how to delete groww account

How to Delete Groww account in 2021

Are you wishing to close your Groww account but Don’t know how to do it. Then for you Heres How to delete Groww account.

So hello Friends, In this post we are going to cover Step to Step guide to close your Groww Account. So Get ready. To delete/close your account you just need to follow the below easy steps and your demand will be deleted within a few minutes.

So let’s Go…

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How to Delete Groww account

How to Delete Groww account

Here are the steps to delete your Groww account:

  • Download the Groww Account Close form from the Groww website or Click on the Link Below
  • Enter your ID and reason to close your Groww account
  • Submit the Form with Sign signed to the broker head office at the address mentioned on the form.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Closing your Account

  • If you have any securities left in your Demat account then transfer them to any other account. For the sake of not losing it.
  • Clear all your outstanding fees.

Video Demonstration on How to Delete Groww account


How to Delete Groww account

In the Conclusion of this Post, We will just say that it’s not a big task for deleting your Groww account. It can be done just within a few easy steps. So check it out.

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