laptops and phones has made it easier for individuals to find entertainment and enjoyment without leaving their living spaces. Social media platforms like Instagram have become a popular avenue for people to unwind and find pleasure in their leisure time. Consequently, any disruptions or malfunctions experienced by these apps can cause significant concern and worry among users. To address this issue, it is crucial to understand the root cause and implement effective solutions. 


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