How to use a soldering Iron (with pictures)

How to use a soldering Iron (with pictures)

Everybody wants to know that how to use a soldering iron but not everyone gets the right coaching. So to help you out I will share some easy steps to use glue gun.

Soldering iron is mostly useful for solder any socket, Making patch, fix any wires and for create school projects.

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What is soldering

How to use a soldering Iron

Soldering is a process of joining used to join different types of metals together by melting solder. Solder is made up of a tin and alloy. When we turn on it the solder starts heating qt above 600 degree celsius.

The solder generates a high temperature that melts the soldering wire within a few neono seconds and makes it dry up on the socket.

But before we star let us discuss some precautions while using soldering Iron

  • Always Wear Leather or heat resistant gloves.
  • Try to keep the soldering Iron away from flammable material.
  • Use can also you a soldering iron stand to make shor that it does not damage anything I contact (When not in use).

How to use a soldering Iron

1. Firstly turn on the Soldering iron

So the first step is to turn on the switch. So we have to simply put the plug into the electric socket and turn on the switch from OFF to ON.

2. Wait for it to heat up

Now its the time when Solder to starts heating up. We have to wait a little bit of 2-3 minutes (Sometime it takes less and for sometime it can even take more than 3 minutes) to get heated up.

  • Keep in mind that the tip should be on any non conductor material or any stand (Made up of Iron, Copper or aluminium).

3. Apply wax to the tip of soldering iron

Here is the time when we have to apply the Soldering wax to the tip. Soldering wax will provide the socket a great grip and will run long lactic.

  • Don’t apply too much of wax because it can create some issue in future.

4. Melt the soldering wire

How to use a soldering Iron

Now its the time to melt the soldering wire on the tip. So just take the wire and touch the tip softly and the wire will starts melting up automatically.

Note: If the soldring iron is not properly heated then the wire will not melt on its tip. So wait a little bit more.

5. Join the socket

How to use a soldering Iron

It’s the time when our main task starts which is the join the socket. Just simply touch the tip with it and apply the wire to it (Due to the heat the wire will melt up on the socket and dry up immediately which will give it a grip) and done. Now repeating this complete process you will become an expert for how to use a soldering iron.

After joining the socket you have to make to fully joint using any hot glue gun. But if you don’t know how to use a hot glue gun or have any doubt then you can comment below.

Its the time for a short recap

Learn How to use a soldering Iron: Aim the soldering iron to the socket and apply some soldering wire on the tip. Smoothly touch the socket and apply some little bit more of soldering wire(this will increase the grip) and it’s done.

Tips for you :

  • If you by mistake touch the hot tip with your body part then go and rub that part with toothpaste which will give you relax.
    • Rub the toothpaste clockwise or anti-clockwise. But do not rub it with any hard object.
  • Try to use the best quality of soldering wire.

Warnings :

  • Children’s should not use the solder.
  • If should not be used on any flame able material.


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