Modern Warfare tips: 7 essential tips to know before you play

Modern Warfare tips: 7 essential tips to know before you play

Modern Warfare right now has a huge fanbase. Around twenty million players play the game every single day. The scenario and the game’s setting are so intense that they can drag anyone’s attention within minutes. 

But honestly speaking, it is not a child’s play to win a match. A well-organized plan and execution are needed, which most newbie or amateur players lack. Hence, here are seven golden tips of modern warfare to become a pro player in minutes.

Change the difficulty modes

The Modern Warfare campaign has brought us five different difficulty modes. It has saved the regular way as a baseline. So, the newbie player is recommended to practice their first hands in this mode only. However, if you find the setting and the enemies a little too easy, you can upgrade the level to veteran or realism status. However, it is suggested that new players not try the first hand in the higher or tougher levels because the enemy and the setting there are much better than the regular game. 

Find your weapons

This feature is more or less common in these types of games. The weapons are more than important in the gameplay. Unless and until you know which weapon is the most comfortable for you, there is no way you can ace the game. Hence, spend some time digging through all the weapons and find the best match for you. You will start each game with a predefined loadout. Later on, you will find weapons in storehouses and from dead players as well. Pick up the guns as much as you can to fill in your stock. 

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Do not hesitate to camp

Other games of the Call of Duty series have a basic line map for players. But modern warfare has included a much more intricate map for single and multiplayer games. This legitimizes camping and is considered to be one of the most strategic moves. Clicking on the right stick in the game will mount your weapon. And this way, the recoiling effect is minimized. Thus, you are able to hold a stable position during the game.

Use doors

This is one of the most useful techniques to ace the game. Truly, the measure of foes – be they original or AI – that run indiscriminately through doors is practically comical. Fortunately, there is an intricate interior design for which you are now allowed to use them for strategic moves. There is a sprinting technique available, But that might cause you to kick the door open. A loud noise will accompany the activity. However, opening and aiming will let you peek through a window, and you might utilize it to get a grenade. If you are not comfortable with it, you can simply play your game by breaking the door. But this might prove to be a better strategy.

Alternate paths

This is a clever hack to master a match of Modern Warfare. Most of the players do play while using the direct route on the map. But this does not let you discover different shooting zones. If you can find alternative paths, there are fair chances to find suitable shooting zones. And you will be able to shoot your enemies from hidden spots as well. Hence, utilize the map. Take a look at the alternative ways and make use of them. 

Edit your loadout

Many players struggle to make a dent in Modern warfare. And let’s suppose you are one of them; what’s the way out now? Well, make sure you edit your loadouts in mid games. If you realize that you have chosen the wrong set of weapons, make sure you select the appropriate ones in the middle of the game. 

Talk to your teammates

If you are inside a multiplayer game, make sure you talk to the teammates before taking a step ahead. If you are not communicating with your squad, there are fair chances; you are missing out on the strategy. And that is probably the last thing you want from your game-playing strategy. Hence, make sure you do communicate. It is not a public speech that you are preparing for. Basic communication skills will do the job. 

Final words

So, these are the seven tips on Modern Warfare. However, this game is not a child’s game to play. Many people come to fulfill their desire to win but in vain. But, do not be discouraged and try your level best. Apply the tips mentioned above in your game and be a pro!

Best of luck!


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